How Well Do Masks Stop Nasal Spray?
Today we test how water particles are held back with masks and how germ spread to others is actually limited.
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What cool experiments are you guys wanting to see??

    • shembop


    • Spencer Ross
      Spencer Ross

      Better quality videos and more thorough experiments

    • fallen over
      fallen over

      @mikael englund a freeze dryer freezes the product and lowers the pressure, and is designed to do that, im talking about freezing with nothing but vacuum, and/or separately putting a chamber that is already in a vacuum state into a freezer with the product inside insulated from the surface of the chamber, not really the same method a freeze dryer

    • mikael englund
      mikael englund

      @fallen over that is called freeze drying, that is how you get survival food

    • fallen over
      fallen over

      Freeze water in/with a vacuum chamber, how long does it take (not in a freezer, tho also do it in a freezer to see if any of the cold can transfer to whatever you put in the chamber)

  • CT-4274

    I saw somebody say they saw ZERO condensation on the mirror and I just wonder if they know what condensation is or if they were even looking.

  • Joseph Hession
    Joseph Hession

    Covid has a 99.9 percent recovery rate

  • Joseph Hession
    Joseph Hession

    And the sides it is poring out

  • Robert Hartley
    Robert Hartley

    OK FIRST OFF germs are microscopic! Your breath has microscopic particles. I have been using masks for years. My first experience was painting with black spray paint. and the microscopic particles of black paint. Were all around my mouth.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues

    The condesation is becausw of hot air from ur mouth and water that are already in the air atmosphere.. when u take a cold bottle from fridge it sweats.. but yeah wear masks adults.. for some reason kids dont need to wear them..

    • Pedro Rodrigues
      Pedro Rodrigues

      @Aquatic just saying that the mirror steam is not the best example

    • Aquatic

      oh yeah? And your mouth is wet because of all the water in the atmosphere coming into it too?

  • Brad Borrelli
    Brad Borrelli


  • KernalZikitiki

    Make the particles the size of the Covid ones and try again, that way we know for sure.

  • Eric Davies
    Eric Davies

    If your vacuum pump can get down to 2Pa (ideally 1Pa), it would be interesting to see if you could make a Crookes Radiometer.

  • Steve Hewitt
    Steve Hewitt

    One of the worst KoR posts I’ve ever seen. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Wulf
    Chris Wulf

    Hi get with time it 2021 not 2020, half of smart people know wear a mask now and we’re was this video in your 2020 video line up when the virus was on tv and the news. Matt pat made video about mask in 2020 he knew it was that info needed be put out

  • Jay_ofall _Trades
    Jay_ofall _Trades

    I fog up my glasses everytime I wear a mask

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    notice how none of them are wearing masks but the telling us to wear a mask

  • S. T.
    S. T.

    Cool. Now you only have to prove that there is a virus and that it is killing more than any other year to the tortured and financially destroyed population before you open your mouth to support the zionist-communist NWO tiranny.

  • Huthayfah Cheema
    Huthayfah Cheema

    I thought CDC said that Aympotomatics don't actually carry the virus...oh wait, they took that post off there website. -_-

  • Claire McNichol
    Claire McNichol


  • DoughyInTheMiddle

    What's the pressure differential behind a regular resting / speaking breath vs a compression from a spray bottle? Not a cough or a sneeze -- which we've been teaching kindergartners to cover for decades -- but just standard breaths.

  • Michael Hayes
    Michael Hayes

    Thanks for sharing! I wish more people really understood this simple method to help keep more people from getting sick. I also really liked that you talked about people who don't feel sick. Sad that more people don't care more about health generally. Thanks a million and more!

  • FeverDream

    Blame China

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      No one is to blame for anything. Its a mutation of the Sars virus. Mutation is something that occurs naturally. It was proven right in the beginning that this was not created by anyone.

  • Patrik the shitpost man
    Patrik the shitpost man

    What about a mask that was used a bit

  • Kathleen Anlage
    Kathleen Anlage

    Ok already. We get the point. Droplets. Quit the inane conversation and move on to the experiment.

