Why Is There Bacteria In Your Yogurt?
In today's video we attempt to make our own yogurt by boiling milk and mixing it with good bacteria. Will our homemade yogurt be edible??
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What cool experiments with bacteria do you want to see??

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      Megan Garcia


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    • Paul Bachkala
      Paul Bachkala

      How quickly it take for a human body to decompose

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      Marian Buduroi

      @ben W-D 🤨

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      ben W-D

      @Marian Buduroi oh ye

  • Vash Matrix
    Vash Matrix

    Lol. This joker wants to teach while afraid of travel. He either is lying to virtue signal or is not informed enough & should shut his mouth.

  • Grace Thomas 101
    Grace Thomas 101

    Day 1 of asking you to make a giant marshmallow

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    Wait so if you need yogurt bacteria to make yogurt than how did yogurt get made 🤣

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    rap freak

    Grace is so annoying, I hope she is just a temporary host. Nate and Cali are amazing!

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  • Dekz

    do it againn, maybe flavour it

  • Dekz

    “outnumbered 9 trillion to 1” that maths

  • Aadhith Varathan
    Aadhith Varathan

    We Indians make yogurt like this for generations. We boiled the milk before cooling and putting yesterday's yogurt even before Louis Pasteur invented Pasteurization.

  • chae gibson
    chae gibson

    Please do koji fermentation? Just do fermentation videos I’m so happy this microbiologist dude is on here he’s done some awesome stuff that I’m very happy that kids could see like the DNA extraction video to inspire them

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner

    If you from TKOR were to show the translation from _Fahrenheit_ to _Celsius_ on the screen next time, that would be absolutely great. *^×^*

  • DarkNightGamer

    I love my self a sour tasting homemade yogurt

  • LOwkey !
    LOwkey !

    Who these people is? ...


    Don't you skim off the top layer first?

  • Arush Arya
    Arush Arya

    Lol, Indians do that every day at home. Especially if you live in the US, you don't like the yogurt from the store, but make your own.

  • jenn hietpas
    jenn hietpas

    Going off the yogurt. Why not try to make homemade mozzerella cheese?

  • Mohit Patel
    Mohit Patel

    My mum makes it everyday without any science related degree and still its perfect 🤣🤣

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen

    My mom likes to make yogurt at home. I believe she uses whole extra filtered milk from fair life and probably other ingredients that I am not aware of. She makes it in an instapot

  • Andrea Nguyen
    Andrea Nguyen

    not sure if im just overthinking but Grace! Never touch the bottom of the panel when measuring temperature, it’ll read the pan and not the liquid

  • Chock Wah Man
    Chock Wah Man

    How about adding Different flavour to yogurt

  • Kason Bisso
    Kason Bisso

    Where’s Cali been at?


    TKOR: Today we are going to make yoghurt at home! INDIAN MOMS: Can I get the same number of views?!

  • Countryman 1234
    Countryman 1234

    Hey I was wandering if you could freeze dry soda like Pepsi or coke and others and then see if you can make it into cotton candy

  • ben W-D
    ben W-D

    Video idea!! What happens to a tesla coil in a vacuum chamber? I really wanna know

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    V.C.M Ramaoka

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    Luxraymaster 06

    Can you make candyfloss/cotton candy using jello and fruits

  • Marian Buduroi
    Marian Buduroi

    If you try to boil the yogurt you can get cheese and whey just strain it through a cloth sieve

  • Sneha Jyothis MK
    Sneha Jyothis MK

    What happens if you distill wine?

  • Dhruv Vekaria
    Dhruv Vekaria

    Try thermally shock a piece of metal by heating it red hot, dunking it in liquid nitrogen and repeating it.

  • Bob Shepherd
    Bob Shepherd

    mix chlorine with brake fluid

  • James Luckow
    James Luckow

    greek yogurt is gteat for dogs so glad i saw this

  • Canron Koeater
    Canron Koeater

    Iron man in advengers: we have a hulk Caption jack sparrow: i have a jar of dirt Cali: AND I HAS FIRE STICK Aka a blow torch


    try molten metal, liquid nitrogen, dry ice and also try making and flushing prince Ruperts drops (I think they might just explode🤭🤭)

  • Chris Bechtol
    Chris Bechtol

    I want to see if you guys can do cheese now

  • Wyatt wildman
    Wyatt wildman

    Are you married

  • _Derek_

    Lamo noobs Easy for Indians😎

  • halo semua
    halo semua

    Will my electricity bill rise if i use my oven overnight as a fermenter

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    René A


  • A good channel name
    A good channel name

    I was just eating yogurt- __ __ 👁👄👁

  • Ahmed Jaber
    Ahmed Jaber

    4:35 apparently math isn't your strong suit lol 39T : 30T is 1.3 : 1, not 9T : 1

  • RC Nut Bob
    RC Nut Bob

    Blue cheese 🧀

  • Team_ Ghost
    Team_ Ghost

    Can you take apart a toy cast it in metal and put the metal together and make a toy ???

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    Ivy Sullivan

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  • Antonio Devine
    Antonio Devine

    I mean mozzarella

  • Chris Cline-Smith
    Chris Cline-Smith

    Kennan, you have a wonderful (best in my opinion) yogurt maker behind you. The instant pot allows you to make amazing yogurt.

  • Punchin83

    I want to see what happens to those animals you soak in water for days to grow them when you put them in a vacuum chamber.

  • Malarkey Laboratories
    Malarkey Laboratories

    we have a new scale

  • Aaron Leachman
    Aaron Leachman

    Nooooo, not another long distance Grace video.

