Removing the Alcohol From Alcohol
Today we freeze dry different types of alcohol to see what is left! How much flavor is actually left after being freeze dried?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • Golden Harvest Farming
    Golden Harvest Farming

    Freeze dried vodka Freeze dried vodka freeze dried vodka freeze dried vodka

  • Dylan Vient
    Dylan Vient


  • Joseph A
    Joseph A

    I was hoping to watch cali just start taking shots tbh woulda made my night

  • Charlie Whelan
    Charlie Whelan

    There's a lot of misinformation here. Distillation does not necessarily mean purification as water is often added at the end to dilute. Also, vodka can be made from a huge range of carbohydrates, not just potato


    Fire ball is amazing

  • วนารี แสงทอง
    วนารี แสงทอง


  • Cameron

    I bet that powder from the whiskey would go great in a stew or a chili. I can see that adding some great flavor to a soup too. Seems like it's probably the kind of flavor you want accompanying other flavors in a very small amount - not the kind of flavor you want a whole mouthful of.

  • Cameron

    Yeah, definitely make fireball cotton candy. I'm intrigued now.

  • Rishab Tandon
    Rishab Tandon

    The @vladflix music 🤣🤣

  • Yumi

    Fireball cottoncandy pls

  • Yumi

    all ive learnt is that most of the TKOR viewers are apparently alcoholics.... same.

  • Debbie Thomas
    Debbie Thomas

    "normally don't drink these straight..." let's see, starting with shots, neat... (coming from a non drinker!) also, another way to get the flavor but not the "alcohol" is to flambeau it (flame it which only takes a few minutes for the alcohol to burn off like they do for banana foster or baked Alaska desserts).

  • The Parkster
    The Parkster

    Omg yes

  • Ali Zaidan Thamyeez
    Ali Zaidan Thamyeez

    I want to try fireball as a drink after the a,chocolate has been removed

  • Mc Warehouse
    Mc Warehouse

    Yes tun fire ball into cotton candy!

  • Crystal Morton
    Crystal Morton

    Fireball cotton candy!

  • Brandy Kington
    Brandy Kington

    My mom drinks fire ball

  • Gypsy Rose
    Gypsy Rose

    now i get you would have to freeze dry the FireBall to make it into a power to make the cotton candy... can you Freeze dry honey and do the same thing? i know in it's liquid that's a nope.

  • D M
    D M

    I think that a great variant of this experiment would be to freeze the different brands to minus 20°f which would enable you to separate the frozen water from the liquid alcohols. Then thaw the water component and taste both liquid parts of each and compare the flavors without freeze-drying.

  • Jelleybean18

    Why does freeze-drying remove the alcohol?


    Try freeze drying soylent the liquid, i want to see all 9 flavors i think there are

  • godsblood

    make alcohol cotton candy

  • Zidane Zayed
    Zidane Zayed

    What happened to Nate?

  • Robert Woodzell
    Robert Woodzell

    The coton candy from alchohol. That would be interesting to see.

  • Mama's Eve
    Mama's Eve

    Fireball cotton candy sounds amazing 😂💯 let's do it!!!!

  • James TOMPKINS
    James TOMPKINS

    make the cotton candy from all the alcohol ...please focus on the Irish and Scottish alcohols

  • Rolla Coasta Ride
    Rolla Coasta Ride

    could you freeze dry a wino to see if he completely disappears ?

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    Try the fireball whisky to make cotton candy. Also try the jack Daniel's.

  • The Waco Kid
    The Waco Kid

    A man who drinks like that is going to die. When?

  • Dude On A Cow
    Dude On A Cow


  • Dude On A Cow
    Dude On A Cow

    Grace looks tiny next to Cali, it is quite funny to watch.

  • Jerlynne Allison
    Jerlynne Allison

    YES! YES! YES! Fireball cotton candy! YES! YES! YES! 😍🥃

  • techmaster170

    Wait, you're not supposed to drink those straight, normally? Well, i've been doing it wrong.

  • kitsap community church
    kitsap community church

    Make it cotten candy please

  • Dum._. Idiot
    Dum._. Idiot

    Hmm I remember fireball it was part of my childhood

  • Maxed out
    Maxed out

    Is she old enough to drink?

  • KeatonX92

    "Normally you wouldn't drink a lot of these straight" As a Wisconsinite with German and Irish ancestry; You underestimate my ̶p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ liver

  • Amanda Harp
    Amanda Harp

    Do it do it

  • Sirron Nala
    Sirron Nala

    Fireball from the European Union countries have a different formula... Also, tito's is made from corn... It is legit just american moonshine

  • John Chastain
    John Chastain

    When I was young I fixed a Southern Comfort and 7up but it was way to late to drink it so I put it in the refrigerator. The next day there was no taste of alcohol in it just the sweet of the ingredients.

  • Greg Lane
    Greg Lane

    Football cotton candy... do it.

  • 12DoughBoy21

    Soooooo doooooo iiiiiit cinnamon cotton candy!!!!!

  • matthew Samer
    matthew Samer

    Turn the fire ball Cinnamon whiskey in to cotton candy

  • monkey slime
    monkey slime

    Why are you guy still allowed to be alone ????

  • trolltagime 2007
    trolltagime 2007

    Cali looks very different I haven't watched in forever

  • Conner Harrell
    Conner Harrell


  • Zeel Patel
    Zeel Patel

    Them-Grace and I are the only ones who drink on the team Me-That explains some things

  • eggsaladactyl

    Not many vodka's are made from potato anymore. Do y'all do any research in your videos at all anymore? Seems like you're just winging it.

  • Super Charged
    Super Charged

    Fun fact: Some vodka is actually made from grapes, same as wine.

