What Happens When You Freeze Dry International Candy?
In today's video we try international candy and put them to the test in the freeze dryer. The results are surprising!
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What else should we test in the freeze dryer??

    • monkeyman

      i had the panda before they are in the usa

    • Caitlin Denholme
      Caitlin Denholme

      You should freeze dry some pre made canned cupcake icing, powderise it and see if it will make cotton candy

    • David

      Can you please freeze-dry pizza

    • Jessie Roberts
      Jessie Roberts

      pancake please

    • Cole Prevett
      Cole Prevett

      Various meats and vegetables

  • Baking_withBen Roberts
    Baking_withBen Roberts

    I used to have a house in turkey snd me and my brother would allways go and buy some Turkish delight

  • Maygen Qaya
    Maygen Qaya

    Try an ice cream sandwich

  • Riley Hamshire
    Riley Hamshire

    Most those foods I have a lot I live in the uk and those things are in like most shops

  • Gabriela Wrobel
    Gabriela Wrobel

    Can you try some polish candy like kruwki (it is this candy made of mostly carmel as I do not recommend the ones coverd in choclate) or ptasie mleczka ( it is kind of a flawerd marshmallow coated in chocolate) - Thank you

  • Gabriela Wrobel
    Gabriela Wrobel

    Calli- 'I just bought this to scare my coworker` Me- I would do the same

  • Ddestrory tv
    Ddestrory tv

    Tkor can you freeze dry a kinnder off any type

  • JustUnicorn

    I really don’t get how they don’t like lockum the Turkish delite thing I love them I remember every time my uncle came from turkey to visit me he always brought them and there sooo yummy

  • MC 76
    MC 76

    freeze dry sour cream to make sour cream and make sour creem lays

  • Cameron

    Try freeze drying exotic fruits and vegetables - the kinds of things most people in the US have probably never heard of.

  • Half Baked Cat
    Half Baked Cat

    What about freeze drying fermented foods? Does the process mellow out or concentrate the funk? Kimchi, Surströmming, and other powerfully funky things.

  • Leonie Tame
    Leonie Tame

    You tryed. British I will try America candy

  • Cordelia

    I've got to get my hands on a freeze dryer!!! 🤣

  • A B Queens R
    A B Queens R

    What happens if you freeze dry recess pieces

  • Isla Rietdyk
    Isla Rietdyk

    Can you guys please try and freeze dry bubblegum strawberries and other British sweets because I am from Liverpool

  • Bob with Hat
    Bob with Hat

    Can you freeze-dry flowers? And how would cake freeze-dry? Different cakes? Cheesecake, sponge cake, etc? Also, I would love to see an episode dedicated to making “fruit leather”. Could that be a fun and rewarding time with kids?

  • Jelleybean18

    Freeze-dried yogurt is delicious

  • Eleanor Biggs
    Eleanor Biggs

    im not seeing any tim tams

  • Zuna

    You know we wanna see you cotton candy them now

  • Myhand Hurts
    Myhand Hurts

    Freeze dry some junk food to make it puffy aaaand send it to me. Pls

  • Claudia Johnson
    Claudia Johnson

    please freeze dry jolly ranchers and air heads and homemade grants homemade gummys

  • Dominic Perez
    Dominic Perez

    Fruit leather, fruit wood, fruit cracker. Hahahah 🤣

  • Jessica Ogle
    Jessica Ogle

    Pirouline cookies! The oreo-ish chocolatey filling with the crispy shells. I feel like there is a lot of potential for dramatic change there. 🤔

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson

    jolly ranchers

  • Margaret Mackenzie
    Margaret Mackenzie


  • Big Bomb
    Big Bomb

    1:02 That describes this whole video. Thank me later

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson

    I'd love to see some things that arent sweet freeze dried. Like pizza, ramen noodles, eggs, or other more savory things.

  • Barry Homebrew
    Barry Homebrew

    Turkish delight cotton candy.

  • Timior

    0:50 ohh lokum i love it

  • imvictornow

    Try freeze drying large candies like world's largest gummy worm of WL Gummy bear like all of those giant candies

  • Phoenix Westvalley
    Phoenix Westvalley

    I do a Universal Yums box every month, so I’ve seen a few of these.

  • Latoya L
    Latoya L

    I thought Turkish delight was just a chocolate 😂😂

  • Mr Perfect freshy
    Mr Perfect freshy

    Omg I’m so surprised that you never ate Meji cookies until these video 🤯😳

  • Mr Perfect freshy
    Mr Perfect freshy

    I ate Turkish delights my whole life

  • Bahri

    marmara lokum

  • Zara Gorelczenko
    Zara Gorelczenko

    You should make a video freeze drying and seeing what you can do with Vaseline!!!!! For example, you can see what it does with fire, or try to make cotton candy with it.

