Fruit By the 1000 Feet - 80,000 Calories!
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In today's video we are combining enough Fruit by the Foot to make a 1000 foot strand. Can we hang by it?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    Install Tennis Clash for Free ✅ ANDROID: ✅ IOS: ✅ and get 200 gems and 500 gold coins!

    • sketch

      Cut it open and frease dry it

    • Usulgurt

      7:30 Earthworm Jimm: Forever cycle.

    • Willow

      It actually does have the flavor name on the individual packaging. Just have to look. 😊

    • [DYT] Mihai
      [DYT] Mihai

      I will not instal the game because its tennis

    • Philip Blount
      Philip Blount

      Mmmmmmm tennis

  • Mary-Lynn Maxwell
    Mary-Lynn Maxwell

    Melt it

  • Roblox gamer 200
    Roblox gamer 200

    When i went to america this fruit by the foot was so delicious


    Wow for me the food is called fruit roll up


    Make fruit by the foot into cotton camdy

  • Slaver

    Can you please sometimes put how much centimetres it is?

  • patricia rodriguez
    patricia rodriguez

    Can you get gallium. Dip your hand in it and see if you can break things with it without your hand armor breaking what different types of things you can break with you

  • Sidra Al qaysi
    Sidra Al qaysi

    You should make fruit by the foot rope!!

  • Rexsalt

    In Britain we have a fruit by the foot type thing but the paper has a comic on it

  • Stirling Entwisle
    Stirling Entwisle

    Eat it all by yourself

  • Laila Shippy
    Laila Shippy

    Go bolling or Throw it at grace 😂


    freeze dry fruit by the foot

  • caelan biggar
    caelan biggar

    can you send it to my house so i can eat it pls

  • Goofy.TheRebelPony

    my horse is 13 hh(so i think about 58 inches) so fruit by the foot is half as tall as my horse

  • Nightmare Studio's
    Nightmare Studio's

    them: *makes the rope* me: you gonna eat all that :OOOO

  • Jacob Hinckley
    Jacob Hinckley

    eat it

  • Mini De Silva
    Mini De Silva

    freeze-dry it please or at least some of it in a ball shape.

  • Rem Joleea
    Rem Joleea

    Stickiest ball of yarn I’ve ever seen!

  • Eric & Kelly Layman
    Eric & Kelly Layman

    drop the ball off a roof then melt it

  • Melissa Holden
    Melissa Holden


  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Set it on fire to calculate the amount of calories it contains.

  • lazersparkz

    Class: can i have one One kid: no i barley have any left The fruit by the foot: this video

  • McGuire Kids
    McGuire Kids

    Companies: makes something long Tkor: lets make rope!!

  • priceandpride

    Such a cutie

  • Eric Sipe
    Eric Sipe

    Try making largest fruit by the foot ball

  • London Holloway
    London Holloway

    They all have flavors

  • Glaktus the amazing
    Glaktus the amazing

    acually on the bag it should show the flavor somewhere just not on the box

  • Michael Tardie
    Michael Tardie

    Contact the Australian dudes that drop stuff off that tower and have them drop this off the tower onto the trampoline and see how high it bounces and how much it smushes!

  • The Panda Queen
    The Panda Queen

    Snakes don't actually unhinge their jaw they have an extra bone that lets them open their mouth wider

  • Wind Dancer9484
    Wind Dancer9484

    Maybe the licorice held better because it's got a twist in it instead of a thin, flimsy strip? Sort of like how one strand of yarn by itself can snap, but if woven with many threads can withstand more weight.

  • noah boutin
    noah boutin

    You should use a hydraulic press on the ball and then compare it to a bowling ball

  • lorenzo garrein
    lorenzo garrein

    Send to the slomo guys to shoot at it with the potato gun in slomotion

  • Cubic

    burn it!!!

  • Danae Halsell
    Danae Halsell

    Try making cotton candy with fruit by the foot and freeze dry it maybe

  • Danae Halsell
    Danae Halsell

    Lol the king size fruit by the foot is a tall as my best friend 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Air Cuervo 101
    Air Cuervo 101

    Anyone else notice cal getting big

  • many thing dude boss
    many thing dude boss

    Melt the ball

  • TrueMize

    Realy man you like ropes

  • Th3GamingLif3

    you guys should encase the 10lb fruit by the foot ball into epoxy/resin

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts

    Are we not going to talk about how Cali’s face is getting fatter. Your still pretty just saying

  • Tuffman29

    if you look close enough on the packaging, there is old school looking print on it that says what flavor they are. It is difficult at times to see, but it's there.

  • Michell Little
    Michell Little

    Fruit by the foot ball vs washer

  • Trent Wolters
    Trent Wolters

    Make the biggest gusher

  • Blackwell Defend
    Blackwell Defend

    You should melt the fruit by the foot an the heat it up to hard cracking stage and make it cotton candy

  • Devin Gentry
    Devin Gentry

    Drill through the ball with the sollar thing

  • Luke Yoder
    Luke Yoder

    I don’t think she need any more sweets

  • tammy chapman
    tammy chapman

    Eat it

  • Austin Woodruff
    Austin Woodruff

    How bulletproof is fruit by the foot?

