Whipping Meat Into Whipped Cream!?
Today we attempt to turn different meats like salmon, turkey, and steak, into whipped cream by blending and pressurizing.
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What else should we try to turn into a whipped foam??

    • Jeremiah Ducate
      Jeremiah Ducate

      You should cook the seasoned meat(salt+), then make it into foam then freeze dry it. Or foam then freeze dry fruits or bkanched vegetables

    • Jordyn W
      Jordyn W

      Can you de-whip cream

    • JeffsU2b

      How about turning the Starlite mixture into a foam??? Kinda like foamcrete, but "Starcrete" instead....lol

    • Vicki Ear
      Vicki Ear

      A doughnut

    • JMJ White
      JMJ White


  • Aquatic Typhoon
    Aquatic Typhoon

    Pink Slime from McDonald’s invention 2021 colorized.

  • demontrent10653

    😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Q Anon
    Q Anon

    Y’all been getting high off those whip-its!

  • Jacquelyn Baisden
    Jacquelyn Baisden

    Idk why salmon is in this, IT IS NOT A MEAT, IT IS A FISH, FISH IS NOT MEAT, FISH IS JUST THAT, FISH!!!!!!

  • Jelleybean18

    I dunno if I like it either but it is fascinating

  • CT-4274

    Next, but definitely not least. We're gonna blend steak... *War Flashbacks to when they blended freeze dried steak, rehydrated it, and drank it.*

  • Andrew Del Carlo
    Andrew Del Carlo

    You always asked if you could but never stopped to ask if you should

  • Kris Avery Averoe
    Kris Avery Averoe

    consider: freeze dried cooked tattooed meat

  • Alex Rhind
    Alex Rhind

    You made Tubby Custard

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    make whipped candy flavors...also try cooking the meat first

  • Jayden Pattison
    Jayden Pattison

    I was gagging the whole video

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson

    What! What what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what what meat foam

  • YarneW_

    Do this again but instead of putting it in the oven try freeze-drying it. maybe the steak won't taste watered down after removing all the water.

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    Steak looks like a great strawberry milkshake

  • Gaming Ryan
    Gaming Ryan

    And to think I liked you

  • Tony Bundy
    Tony Bundy

    I cringed the whole video!

  • Stephen Day
    Stephen Day


  • hettyscetty 97
    hettyscetty 97

    'There are some things man was never meant to tamper with' -Michelangelo, 2003.

  • Storm_ice_ 37
    Storm_ice_ 37

    This is wrong

  • Desertwalker45

    Space steak.

  • Adam Rolf
    Adam Rolf

    You should combined the foam with the freeze dryer! Cooked and raw foam both in the freeze dryer

  • Watermelon Meadow
    Watermelon Meadow

    Next: turning various sausages into tea

  • Blane W.
    Blane W.

    Bleh gross

  • Gerome Coliat
    Gerome Coliat

    The salmon looks like turd HAHAHAHAH

  • john gangi
    john gangi

    I died inside when my grandma asked me y I was watching you guys make strawberry milkshakes when u where blending The steak

  • sanu

    🤢 that's looking disgusting 🤮😖

  • monkey slime
    monkey slime

    Cook it heheheheheheeee hahahahahahaa

  • B

    Anyone else skip the videos when it's not just Nate and Calli? Lol

  • DavidTwo2009

    Food Wars

  • jeffry de meyer
    jeffry de meyer

    How to make Pâté the wrong way

  • Dylan McGregor
    Dylan McGregor

    I believe Futurama called this stuff "Slurm".


    Next: turning banana into steak

  • Gucci Diego Brando
    Gucci Diego Brando

    "Whipped Cream" and "Meat" are words that should be never be put together

  • Blake NA
    Blake NA

    So THAT'S how pink slime is made. Mystery solved!

  • John Sharpe
    John Sharpe

    Fruits into foam or even vegetables

  • Midnight Sarrow 160
    Midnight Sarrow 160


  • Jake Aucoin
    Jake Aucoin

    hot foods

  • Allison Vinson
    Allison Vinson

    Did anyone else get queezy watching this

  • Fetus Enchilada
    Fetus Enchilada

    hmm this gives me an idea meat méringue cookies

  • Otis Tim
    Otis Tim


  • That Homeless Scrubbalo
    That Homeless Scrubbalo

    you should use a juicer first...

  • Hope Hartman
    Hope Hartman

    * Not me throwing up while watching this * 🥴

  • Tallyn Hollomon
    Tallyn Hollomon

    Do it again but cook the meat frist

  • Bellastinen

    if you look at the beefs date, its quite while ago... so old video or very old beef?

    • Alla Belina
      Alla Belina

      old video, because the steak would've looked brown from oxidizing over time since it wasn't vacuum sealed.

  • tammie orth
    tammie orth

    🤢🤮 nasty

  • Andrew Cory
    Andrew Cory

    try veggies next

  • weird cookie
    weird cookie

    ...why am I watching tkor at 3:15am?

