Real vs. Chocolate: Valentine's Day Challenge!
We've seen all of the real vs. chocolate videos and had to see if we could make a chocolate heart that is indistinguishable from a real one. How did we do?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What should we make a chocolate version of next??

    • I I
      I I


    • Henry

      nothing, just eat it!!! (or make chocolate bars)

    • CraftyChica

      Maybe a brain, a stomach, or the lungs?

    • Ocraftj

      have you done your own face?

    • Michael Clarke
      Michael Clarke

      A car

  • Chinglemba

    Wtf happened to Cali???????

  • Jasmine Biedler
    Jasmine Biedler

    Why didn’t you use Grant’s mold?

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz


  • Ella Douglas
    Ella Douglas


  • Lucifer Angelfallen
    Lucifer Angelfallen

    Fun fact: you can legally purchase human organs in some parts of the world, can't use them in transplants though

  • Witcher117

    Hey I did kinda the same thing just with chicken hearts and made my valentine jump last week I got the idea from the pig heart video any way they were hesitant to bite at firs

  • GamerAlpha4L

    Imagine if they accedenly bit the real heart

  • Shadcore

    Tbh I was tempted to do something like this for my girlfriend on valentine but at the same time I rather not sleep on the couch for scarying her

  • all and nothing
    all and nothing

    Imagine her taking a bite of the sheep hart instead of the chocolat hart

  • Kassim Lifestyle
    Kassim Lifestyle

    5:35 Equally scary 😨

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores

    Make a chocolate full size body

  • Iceberg White
    Iceberg White

    5:47 -5:48 when one of my siblings farts.

  • Shawn Ollivier
    Shawn Ollivier

    Didn’t you guys have a mold that you used for a jello heart mold?

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion

    I hope she didn't bite the part that had part of the clay embedded in it. They weren't even paying attention to the entire chocolate.

  • MissRomie A
    MissRomie A

    Calli, you're looking healthy and your skin is glowing. Keep doing what you are, just beautiful. 💜

  • Carter Everitt
    Carter Everitt

    Cali "monster clay is awesome" Draw with jazza "I just love monster clay"

  • Aaditya Mohan
    Aaditya Mohan

    Cali probably gained some weight.

    • NTF - 717
      NTF - 717

      She looks so friggin cute tho

  • Doug Brown
    Doug Brown

    Here's a timely idea. Ways to get rid of vf ice without salt

  • grfeld84

    Eat your heart out!



  • TeslaMaster2

    You now have an M.D. in "enclosed heart surgery", Calli. :)

  • Waters

    U do realize u guys are showing y’all address from the box....

  • Rajmund Boruch
    Rajmund Boruch


  • PiggyPlayzMC

    Just don’t get the two confused

  • krista romero
    krista romero

    mak a jiyint bawseboll

  • bella2pawz

    I was hoping she was going to bite the real heart! Lol

  • dylan wall
    dylan wall

    Your organs with no blood are actually white

  • Krish Chetty
    Krish Chetty

    I hungry

  • i I
    i I

    I feel like no one watches u guys anymore

  • ForrestBob

    They should just let Mark have a mic at this point

  • *Berry*

    I wonder how many times they changed the intro

  • Ckinggaming 2.cking
    Ckinggaming 2.cking

    I thought they were gonna eat it,like an actual heart,I thought they were gonna eat a real and chocolateheart

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan

    You should make a big chocolate bunny

  • Christopher Gaulrapp
    Christopher Gaulrapp

    Yup I would not be scared/worried if I got this on Valentine’s Day

  • Abdulalim Omar
    Abdulalim Omar

    Only cannibalists can think like this.

  • 37 Shad
    37 Shad

    Dry freeze watermelon

  • E. Owens
    E. Owens

    What's weird to me about this video is that today I made a cake and I put like a heart on it and I used my airbrush machine to spray my heart red so I'm like we did the same thing except for mine wasn't as gross

  • Eden McManus
    Eden McManus

    Why are you snfflng so much?

  • Rtsasser08


  • Jgide1

    No offense but is there something wrong, she is looking a whole lot bigger

  • RodgeReDo Station and channel
    RodgeReDo Station and channel

    Candy organs and muscles, with a syrup for blood. You guys are close to being able to cater a surgeons party

  • The Small People
    The Small People


  • Gilly Kidd
    Gilly Kidd

    And now I have this chocolate heart for my valentine... Right as she takes a bite of it. Not now.

  • Leire

    "This is not a human heart..." I didn't think it was until you clarified it Calli...

    • Siddharth Biswas
      Siddharth Biswas


  • ivylifestyle workouts
    ivylifestyle workouts

    No the heart is not grace's

  • tildessmoo

    I was waiting for her to give it to Nate or something... without saying what it was first.

  • Nielson Lucas
    Nielson Lucas

    This reminds me of one of TKOR’s old videos.

  • colinDoesYoutube

    very cool and happy valentines day!

