What Else Can You Put in a Fondue Fountain?
In this video we are replacing the chocolate in chocolate fountains with ketchup, teriyaki sauce, and even flaming hand sanitizer. Will these fondue fountains be functional?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What would YOU put in a fountain??

    • Trophy Scars
      Trophy Scars

      Dunno if there was a heating element in the fountain if so I’d take it out and try the hand sanitizer again.

    • Xavier Bjork-Nelson
      Xavier Bjork-Nelson

      my victims...

    • NinjaDerp500

      The gushers so-daaa

    • rootbrian

      Pretty much anything that flows like a semi-thick liquid! LOL!

    • HÆX A.
      HÆX A.

      @DoodlePlayer lol yes true

  • Mike Mardell
    Mike Mardell

    I love cali’s fire addiction

  • Redwolf36

    Ok hear me out these at a bbq like you would be the life of the party.

  • riley coish
    riley coish

    I see fire

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin

    I won't say it but...doesn't look like quarantine has been nice to them...🎈

  • Amiliahna Cruz
    Amiliahna Cruz

    You should put pudding, hot suace idk

  • Kreatos

    I thought chocolate was dangerous for parrots?

  • wet milk
    wet milk

    i hope they did not eat those marshmallows. the toxics from the sanatizer will make them sick

  • Brian Dean
    Brian Dean

    Fire fountain pure awesome

  • Marc G
    Marc G

    How long did the fire/sanitizer fountain live?

  • Juliana Piedt
    Juliana Piedt

    Can you make a gold egg please 🖒🖒🖒

  • The Alpha Trio
    The Alpha Trio

    Will it fountain 3.5 Non vat-19 edition

  • Emmett McDermott
    Emmett McDermott

    Are they married

  • Neeta Khan
    Neeta Khan

    The bird you talked about died

  • preston degeer
    preston degeer

    That bird was like “if I die I’m gonna die doing this”😂😂

  • Nevaehs Pets
    Nevaehs Pets

    Just wanted to say chocolate can make birds extremely sick and in a lot of cases even die. RIP cockatoo idk-2011

  • Nicola Usborne
    Nicola Usborne

    maybe you could try and make a orbeez fountain or a giant orbee

  • rootbrian

    The fire fountain was amazing. If I had one of those, HONEY would do well in it.

  • Prophet of Greyism
    Prophet of Greyism

    Calli is my pyro-maniacal spirit animal. Them: “Dolphins are so cute” Calli: FIRE LITERALLY BURNS WITH RADIANCE AND DANCES! Dolphins are horrific monsters of the ocean. And yes. Dolphins are monsters.

  • Survival & Emergency
    Survival & Emergency

    Question: how long did the fire fountain finally survive before it melted as suggested? Needed more fire video lol

  • Blake Kyle
    Blake Kyle

    I’ve had that happen when I put body wash on a cloth when I take a shower

  • lil brain damage
    lil brain damage

    Next they should do ranch

  • CB501 B
    CB501 B

    As someone who worked around a chocolate fountain... AVOID AT ALL COSTS, I've seen way too many kids spit into them.

  • cool videos
    cool videos

    try Ranch fountain

  • John Ashford
    John Ashford

    You need to do the hand sanitizer again but light it on fire at night so we can see the flame better

  • HÆX A.
    HÆX A.

    7:34 ...ummm did you forget the DIY black powder video?🤔

  • Jessica Therese
    Jessica Therese

    Cookie dough please!!

  • anthony gueva Velez
    anthony gueva Velez

    Cali =fire

  • joe brawley
    joe brawley

    You said fire and that got me interested

  • Michael Dzyuba
    Michael Dzyuba

    Did they just say that they saw a bird drinking chocolate and saying that’s cute when chocolate is dangerous to all animals except for humans.

  • unknow unknown
    unknow unknown

    Bezene pls

  • Fresh Froot
    Fresh Froot


  • Commonwealth Elementary PTA
    Commonwealth Elementary PTA


  • Commonwealth Elementary PTA
    Commonwealth Elementary PTA

    ever thing i love your chanlee

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley

    I prefer the chocolate

  • merel janssen
    merel janssen

    What’s going on with callis face? She looks so different. Not in a bad way, just different

  • Jean /fabi Asmr slimes
    Jean /fabi Asmr slimes

    Who is watching this in quarantine and wishes they had a hand sanitizer fountain

  • weasel in a can
    weasel in a can

    at 7:42 Callie face is just pure joy lol

  • GManandPorkey !
    GManandPorkey !

    Y'all are just broadcasting your happiness

  • Christopher Gaulrapp
    Christopher Gaulrapp

    Fountain: ⚠️warning⚠️ do not use anything that is not chocolate Nate: no warning here

  • Prince0peach33

    So did the fire fountain melt?? I need answers!! Lol

  • LewTV

    Can you launch a high speed projectile at a block of that casting silicone stuff and then cast the projectile cavity ? That would be cool to see

  • hernesto quilapan
    hernesto quilapan


  • Tet Tet
    Tet Tet

    I’m about to ruin chocolate fountains they actually pump of the chocolate insanely full of oil

  • Robert C. Iredale
    Robert C. Iredale

    I was really looking forward to seeing how long the fire fountain lasted.

