Water Balloon Hot Tub - Over 1,000 Water Balloons!
Today, we are filling water balloons with ht water and creating a waterballoon hot tub! Will this work and how will it feel?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • kathryn kelly
    kathryn kelly

    grace said i laugh when i'm nervous

  • Galaxy Gamer 101
    Galaxy Gamer 101

    What about Orbeez?

  • priceandpride

    Extremely bad for the environment

  • Jelleybean18

    Y’all can hire me as a Grace translator. I totally know what she said *unlike the editor*

  • Lucy LaRock
    Lucy LaRock

    No offense but I haven't watched for a while what happened to Cali

    • Cory Carpenter
      Cory Carpenter

      Nothing that I know about there are just more people on the team

  • Reese Wolfel
    Reese Wolfel

    i wot to meet you in real lefe

  • Victor Oh
    Victor Oh

    What do they do with all that remaining plastic from the balloons?

  • Meguru The Cookie chip
    Meguru The Cookie chip

    This teacher: Tries making it fun for the kids Our teacher when asked what is she doing to make it fun: *Silence intensifies*

  • Damien Paz
    Damien Paz

    I think you mean awesome jellyfish hot tub

  • Kate Hontz
    Kate Hontz

    Grace translation: I laugh when I'm nervous :D

  • Maizyday

    Me: sees grace's phone in her pocket Nate: starts throwing water balloons Me: but thE PhONe iTS WeT NOw DRy It oFf PLeAsE!?!?!?!

  • on1y._peyton

    Nate: in a hot tub Also Nate: it’s warm under there 😂😂

  • Mamandu 0
    Mamandu 0

    this is the weirdest cup of boba tea ive ever seen

    • parneet waraich
      parneet waraich

      Underrated comment

  • Jaya Laxmi Pudipeddi
    Jaya Laxmi Pudipeddi

    Literally every indian kids dream on holi festival

  • Luke Sp
    Luke Sp

    Nate just opens his eyes under water like it's no big deal

  • Keria Thequeen
    Keria Thequeen

    Imagine doing this for the summer and have a water balloon fight hungry games style 😍

  • HoboJoe

    I can just imagine going to a water balloon fight and your friend just sitting in a hot tub completely filled with balloons

  • Bessie Jones
    Bessie Jones

    So I talked to the water balloons and they said they would rather have popped than be in the hot tub

  • bangchansleftdimple

    Grace said 'I laugh when I'm nervous'

  • Midnight Rose
    Midnight Rose

    I too laugh when I’m nervous Grace. But you started it with Nate lol

  • Randoria

    As a teacher I want to say thank you for the acknowledgement and appreciation for my profession.

  • André Raymond
    André Raymond

    Why aren't GRACE and CALLI in the hot tub with you? I am sooo disapointed!

  • Cynthia Harris
    Cynthia Harris

    to be fair yall for got to turn it on lamo hahah thet would have been EPIC lamo

  • pippen is me
    pippen is me

    so what your saying is its not nate and cali its nate and grace

  • Francess Bond
    Francess Bond

    Anyone else choose one water balloon to protect during water balloon fights when they were kids?

  • Castiel Curran
    Castiel Curran

    Get rid of Grace


    So am I the only one other than Nate to have filled water balloons with hot water because I used to do this all the time 😂😂😂

  • LogicianMagician

    I miss when Tkor was about science

  • Kaitlyn Piper
    Kaitlyn Piper

    Can you try to cook something in the hot tub

  • Mike Dobbs
    Mike Dobbs

    Y wouldn't u want to see what it would feel like with cold balloons in the hot tub first? They would have heated up.

  • Luna Kiki
    Luna Kiki

    Editor: I didn’t get this one Me: she said she laughed when she was nervous.

  • Cherie' Frank
    Cherie' Frank


  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    i like how nate wasnt in the studio and was chilling out by the hot tub

  • sharks gone wild
    sharks gone wild

    It's a pool of giant orbies

  • Abby Mit
    Abby Mit

    Try miracle berries and really spicy food

  • Patty Wieder
    Patty Wieder

    From my 6yo: "Please fill a hot tub with perler beads."

  • Simon Klint
    Simon Klint

    Why aint Grace in a bikin ? That was my hope for this vidd 😉

    • Garyn Andrew
      Garyn Andrew

      That’s kind of a disrespectful thing to say. Just because we are “men” doesn’t mean we have to objectify women. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying that this type of comment is the reason some girls feel uncomfortable putting themselves on platforms such as LV-home.

  • Claire Doughty
    Claire Doughty

    Filled a hot tub full of water balloons just because they can 🤣 love it

  • Darrick Tomlin vlogs
    Darrick Tomlin vlogs

    So grace and Nate would make a cute couple

  • ddawg music
    ddawg music

    hi guys! check out ddawg music

  • the_internet_

    So.... Can you guys explain the additional cast now?

  • jacob burnichon
    jacob burnichon

    Can't believe Nate was able to throw the balloons at himself

  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth Williams

    Haha nice my irrational fear of ballons on my skin just sky rocketed but if it would damage everything in your hot tub then you could do Orbbz or how ever it's spelt but if you are ever going to replace it you should let it go out in a very strange way by filling it with super absorbent beads! Up to you guys!

  • Kd8bao

    Nate : [ underwater in a hot tub] Also Nate : Wew that’s hot

  • Konstantinos B
    Konstantinos B

    Person at the shop: Okay, how many water balloons would you like? Nate: Yes Person: Sorry, I don't think you understand me, how many? Nate: So you don't know me. Let's put this in other terms, how many water balloons does this store have?

