Can Glue Traps Hold a Person to the Wall?
Today we find out how sticky glue traps truly are and even try to hang from one! Can it trap a human just like it traps bugs?
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    How else can we experiment with glue traps??

    • Sarai Larson
      Sarai Larson

      pull a car with them

    • matthew Samer
      matthew Samer

      @Applx_jxice Why

    • Oreo&Echo Videos
      Oreo&Echo Videos

      @Rosa Dajer what type of heavy stuff?!

    • Simon Kenrick
      Simon Kenrick

      Stick grace to a car

    • Brandon Depew
      Brandon Depew

      Umm FLY STRIPS!

  • Morrigan KASA
    Morrigan KASA

    Glue traps are best traps for Mice far better then regular traps.

  • Marjorie Dull
    Marjorie Dull

    Can you try biking and running over them

  • dev

    One time my little cousin got stuck on one of those let's just say we had to get him a new shirt

  • Bradley Hawkins
    Bradley Hawkins

    hang to the sealing with those

  • Jamier W
    Jamier W

    Who else love calli and nate 👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻

  • Briley Mulder
    Briley Mulder


  • Hazeboy ?
    Hazeboy ?

    How to catch 6ix n9ne

  • Aidan Busing
    Aidan Busing

    I remember The Backyard Scientist did a thing similar to the last test

  • Tony Colle
    Tony Colle

    Try with velcro

  • Tammy

    You guys have the coolest job ever

  • Izzi Dinkins
    Izzi Dinkins

    can they still stick when you freeze dry than rehydrate them

  • Whisper

    can yall try climbing a wall with the glue traps

  • Rubab Said
    Rubab Said

    try to stick the glue trap to a nonstick pan

  • ange8600 ange8600
    ange8600 ange8600

    That so cool

  • Dominique Weir
    Dominique Weir

    Stick grace to the wall with those traps

  • Josh

    At this point you’re just ruining the ceiling for fun

  • Stephani Moss
    Stephani Moss

    7:29 Grace is so grateful that being the smallest didn't make her the tester this time

  • Audrey-Ann’s World
    Audrey-Ann’s World

    Human fly trap Hahahahaha

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley


  • Nathaniel Rogacki
    Nathaniel Rogacki

    I think it would be cool if u taped some traps to some spiderman gloves and claimed walls

  • shinigamiking69

    Roll Tide Grace

  • ddawg music
    ddawg music

    see how many likes this comment can get

  • SuperFireLuigi

    Can you stick two people together with glue traps?

  • bree s
    bree s

    Try to take the glue off the traps and see what you can do (freeze dry, melt, make slime ect..)

  • weeazybaby

    Who’s that boy in the background at the end

  • Jordan Cruise
    Jordan Cruise

    I just love nates reaction when he actually sticks to the wall

  • A Santi
    A Santi

    That was so funny when she went on it!!!!

  • The struggle is ReaL
    The struggle is ReaL

    you should use glue traps to attach one to each knee and to each hand to be like spider man

  • Deb Brown
    Deb Brown

    My cat stepped on one. That was traumatic for both of us!

  • KB_Mouse

    try to clime a wall with only glue traps

  • ꧁Makayla Potato꧂
    ꧁Makayla Potato꧂

    I like how they have a spot for sticking things to the ceiling

  • Ben Noftell
    Ben Noftell

    I never realized how skin and bones u were

  • Viny Rolan
    Viny Rolan

    why the cut on jump??

  • Noel Lecombe
    Noel Lecombe

    Once we had kept a glue trap under our couch for mouse who had entered our house and wasn’t leaving. We had also put a piece of biscuit on the glue trap. Then one evening, the mouse got trapped and started making noises. When my dad pulled the trap out, I saw the teeny tiny mouse crying on it and I still feel guilty 😢 I feel horrible for the poor mouse 🥺😭

  • ExtinctInsanity

    I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face when Nate got stuck on the wall. lol

  • May Yang
    May Yang

    Omg Nate’s reaction was like the best thing😂❤️

  • 11er33

    These things are disgusting and should have never been invented. Glad you're using them for science and not their original purpose

  • Mike Howard
    Mike Howard

    that was funny

  • espy-ninja

    when did Caill hurt her ankle?

  • Will Reid
    Will Reid

    spiderman stunts with glue traps

  • Joe Smijohn Jr
    Joe Smijohn Jr

    Ok Nate and Calli need to be the primary hosts the others are just not as entertaining.

  • Claudio Sousa
    Claudio Sousa

    Okay but who else lowkey thinks this red head should get kicked she’s annoying me so much.....

  • Ben Glaser
    Ben Glaser

    The Lopen wants to know your location

  • William Colt
    William Colt

    i think you should get together with adam savage.


    Do something with a rat trap

  • feargar

    Make s human size one

  • paze scott
    paze scott

    Ur here for 6:11

  • X_-yeet-_X

    The way nate jumped and got stuck was funny

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome

    Drive hot wheels into glue traps, it's much better than burning them

  • Silver Gold123
    Silver Gold123

    Can you wax you face or something with the trap

  • Juicy Nubbins
    Juicy Nubbins

    Lets see if you can run across them.