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    Only in America.

  • Damien Paz
    Damien Paz

    Didnt your mother tell you not to play with fire

  • Green_Leaf20

    What happens when you tattoo glow in the dark paint into pork?

  • Cloudy Playzz
    Cloudy Playzz

    Hand sanitizer fancy

  • Murtti Gobena
    Murtti Gobena

    I want to try that

  • Doctor Strangexd67
    Doctor Strangexd67

    Not to be rude but I forgot the red hair lady’s name she looks different from last time I saw her

  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg

    4:15 Kinda disappointed Cali didn't say the fire fountain was gonna be lit.

  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg

    "Will it fondue fountain?" "Let's talk about that."

  • Kolton Stubbs
    Kolton Stubbs

    Do a ranch fountain ⛲

  • Sleepy_acid


  • Mina Dragon
    Mina Dragon

    Chocolate is poisonous to birds......

  • bull clay
    bull clay

    Cali looks different

  • Something Gay
    Something Gay

    Did anyone else catch the giant jolly rancher in the background which is made in their newest video?

  • Garry Nichols
    Garry Nichols

    In mexico most restaurants dilute their Ketchup with orange soda. No joke.

  • Samsel

    :( birds cant have choclate

  • Jackson Hellams
    Jackson Hellams

    Not trying to rain on your parade but that’s burning hand sanitizer and your roasting marshmallows on it

  • Christian Maison
    Christian Maison

    maple Syrup Fountain?

  • shadeth90

    Also, I don't think the gel was boiling st the end, bit the alcohol was gone from it being lit. I just know this from playing with germx and fire tok many times. You're left with thick sticky stuff

  • shadeth90

    Instead of ketchup and water, you may be able to dilute it with tomatoes juice or sauce

  • Michael Robacker
    Michael Robacker

    Try putting gallium in there. Will it pump?😁

  • The MrMoney Playz
    The MrMoney Playz

    Me and sal have same phone

  • The MrMoney Playz
    The MrMoney Playz

    Beef jerky vibes

  • Luther S
    Luther S


  • Boter Sause
    Boter Sause

    no one ever remembers the og :(

  • areum

    pf chang's sauce.... fancy I could never

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    4:17 - Sure, Goldilocks.

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    3:16 - Run that past me again, please. You've never tried to dilute ketchup to water it down before? So... what other reasons would you have to dilute something?

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher

    0:06 - No, Nate, that's not right. YOU want to try Ketchup and Teriyaki sauce. CALLI wants to try fire.

  • Hash Playz
    Hash Playz

    I can see the extra jolly rancher that was in a later video

  • Dr trains Bigboy
    Dr trains Bigboy

    Can u freeze dry liquids and cotton candy

  • Josh G
    Josh G

    Calli is getting a lil chunky. She needs to workout

  • Squarebodyfarms

    What weight of engine oil or gear oil is to thick for a chocolate fountain?

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T

    Big jollyrancher background

  • young_og gaming
    young_og gaming

    Jolly rancher

  • Lance Stone
    Lance Stone

    look at an old king of random video..........

  • DusterNutbar

    Ketchup is disgusting

  • Draquar Delta
    Draquar Delta

    I can see the hand sanitizer fountain being used in a store or something. “Put your hands under and gather some sanitizer and cleanse your hands!”

  • Daniel Auen
    Daniel Auen

    Cheese dip.. of all things, why not cheese dip?

  • David Feng
    David Feng

    This is soooo random 😂

  • Elizabeth Rushing
    Elizabeth Rushing

    I love cali she is a “pyro-maniac” Like me!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Levi

    Try napalm😂

  • Rachel Adams
    Rachel Adams

    Can you super size fun dip

  • Mage Writer
    Mage Writer

    You guys are literally the best

  • Midnight Horror of heaven
    Midnight Horror of heaven

    I love how you eat food with the ketchup and teriyaki sauce

  • Luke Perry
    Luke Perry

    eggs! in the fountain like stir the egg yolks and the egg whites together and test that please!

  • AlvinRT

    Never leave a fondue and hand sanitizer in a marriage or wedding

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    Cali sucks

  • Uncle Ned
    Uncle Ned

    Now this is a sickness I can get down with.

  • Delila Morgan
    Delila Morgan

    I read one that it apparently It wasn't a real cockatoo!

  • Atom Brown987
    Atom Brown987


  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    Can you put Ranch Dressing in a fountain? Then you can dip carrots and broccoli and stuff in it!

  • William Scott
    William Scott

    Try making Trojan gasoline and then try fighting it on fire

  • Supercreeper 3001
    Supercreeper 3001

    Gallium in the fountain

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    caramel sauce

  • Vikingolin29

    I did this but with bbq sauce and slime

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