  • Steve Hewitt
    Steve Hewitt

    Mind you don’t burst the balloons in the water, that rubber would knacker the impeller(s) in your hot tub pumps. Also too little water in the hot tub would mean your hot tub water would be heating because there’s no water going through the heaters.

  • Frank Kianos
    Frank Kianos

    Did you get snow

  • TheEarlyGamer

    When he went under the surface it was visually similar to the jellyfish scene in finding Nemo.

  • Storm Angel
    Storm Angel

    Best kind of water balloon fight ever. when the water is warm

  • Karl KaBoom
    Karl KaBoom

    7:43 “Grace: I laugh when I’m nervous"

  • Ronnie Roo
    Ronnie Roo

    I figured out in a hot tub with bubbles you can breath in the air on the pump holes and breath into the pool and win at who can hold their breath

  • Teal Appeal
    Teal Appeal

    what id imagine a fishes birthday party would look like...but warm 🐠🐟🐡

  • Josiah Aiden
    Josiah Aiden

    I feel bad for the people who have to press the spacebar so many times to comment

  • Miss DeLaRosa
    Miss DeLaRosa

    Me: they are always doing random stuff Also me: .... well it is in their name

  • TeslaGod21

    NGL i ship nate and grace 😉😂😂😅

  • Minni Mouse
    Minni Mouse

    She said “I laugh when I’m nervous”

  • Malcolm Young
    Malcolm Young

    cook ramen in hot tub

  • LegalHeartbreaker

    I high key wanna try this xD

  • Marcas King
    Marcas King

    why not just put a bunch of water balloons in the hot tub and then fill it up and wait till everything comes up to temperature then you don't need to buy no fancy pump

  • Anime Potato
    Anime Potato

    Spas should do this

  • zombie panda
    zombie panda

    Why does this look so fun

  • Mento

    It didn't have to be hot tub water in the balloms, as long as they put the water balloons in the hot tub, the water in them would heat up to the same temperature as the hot tub water.

  • Maya Ober
    Maya Ober

    Something about this makes me so happy!

  • Game Destroyer
    Game Destroyer

    what happens when you fill a hot tub with orbez


    My question is... is that enviroment friendly? I mean, those plastic tubes... is there a way to reporpouse them? BTW, i love this vid.

  • Sir SquishBerry
    Sir SquishBerry

    my question is... where did dora come from?

  • n Linggod
    n Linggod

    hot tub filled with those orbeez?

  • Louise Lalime
    Louise Lalime

    You should teem up with Mark rober and fill a swimming pool with water balloons!

  • Louise Lalime
    Louise Lalime

    Can you cook something using Hand warmers? My friend thought of it when we were on a ski trip and I thought of TKOR. 😂

  • stormclasher

    yaaay plastic

  • JeRK II
    JeRK II

    A hot water ballon throw when it's cild enough to make hot water turn into a fog

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    6:46 - Bazinga!

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    2:08 - I've seen this bit before. You said that sentence got away from you.

    • Lee Fisher
      Lee Fisher

      @Mohammed Ahmed Absolutely. Although it makes you wonder why TKoR didn't re-record that scene.

    • Mohammed Ahmed
      Mohammed Ahmed

      Doctor who reference

  • David G Austin
    David G Austin

    Without a doubt one of my favorite TKoRs ever.

  • Ridwaan Joomun
    Ridwaan Joomun

    Try putting liquid sand in the hot tub

  • The MUSHroom
    The MUSHroom

    Who was the person who died?

  • demontrent10653

    😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Shree James
    Shree James


  • Kamron Thurmond
    Kamron Thurmond

    Two very attractive women and a hot tube, and Nate decided to fill it with balloons???

  • SmokeumPeacepipe

    All the plastic from those balloons.....

  • Sam Da Artist
    Sam Da Artist

    "To see what it's like" I love that

  • Nathan Hogan
    Nathan Hogan

    Next question is what is the largest water balloon they can build?

  • Filcayra72

    The underwater scene felt like Nemo all over again

  • Jesson John Sandstrom
    Jesson John Sandstrom

    Low key Nate and Grace whould make such a cute cuple!

  • Ryan

    Whats poppin

  • Jacob Frederick
    Jacob Frederick

    Showing my age here, but do the GoPro shots working their way through the balloons remind anyone else of the fertilisation scene from the Look Who's Talking series?

  • Jacob Frederick
    Jacob Frederick

    Um..... Has anyone ever explained to Nate about water and electricity..... O_O

  • potato dude
    potato dude

    is it not cold where you live right now.

  • Kingfdr

    No one: Grace: i just- ajdhjqjaurbfkaoqotb

  • Hacksaw

    Boaring need more balloons

  • Abbie Pearson
    Abbie Pearson

    Editor, I think Grace said “I laugh when I’m nervous”

  • Cole Rosen
    Cole Rosen

    Can you make TKOR fill a microwave with water balloons

  • Jacob Shain
    Jacob Shain

    imagine if you had to do them the old fashioned way.

  • Ceefus Jenkins
    Ceefus Jenkins


  • Bloodshadow

    Where's Calli? I know Grace is new and stuff, but what happened to Calli? Is she gone now😞? Hope not. And for King Of Random, question for experiment is: If Mylar is a plastic, can it be recycled with certain chemicals that can break it down?

  • Jack O'Brien
    Jack O'Brien


  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson

    Who else got up vibes

  • Corey Matties
    Corey Matties


  • Thrift Hunt3r
    Thrift Hunt3r

    Editor, she said "I laugh when I'm nervous."

  • Thrift Hunt3r
    Thrift Hunt3r

    Why the hassle of plugging in and out. Just use a power strip where you can just hit the switch for on and off.

2,4 milj.