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer

    I have a video idea for you you know you like to make things really really big so why don't you make really big movie theater snacks and drinks like take a big trash can that is used for yard work and turn it into a movie theater popcorn container with real popcorn in it and making really big oversized movie theater box candies with the candies in them oversized like the junior mints,Boston baked beans and so on so on like you did when you made the Giant Skittles and other candies

  • San b
    San b

    Hey some says you can start yogurt with red chilli can you try ita it will nice experiment

  • AST4RGam3r

    so i found some cool things in these weird but true books u could try (yes fire is involved don't worry) Sliced grapes + microwave = fire (told ya) You can cook fish in a dishwasher Vinegar dissolves pearls

  • Own Your Biome
    Own Your Biome

    Nice video. Home-made yogurt tastes great. My wife keeps the temp stable for bacteria placing filled jars in a cooler with an electric heating pad. Works well! 🍶

  • pknutt arlott
    pknutt arlott

    Most people think Pasteur was looking at milk when discovering germ theory. He was actually looking at the microbes in beer.

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan

    4:37 Wouldn't that be 13: 10? 39,000,000,000: 30,000,000,000/3= 13,000,000,000: 10,000,000,000/1T= [13: 10]

  • Karan

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    steven hitchcock

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    Kartikay Chopra

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    EG Games

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    stripe the furry tiger

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    habsyi ulod

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    Mcgraw Chasteen

    Handmade smoke bombs

  • Shubham Priyadarshi
    Shubham Priyadarshi

    Hi, I am from India and we use this method every time to make yogurt at home. We don't purchase yogurt from the market instead we make it at home.

  • Leela Mary
    Leela Mary

    Make liquid helium

  • Leela Mary
    Leela Mary

    Make steam engine runs on liquid nitrogen

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    Lakshay Jaju

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    saeed al romaithi

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  • Leela Mary
    Leela Mary

    Make a steam engine

  • Tapan Kumar
    Tapan Kumar

    My mom does this on a daily basis becuz we live in india

  • AustynSN

    I'm probably not going to be the only person to point this out, but 39 trillion to 30 trillion would be 13 to 10 or 1.3 to 1, not 9 trillion to 1.

  • Coen Jackson
    Coen Jackson

    Hey guys could you do something cool with airheads

  • it’s just ANI
    it’s just ANI

    i always wonder how old she is 😂 her body looks about 23 but her faces looks abt 43 😂 sis need some sleep

  • chevynova 1973
    chevynova 1973

    Knife made from ice

  • M3rr

    TKOR people. Love you guys , FYI dont press down on the Therm when checking temp. Can mess with the sensor. Some may say 2 or 3 degrees, but depending on what youre using the therm on or in could be 2 to 3 degrees could be 10 - 30 just from a gentle press against the pot. Milk for example , chances are the actual temp was more around 170 ish. Shouldn't make much of a difference really. You guys just constantly talk about accuracy. GB

  • Harneet G
    Harneet G

    we do this on a weekly basis lol 😂

  • Hifza Shahid
    Hifza Shahid

    Its so much common in pakistan.From so many years I can't even remember my mom sets yogurt for night .

  • RoYaL Loki
    RoYaL Loki

    Kennan: “Melk” My Soul: 😭

    • tildessmoo

      I mean, he's in Chicago, so I assume he's from Ellenois. There's a running gag in the Opening Arguments podcast, where one host grew up in Illinois, and they argue about how to pronounce it. Then a patron changed their handle to "In Illinois, we pronounce it Illinois," and since they trade off reading the patron names at the end of the episode, they just each pronounce it differently both times when they read it out.

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith

    This isn’t really related to bacteria but, can you guys make a giant pop tart?

  • Amber

    When are you going to sell your book again

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    Really enjoying the Kennen remote videos. Top form for keeping him include in the show

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    Aryan Maurya

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  • Suhasini Srinivasaragavan
    Suhasini Srinivasaragavan

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  • joy boy srinjoy
    joy boy srinjoy

    We Indians make yoghurt everyday like this. We never have to buy yoghurt. It's an one time investment. And this is a fact. Ask your Indian friend to clarify. 😇 have a nice day or night.

  • Anvesha Goel
    Anvesha Goel

    We make yogurt at home everyday! Indian ways! Like if you are doing the same

  • Evan Nikhil
    Evan Nikhil

    In India homemade yogurt is made everyday in every house 🔥❤️❤️... People mostly don't buy the yogurt in stores... Except for the flavoured ones❤️... And it's called curd in India ❤️... And in India it's just put in one corner in a dark place, ovens are not used in India for making yogurt...

  • Richard Phan
    Richard Phan

    My mom makes yogurt at home all the time using store-bought yogurt as a starter and it tastes great.

  • Silas Poulsen
    Silas Poulsen

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    Ahmad P

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  • BOSSY Vlogs
    BOSSY Vlogs

    We’ve been doing this since forever. Love from india 🇮🇳

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  • puellanivis

    “Outnumbered 9 trillion to one!” Uh… 39 trillion to 30 trillion is only 1.3 to 1.

    • it’s just ANI
      it’s just ANI

      i think he was saying it’s 9trillion more than the 30trill that’s already on the one individual

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    Akira Green


  • Holmesly

    Love this video so happy to see some love for bacteria finally 🥰❤️

  • Ali

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  • Karan Joshi Guitareado
    Karan Joshi Guitareado

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  • Brenda Krieger
    Brenda Krieger

    Cool. Kennen has great energy! Love seeing them doing a distance experiment.

  • Michael Bateman
    Michael Bateman

    This was a trend in the late 60's, early 70's. Retailers sold "yogurt makers" that made individual small containers of yogurt. Of course the manufacturers sold the starter kits. Total trend oandering since people have been making yogurt for thousands of years.