  • jose zamarripa
    jose zamarripa

    Who else noticed Cali is getting chunky

  • Bobby Holden
    Bobby Holden

    Cotton candy them please

  • Brayden Belin
    Brayden Belin

    Calli looks so tall compared to Grace!!!

  • Cyxillion

    i used the alcohol to destroy the alcohol

  • Robert Hamner
    Robert Hamner

    alcohol abuse !!!!!!!! lmfao

  • Carter Miles
    Carter Miles

    Make fire ball cotton candy

  • legend ary
    legend ary

    Ahhh sorority

  • ralph mendez
    ralph mendez

    yes please turn fireball into cotton candy

  • Grace Burlage
    Grace Burlage

    Do fireball cotton candy please

  • Oscar Oomes
    Oscar Oomes

    Please turn fireball into cotencandy !

  • Maze ShadowLifter
    Maze ShadowLifter


  • Timothy Kan
    Timothy Kan

    A little chuncky

  • Aliandra Elkins
    Aliandra Elkins

    I audibly screamed “WHAT” at 12:04 am when she said that vodka was made from potatoes.

  • Rcmore

    What does Kaliey look like she escape a house fire. And I’ve had beer whiskey 🥃 tequila bloody marry etc and I’m only 15......pluse I like in texas

  • Edward A
    Edward A


  • Sanity016

    I want to see more _scientific_ experiments with coffee. I know Grace and Kevin did one but that was flawed in many ways and not very engaging.

  • Dillon Maher
    Dillon Maher

    Some people, just want to watch the world burn, master bruce.

  • Nicholas Derrick
    Nicholas Derrick

    Can we please tell these guys that Titos is made with corn and not potatoes. And yes y'all you do usually drink those straight thats why they are called SHOTS.

  • Homer Baughman
    Homer Baughman

    I’m glad I grew up with the only 3 ogs

  • Maple Moose
    Maple Moose

    Make cotton candy

  • RedStrone 228
    RedStrone 228

    its kinda hilarious to see them kinda nerd out about alchohol on a rather kid friendly channed XD

  • Mistertbones

    "Vodka is made from potatoes." Not necessarily. Tito's is made from corn, and a lot of vodkas these days are made from wheat. Also, people do drink these straight up. I drink Jack Daniel's straight up all the time.

    • Director Orson Krennic
      Director Orson Krennic

      I was watching this while drinking a Crown Royal on the rocks. I think them saying those two on the team are the only ones who have drank is really saying something, but the more they talk the more I'd believe it

  • Peyton Schrock
    Peyton Schrock

    vodkas made from more than just potatoes also vodkas are made from sorghum, corn, rice, rye or wheat, fruits or even just sugar

  • Only 510
    Only 510

    Grace is actually cute asf

  • Halbzeitotaku

    most vodka is moslty made from grain there is vodka that is made from potatos but its way less comon titos as examaple is made from grain

  • Gabriel Francisco De Abreu Furtado
    Gabriel Francisco De Abreu Furtado

    Ok yeah I want to see fireball into cotton candy lol

  • ElGatoLoco698

    Vodka is not necessarily made with potatoes. In fact no Vodka manufacturers use potatoes. It can be made with potatoes but it's very inefficient. What are you guys playing with alcohol for anyway, I thought you were Mormons.

  • Chloe Bill
    Chloe Bill

    you best make fireball into cotton candy, and try the jack daniels too

  • Chaz c
    Chaz c

    When she said 2:50 I had flashbacks

  • marek ochotny
    marek ochotny

    Vodka can be made from grains also

  • Ethan Dcosta
    Ethan Dcosta

    Do you guys think cali is become a bit fatish

  • Jordanm Jensen
    Jordanm Jensen

    Omg Grace is adorable

  • Jordanm Jensen
    Jordanm Jensen


  • Kiyomi Logue-Moore
    Kiyomi Logue-Moore

    cotton candy Cotton Candy COTTON CANDY!!....please do fire ball cotton candy.

  • Lucius Kxng
    Lucius Kxng


  • Samson Ross
    Samson Ross

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that you can make Oolong Tea with 9 parts Vodka and 1 part Whiskey

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous

    A single spark from electronics plus alcohol vapor is what went wrong

  • CaptainTrismegistus

    Tito's is made from corn, not potatoes.

  • Linley-Jane Shand
    Linley-Jane Shand

    Does thiscount as drinking at work?

  • Dave Piperno
    Dave Piperno

    Would love to see fireball in to cottoncandy

  • Dave Piperno
    Dave Piperno

    I drink all them straight but the Jameson. The best is fire ball and jack Daniel's

  • Camden Nguyen
    Camden Nguyen

    They speak to both the young and old age

  • Jerimiah Phipps
    Jerimiah Phipps

    Try the same experiment but used different beers instead I'm curious to see what's left behind.

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    OF COURSE I WOULDNT DRINK THEM STRAIGHT 1. Im not straight 2. i cant drink 3. most people wouldnt drink them straight

  • Amadeo Ramirez
    Amadeo Ramirez

    For the love of science, do the cotton candy!!

  • ryukure

    Everyone having a moment when she says "Normally wouldn't drink these straight." Meanwhile I'm sitting here with the whole, "Vodka is made from potatos." Tito's is corn. XD

    • west 666
      west 666

      Same wonder how many don't realize that most are not made with potatoes anymore

  • evelinauhh

    Put plastic wrap over the tray and try it again

  • glflash00

    Grace & Cali in the kitchen. Interesting things happen.

  • DaUnwantedRobloxian

    0:23 O.O really tkor

  • Tal nev.
    Tal nev.

    My favorite duo!

  • LilTips4803

    R/hmmm I think they got drunk from this just a lil bit