  • Tyler Richardson
    Tyler Richardson

    See if glue traps can slow a vehicle down or if the force of a moving car would counterbalance the glue

  • Thomas Rassette
    Thomas Rassette

    Make a Giant storm proof match

  • Melissa Eimers
    Melissa Eimers

    Two people on the wall racing to see who stays on the wall the longest

  • Tom Murphy
    Tom Murphy

    omg did grace go to university of Alabama???

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes

    Positively LOVED it!!!!

  • Scott Freeman
    Scott Freeman

    remember all the roadrunner cartoons, and the cartoons where someone runs into a glue trap and they are stuck instantaneously can you catch someone if they run into a glue trapthat?

  • it's gracie
    it's gracie

    I love Tkor. But please don't use glue traps on mice. They chew off their legs to break free. Which puts them through so much suffering. Again I love Tkor. But realize how horrible using these things.

  • bernard uy
    bernard uy

    Cali doing crazy dangerous messy experiments also Cali wearing new pants she doesn't want to ruin


    5:15 It's a wild Grace!

  • Matt Douglas
    Matt Douglas


  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie

    Had mice in my old apartment....... Had to peel my 2yr old off the sticky traps many times😭😭😩😂

  • Chris Quinn
    Chris Quinn

    I have an actual question are these two married

  • shawn vego
    shawn vego

    try glue trap tires for a wheel barrel or buggy

  • edwina coffman
    edwina coffman

    If your cat gets into it dawn dish soap will dissolve the glue...... Don't ask me how I know this, just know it was funny.

  • Julian Aponte
    Julian Aponte


  • Top 10 games
    Top 10 games

    I think u should try to extract all the glue from like 100 traps and do stuff with it


    Didn't you already do this

  • Hathor TheCow
    Hathor TheCow

    Glue traps are horrible and inhumane. :( My mother insisted on using them and I had to save not just a large number of geckoes but also my dog from them many times. Using these condemns anything coming in contact with the trap to die a slow and painful death by dehydration and starvation

  • Allen Barksdale
    Allen Barksdale

    The more Cali moved the more she got stuck and I was crying laughing lmao

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer

    If it's possible I like to know how many glue traps would it take to tow a car and how many would it take for someone to be able to pull a car with the stretch before they break

  • Cynthia Chin
    Cynthia Chin

    I laughed so hard when nate jumped and really stuck to the wall and everyone was so excited...hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!

  • Patrick Lombard
    Patrick Lombard

    💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

  • Jamie Stephensen
    Jamie Stephensen

    Hey! Not glue trap related but I was bored at work and started kneading bluetack and it started to heat up a ton. Would love to see you guys try and make bluetack melt itself!

  • Under_Score Cr
    Under_Score Cr

    Try to mount a tv with it

  • Ray Bastida
    Ray Bastida

    These dont work in the cold lol

  • Jayfeather Studios
    Jayfeather Studios

    When you see like 30 of these in a single apartment in Brooklyn lol

  • Michelle

    Could you test how long you’d stay on the wall with the fly traps, without pulling yourself off?

  • fu77y fr3n7y
    fu77y fr3n7y

    I feel like saying "the straps are the strat" was an opportunity missed 🤔

  • cyberfrank 2010
    cyberfrank 2010

    impressive and funny!

  • Kee

    you should see how long one of you can stick onto the wall until you fall off

  • Daniel Wardle
    Daniel Wardle

    I must buy glue traps 🤣

  • Elder God
    Elder God

    All I gotta say is roll tide

  • Bryn Dunbrack
    Bryn Dunbrack


  • FireNightDragon

    I mean we all know TheBackYardScientists human mouse trap will be able to hold them

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander

    What episode do they introduce the newbies?


    I’d rather use them that mouse traps

  • MING!


  • Imani Martinez
    Imani Martinez

    If you have any kids you can make them like lay on the roof and they will stick but put something on the floor so when they fall it is soft

  • Avery Barrett
    Avery Barrett

    What is it about Callie that looks different??

    • MrAnony

      Not to be rude but she is gaining weight...

  • Cort Herron
    Cort Herron

    Hey TKOR YOU GUYS ever get hurt... lol

  • Steven Strawn
    Steven Strawn

    Subscribe for 200iQ!

  • Gamer Tamer
    Gamer Tamer

    Put glue traps on a mini trampoline and jump on it

  • Deidra Sledge
    Deidra Sledge

    I love how they like to stick each other to things

  • DLCGamesTV

    How many sticky traps would it take to hold up a car?

  • sol chattaway
    sol chattaway

    See if you can escape from a human sized glue trap

  • Kristion Thompson
    Kristion Thompson

    I wanna see you guys do like get a big batch of glue from glue traps and see what you guys can do with it.. maybe dress up in mouse onesies and stand in it and see who can get out first

  • jimbo111589

    LMAO Nates face when he actually stuck well.

  • Doomguy Furry
    Doomguy Furry

    Spider-man: trap house

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