  • Wrecks&Tech

    Make a giant Turkish delight


    can u plzzzzzz make a gummie face


    i thought mochi was doe and ice cream

  • Ashley Desiree
    Ashley Desiree

    Maybe freeze dry sweet potato, white potato, and apple pies! or maybe just a bunch of different pies! \^_^/

  • Clarissa Crum
    Clarissa Crum

    Freeze dry Jell-O , Cotton candy,And any type of soda

  • Arianna Ward
    Arianna Ward

    And please freeze dry banned candys or wierd candys

  • Arianna Ward
    Arianna Ward

    Is it just me or does Japan just have everything and they give it like hundreds of flavors

  • Geeia Gracia
    Geeia Gracia

    By the way the chocolate is called Papa enough yet to say really fast and a accent

  • Geeia Gracia
    Geeia Gracia

    Video Mexican candy is the best candy maybe just because I’m Mexican but spicy watermelon licorice with the sauce and some talkies with special Mexican sauce Yum

  • Geeia Gracia
    Geeia Gracia

    Mexican candy is the best can you please just for me because I’m Mexican and I love candy and chips when you go to Mexico and they both came

  • Zachary mithun
    Zachary mithun

    Bruh you just spoiled the lion the witch and the wardrobe for the part next

  • Sora Loves Ramen
    Sora Loves Ramen

    I wanna see them get a Tokyo treat box, or a sakura box or one of the many Japanese treat boxes and try freeze drying some of those

  • Twinzgamez

    What happens when you freeze dry jello? I just thought about this and i need answers!

    • Twinzgamez


    • Nebiha :3
      Nebiha :3

      What does happen

  • Bloodwolf

    Do Turkish Delight turn into cotton candy?

  • Elizabeth Engelsen
    Elizabeth Engelsen

    I have the goo

  • Nishaan Roath
    Nishaan Roath

    What’s candy?

    • Nishaan Roath
      Nishaan Roath


  • Hamzah A
    Hamzah A

    how is hello panda a candy 😂

  • Name. exe
    Name. exe

    1:06 that face on Nate after Cali read the warnings

  • FarePlay Gaming
    FarePlay Gaming

    i have tried a lot of those candy's one of my favorite that im not sure that you've tryed is gummy eyeballs they come from germany and there great .but i have a question can u freeze dry dog food?

  • Spider Chan Yes
    Spider Chan Yes

    Can you do oil or salt water?

  • itsasnap1

    i love spice food too and made a TKOR gumball machine

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson

    You guys should freeze dry home made gummies

  • Azi Bros
    Azi Bros

    I only know kitkat

  • Xenofed


  • Harsh Devasthali
    Harsh Devasthali

    Try indian curries and candy

  • Karen Reta
    Karen Reta

    A algún otro compatriota Mexicano se nos hizo agua la boca cuando sacaron los dulces mexicanos???

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh

    All candy

  • NightCrawller

    camera handling and close up shots were pathetic in this video

  • Coolgamer24 YD
    Coolgamer24 YD

    Skittles freeze dried Remember that

  • the unknown man
    the unknown man

    You could take the one that puffed up the most grind it up and make cotton candy

  • Joke Smythe
    Joke Smythe

    The freeze dried mochi sounded like an eggshell

  • Abby Mit
    Abby Mit

    Try miracle berries and really spicy food

  • M Susann
    M Susann

    Please freeze dry dill pickles!!

  • Hacked


  • Bobby Holden
    Bobby Holden

    Tim tams vegemite m&ms meat pies four&twenty brand ones cause aussie

  • SanLLL

    *Crounching intensifies

  • Crystal wonn
    Crystal wonn

    Do taikies

  • Markis 16
    Markis 16

    Co-Worker ??? you sure 🤨


    Can you make more desktop weapons

  • Potato Playz124
    Potato Playz124

    "food wood"

  • UniQuely Young
    UniQuely Young

    I wonder how gum of now and laters do in the freeze dry.. also I wonder what the new nerds rope gummy cluster balls would do in there I’m so curious I might get me a air fryer lol 😂 bought a ice machine so why not

  • Max Of the 212th
    Max Of the 212th

    As an English viewer, the way calli says England is hilarious

  • Jim slim
    Jim slim

    Pistachio Turkish delights are the best

  • Glaciergirl V2
    Glaciergirl V2

    Freeze dry Sushi. I dare you.

  • Ajtechy369's Tech Channel
    Ajtechy369's Tech Channel

    Real turkish delight is only one flavor.....ROSE 🌹 flavoured

  • Glen

    I wish I was ur dentist 🦷😂😂 u guys rule ‘

  • Edrei Navarro
    Edrei Navarro

    I mean its easy to eat

  • Edrei Navarro
    Edrei Navarro

    pelon is to eat

  • Zeyad quasmi
    Zeyad quasmi

    Do indian snacks

  • Chase McDonald
    Chase McDonald


  • ddawg music
    ddawg music

    HI guys ! check out ddawg music

  • Mary Chandler
    Mary Chandler

    I have been meaning to ask are you guys married I have been thinking that ever since I started watching y’all 🤨🧐

  • Chris Shaffer
    Chris Shaffer

    I suggest that you put something in the microwave for 1 or 2 or 3 hours or 30 minutes

  • Logan Gantz
    Logan Gantz

    Number 999

  • alberto deluna
    alberto deluna

    Edmen sold his family out for candy

  • Daniel Dinklberg
    Daniel Dinklberg

    Can y'all just date already

  • Kendra-joan Davies
    Kendra-joan Davies

    Btw those aren’t real Turkish delights the real ones are chocolate and have a purple wrapper

  • Eddo

    si señor viva mexico

  • Kilo147

    Frass. Caterpillar frass. That's the world y'all looking for.

  • J M
    J M

    have a s**t and freeze dry it to see if it tastes any different

  • Actualhumanyes

    Try some swedish candies :)

  • tm1710

    You can maybe try some international snacks. netherlands has alot of them like almost 45 different types, and most of them are cookies.

  • Harry Craven
    Harry Craven

    noone evenlikes turkish delight in the uk

  • SeagreenSpiral

    I love how Americans think of England as a country country, he we just say uk