  • Cedric Jordan
    Cedric Jordan


  • Tanner Erickson
    Tanner Erickson

    Not trying to be mean and maybe I missed a vid but am I the only one you saw her put on 19 from covid. And before people come at me like OmG bOdY sHaMiNg no just an observation

    • Brigadier Björn
      Brigadier Björn

      she lost her sister a few weeks ago apparently so she my be a bit down in the dumps "hens the added weight"

  • Sleepy J91
    Sleepy J91

    Should have used the magic words of heart removal

  • Tristan Holt
    Tristan Holt

    What's in the Box.....


    last year u made a jello heart

  • Wilson’s Wilson
    Wilson’s Wilson

    When i saw “real heart” i was about to comment “did they murder someone for that heart?”

  • G Cento
    G Cento

    wtf Calli i thought i was your valentine??

  • LionGaming 27
    LionGaming 27

    This is the day where we ship Calli and Nate c:

  • Ashley Sherman
    Ashley Sherman

    6:22 so.. we gunna ignore that spot that looks like clay is embedded in the candy?..

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    make a giant jelly bean

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    thats discusting why would u sniff it?

  • EverythingGamer

    3:20 you mean a bouncy Cube

  • Jay Ay
    Jay Ay

    Callie gets fatter and fatter in each video lol. Look at the size of her. She was half this weight 2 years ago. A woman of her age shouldn’t have a double chin. I hope she gets the help she needs to lose that excess weight.

  • Mikey Herobrine
    Mikey Herobrine

    That's gross

  • Lord Zero Akuma
    Lord Zero Akuma

    "vanilla" chocolate isnt chocate

    • VoltisArt

      "Now we're not really using real chocolate. These are candy wafers that are kind of chocolate flavored sometimes. These are vanilla..." Calli didn't claim otherwise. She used this because the candy stuff melts more consistently and doesn't burn or turn bitter if you get it a little too hot.

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult

    Happy Valentine's day Calli!

  • das92

    cali should wear the glasses more

  • Jayden Hale
    Jayden Hale

    Giant donut

  • Timothy Sooknanan
    Timothy Sooknanan

    7:23 what if she bit into the sheep heart by mistake🐑

  • Richard Ali
    Richard Ali

    @Callie. What is the brand and model of your airbrush. I already have a compressor but am looking for an upgrade to the paint gun itself.

  • Love Check
    Love Check


  • Sam Weisman
    Sam Weisman

    Pls freeze dry a cup of water

  • drac richards
    drac richards

    I would have laughed so hard if kali accidentally took a bite of the real heart. XD

  • SparkyMTB

    Guarantee know one will be trying this at home for valentines lol Maybe Halloween though 🤔

  • Ōzoku

    I’m having flashbacks to dissections

  • Coaler

    This was a really well narrated and sequenced video! I liked it

  • Jaguar gamer Lugia lover
    Jaguar gamer Lugia lover

    Calli you look pretty with glasses

  • Mason's House of Trick Shots
    Mason's House of Trick Shots

    Giant York peppermint paties

  • weekend stuff
    weekend stuff

    A nice thing would be a chocolate rose for your valentine. As you eat the heart already by yourself :-)

  • Victoria's Art
    Victoria's Art

    Next you should make a chocolate house, or a chocolate eye.

  • CrazySunPlayz


  • Sam Ford
    Sam Ford

    You can make this at home yourself it’ll cost around $200 n tastes awful lol

  • Γιώργος Μισσός Πεταβράκης
    Γιώργος Μισσός Πεταβράκης

    You should try making a candy - chocolate armor it would be cool

  • kjtgp1

    Love this

  • Roman Stancliff
    Roman Stancliff

    make a giant hersheys chocolate bar

  • DJ Kosloski
    DJ Kosloski

    Happy early Valentimes day.

  • Aisyah sidek
    Aisyah sidek

    Which fruit can survive the hardest impact of falling?

  • ben fischer
    ben fischer

    Haven’t watched in a while.. is it just me or is she Bigger?

    • Safraan Tablet
      Safraan Tablet

      Yes, thought the same thing

  • Filip ŠTEFAN
    Filip ŠTEFAN

    silicone bouncy ball please

  • Eric Pitzer
    Eric Pitzer

    Eat your heart out

  • Ashley Curzon
    Ashley Curzon

    this video isnt for the faint of heart...

  • Shiva

    Cali looks Very old

  • twentytwo pilots
    twentytwo pilots

    Because nothing is as romantic as a scientifically accurate heart

    • VoltisArt

      Weird stuff makes nerds swoon. We think the obsession with cheaply mass-produced symbols is pretty silly.

  • Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith

    yes please make a bouncy ball from sylicone!!!!!!!

  • Julie Ken
    Julie Ken

    You guess should do some experiments with the self pouring liquid.

  • Technical_Gaming07

    So no one is going to talk about how she got a real heart in the video No? Just me ok

    • VoltisArt

      Ordered it from a meat supply company. Really not difficult. Welcome to the internet. :)

  • John E
    John E

    public comment added

  • Grant L
    Grant L

    Calli missed an opportunity when removing the first heart from the mould - "this is going to be the heart part" (around 03:56) btw is where she could have said it lol

  • Mel Torment
    Mel Torment

    She has the most annoying laugh known to humanity.

    • Buddybear The Beardie
      Buddybear The Beardie

      And you have the nastiest attitude known to humanity

  • Mena Ahmed
    Mena Ahmed

    Poor cheap😭🐑❤️

  • Crusade

    Didn't they already do a chocolate heart from a real heart?

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