  • J__Red_

    My teeth hurt just from watching

  • Kush__Jinx

    Dubt you'll see this but in Australia we have liquorice in 1 metre rolls

  • Julius Loeper
    Julius Loeper

    send the ball to demolition ranch!!!!

  • Arcticina Fox
    Arcticina Fox

    Freeze or burn that 10lb ball of Fruit by the foot

  • [Redacted].

    7:26 the hook do be looking like 69 hair

  • Meguru The Cookie chip
    Meguru The Cookie chip

    Play golf with this

  • Brandon Raygoza
    Brandon Raygoza

    Challenge matt stonie with this big one but he did do it but it was small to this one

  • Cheily

    If you say fruit by the foot one more time! Omggggg

  • drutten222

    you shoud make a fruit by the foot snowman lol

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen

    Still want you to make a fibre optic cable rope (if it’s possible)

  • Emma Reesh
    Emma Reesh

    I say burn the ball

  • Kzoo Kid
    Kzoo Kid

    Take the rest of the FbtF and make a sculpture with it, paper mache-style.

  • Jason Foster
    Jason Foster

    I want to see the if the ball is Bulletproof

  • Amy Dobyns
    Amy Dobyns

    I just say fruit Roll up to

  • Amy Dobyns
    Amy Dobyns

    What happens when you pour lava in a washing machine

  • O.j. The Juice Man Kincade
    O.j. The Juice Man Kincade

    If you flip the lip of the fruit by the fruit package it tells the flavor

  • Willow

    Expectations: One roll Reality: One GIANT roll

  • TheJonathandinkins

    Put the 10 pound ball in the freeze dryer??????

  • Mariposa Soda
    Mariposa Soda

    eat the ball

  • Akasha Lormand
    Akasha Lormand

    When they Gona make a giant airhead

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    burn it

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    the shoes are still there

  • Brea Reynolds
    Brea Reynolds

    Id love to see how long it takes to dissolve in water or something more acidic like apple juice!

  • Samuel Keith
    Samuel Keith

    go plat bowling with the ball

  • Kids Jones
    Kids Jones

    Maybe you should wrap it up without the paper it might work better🤔


    Freeze the ball

  • Mindstorage Mind
    Mindstorage Mind

    burn it and try to make a very long string of it

  • Lucas Knipe
    Lucas Knipe

    Go bowling with it

  • Dekodanex

    Fruit by the Mile

  • Funtime Foxy Fan 영원히
    Funtime Foxy Fan 영원히

    As a loyal subscriber and a semi-frequent viewer, may I have the pleasure of having one of your Fruit By the Foot?

  • Amber G
    Amber G

    That ball was crazy! 10lbs!?

  • xXBigHunt-47Xx

    Send the ball to how ridiculous and see what the can destroy with it.

  • Ob._.livion

    Dont copy amd paste ;)ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bradyn Ward
    Bradyn Ward

    see if you can fry it

  • A SF
    A SF

    I'm surprised Calli didn't whisper ''Burn it!!''

  • Rashi Abramson
    Rashi Abramson

    I would love to see the king size fruit by the football reacted with a strong oxidizer, like Sodium Chlorate.

  • Daughter_Of_The_King7

    With the ball you should Ether put it in the vacuum chamber or throw it off somthing

  • Nola Clark
    Nola Clark

    The hook bent

  • Graham Webb
    Graham Webb

    Did this make anyone hungry

  • captainkirk79269

    Melt it or cut it in half

  • HazCrafts

    6 36 can someone explain to me why shoes are stuck to the ceiling if ur watching in covid then like

    • Rasheedah Price
      Rasheedah Price

      @HazCrafts the video is called "Can Caulk Glue a Person to The Ceiling

    • HazCrafts

      whats it called

    • HazCrafts

      @Rasheedah Price rlly cool

    • Rasheedah Price
      Rasheedah Price

      Grace was hanging from the ceiling using chalk glue

  • H.Y.Tmarkers

    me and the boys when we have a sleepover

  • Illumi Morow
    Illumi Morow

    The human body is 80,000 calories...

  • Jaheim parmel
    Jaheim parmel

    Cook the ball

  • Brianna Alexis Blackwell
    Brianna Alexis Blackwell

    FRUIT BY THE FOOT CANNON BALL!!!! Ummmm plz and thank you.

  • Coach P
    Coach P

    Throw it on to a watermelon

  • Trim zhuta
    Trim zhuta

    Mold all the rolls after to make a ball will it bounce

  • Trim zhuta
    Trim zhuta

    Fruit by the Mile?

  • Dusty Darck
    Dusty Darck

    I want to see you throw it out the second story window and see how to splats on the ground in slow-mo of course

  • Marcus Mcmann
    Marcus Mcmann

    Is it just me or did u keep getting annoyed when they said fruit by the foot. Cause I just say fruit roll up

    • Amy Dobyns
      Amy Dobyns


  • Shed Loads of Fun
    Shed Loads of Fun

    Cut it with a chainsaw

  • Demonic fox
    Demonic fox

    I forgot what Fruit by the Foot taste like

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