  • Nathan Hogan
    Nathan Hogan

    All thanks to the Lenovo i9

  • Loic Bazin
    Loic Bazin

    Try using berries, fruits and herbs


    Not seeing anyone bring up the fact that Futurama did this

  • stilgar 2300
    stilgar 2300

    So instead of going from Raw to foam to cook, you should have used a sous vide and cooked them that way before you foam them.

  • Pestulance

    could i suggest the same thing. but using cooked steak, turkey and fish. and try cream or veg stock instead of water. thicken it up a bout double as well. and there is a use for what you have done. :)

  • Clare Williford
    Clare Williford


  • Anthony Leggio
    Anthony Leggio

    i mean if you've seen how hotdogs are made then the liquid consistency is actually common

  • Исайя Маркес
    Исайя Маркес

    human meat foam anybody?

    • weird cookie
      weird cookie

      It’s 3:20am I didn’t need that image in my head

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G

    id thumbs up... but uhhhh NO

  • Thomas Farrell
    Thomas Farrell

    Congratulations, you invented cat food.

  • Rhiannon Smudge
    Rhiannon Smudge

    This is a crime against humanity

    • Alla Belina
      Alla Belina

      No it's just molecular gastronomy!

  • David Fox
    David Fox

    can you please dehydrate some meat foam.

  • Jackie Murray
    Jackie Murray

    Only One Word..."EWWW"! Or onomatopoeia, "HACK"!

  • Light Code
    Light Code

    Would it be possible to try different gas? Like the helium beer. There could be helium whipped cream.

  • burried toes
    burried toes

    nope. just nope.

  • Shawn Plant
    Shawn Plant

    What would happen if you used everclear and soaked some Rosemary with it and then place the fluid in your dehydrator would you be able to make your own Rosemary essential oil.

  • Kaylib Nichols
    Kaylib Nichols


  • ©Merlin2 UK
    ©Merlin2 UK

    Oh for the day you DON'T do a video with bits of slaughtered animals in it....👍🏻

  • Back of the class Girl
    Back of the class Girl

    I don't know if this is genius or a crime against nature and humanity. I am seriously confused and slightly concerned

  • Keith Justice
    Keith Justice

    We know who the carnivore in the family is

  • TBC-x

    I wonder what would happen if you do that to precooked meat and make it very thick.

  • catmyerin

    Why not freeze dry it into circles then fry in air fryer, deep fryer, pan, bake, etc? Also blend breakfast sausage and bacon into a hybrid breakfast meat chip?

  • Melonstrong V1.0
    Melonstrong V1.0

    Can you use fruits too?

  • Talos Siorai
    Talos Siorai

    Seasoned turkey chips!!!

  • n9103

    You didn't try freeze drying the meat foam?? Now you have to re-visit this ... thing, again!

  • HapHazardHoopla

    I think I can speak for everyone when i say: I cringed during this.

  • John Burr
    John Burr

    Make a peanut butter and cheese spread.

  • John Burr
    John Burr

    Send that to the ISS.

  • Timothy Van Der Schultzen
    Timothy Van Der Schultzen

    So tender!

  • Danny Bickerdike
    Danny Bickerdike

    Try doing this with baby food🤔🤔

  • Michael Cardwell
    Michael Cardwell

    whippingcream mite work better than water.or merange.

  • - MerryBirthday -
    - MerryBirthday -

    Omg where is the Lenovo yoga 9i?!

  • Hungry Panda Gaming
    Hungry Panda Gaming

    Yo this is how McDonalds make the nugs

  • Landon Macha
    Landon Macha

    Steak pancakes?

  • HoneebunnySapphire

    Jeez, the cat food mush I've fed baby kittens that were just learning to eat looked more appetizing than this 😂 kudos to you both for actually tasting that lmao.

  • Xenos N.
    Xenos N.

    My vegan mother would weep if she saw this.

  • CJF fan
    CJF fan

    Do the same thing but cook it first

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins

    Can you grind meat in a paper shredder; make ground meat with office electronics.

  • Le funny man
    Le funny man

    Vegans have been given ptsd Meat lovers have been given joy (I love meat )

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins

    I think you're onto something, liverwurst-in-can, taco-meat-in-a-can, and tuna-salad-in-a-can, like cheeze-whiz.

  • Nico Schneiter
    Nico Schneiter

    The salmon is pretty normal. It’s almost what a salmon mousse is

  • Haydonplayz

    Can you turn pickles into wiped cream?

  • Mahshic

    I think my soul died

  • Derick_ D
    Derick_ D

    Some soylent green

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds

    Do that after already having the cooked meat.

  • Andrew

    4:20 hurts my soul

  • ChampionBeam401

    Fun fact: your turkey would have to reach about 600 degrees fahrenheit to catch on fire

  • XRM

    Cook it next time

  • Rain Fall
    Rain Fall

    Can you turn fruit smoothies or just fruits and especially strawberries into whip cream?

  • Rain Fall
    Rain Fall

    Basically making soft dog and cat foods 😂😂

  • DantePlayz

    can you whip cake batter please

  • chris roberts
    chris roberts

    i’ve never winced for the duration of a videos entirety... but here we are.