  • Sivart Nildem
    Sivart Nildem

    Grace looks really youthful until that camera gets up close and reveals all those eye wrinkles. Shes still gorgeous though.

  • Jelleybean18

    This was excellent, thank you!


    can you maybe do this again but with different kinds of masks? example: the masks you had but different brands, homemade masks of different materials etc. etc.

  • Doc Reaper
    Doc Reaper

    So we should always wear a mask, forever

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster

      I KNOW RIGHT... no

  • Ozzdin Graham
    Ozzdin Graham

    Is it just me or is this video blocked on district/school computers? Because this is the only video by them that is blocked for me.

  • fallen over
    fallen over

    what about the they spray that comes out around your cheeks and sides of your nose under your eyes where none of the masks seal properly, doesnt matter if your wearing a mask, some of the spray will still get out, just on a different trajectory, though most of it should be stopped

  • Trenton Nobles
    Trenton Nobles

    I was even at one of the largest colleges in the US, minimally wearing a mask and never got the virus.

    • Celia Pie
      Celia Pie

      Yeah it doesnt protect you as much as it protects others.

  • Trenton Nobles
    Trenton Nobles

    Grace's family wore masks and didn't get sick. My family didn't where masks, and didn't get sick.

    • Trenton Nobles
      Trenton Nobles

      @Metal Puppet I don't really believe in luck. I think it's harder to catch than it is being made out to be.

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      Masks have been proven to slow down the spread by over were lucky

    • Trenton Nobles
      Trenton Nobles


  • Jonathan Adams
    Jonathan Adams

    The condensation on the mirror is from the moisture in the cooler air meets the warm air from lungs,that's how fog is created, talk on the mirror in a hot room and see how much condensation collects on the mirror.

  • SimplyEmily94

    This is the worst video I've seen from you yet, not only because it's biased BS, but because there's nothing scientific or useful about this. It's literally just you saying, "look, masks work," even though they don't actually do much to prevent the spread of viruses, even according to the CDC and WHO. I'm disappointed.

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      There are multiple studies showing that they do in fact work. They are not stopping the spread single handedly. However that is not the point. They are proven to reduce the spread by over 40%. We wont completely get rid of Covid. But we have to lower the numbers so hospital cases go down. And masks have been proven to help doing that

  • tvtime1

    GRACE UP CLOSE and personal O.O

  • misskarahlouise

    This is an easy experiment to show my more reluctant family members the importance of using masks, thanks.

  • Mung Bean
    Mung Bean

    To truly protect yourself from the virus, you need to quarantine for the rest of your life.

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      @Mung Bean prove it then! You cant can you? Situations like the one in Italy were and are VERY real. Every health care worker will confirm that because its the truth. Those people are working under inhuman circumstances and you are not just not giving a f about that but you are also putting your loved ones in danger. I'm purposely not talking about yourself. If you dont care about getting it then that is fine with me but you KNOW that there is scientific proof that you can pass it on even if you're asymptomatic. You do not know you have it and you're still highly contagious. Thats how situations like in Italy came together.

    • Mung Bean
      Mung Bean

      @Metal Puppet people like you are easily told what to think. They will tell you what propoganda to believe and you will obey. This hoax is easily disproven, but you can't see.

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      @Mung Bean this is far from a hoax. Its not about stopping it. Yes that is impossible. But thats not the point of masks. The point of masks is to SLOW DOWN the spread so health care systems can catch a break. The pressure this thing puts on all our health care systems is insane and nowhere near compareable with the flu

    • Mung Bean
      Mung Bean

      @The Happy Oyster no one sees just how ridiculous this whole hoax is. People are so easily controlled.

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster

      Yes your right, and no one I mean NO ONE is going to do that, so why can’t we all just take chill pills. Thank you.

  • Nicholas Waitword
    Nicholas Waitword

    Anyone else think grace looks a bit jaundiced?

    • Billy Shapiro
      Billy Shapiro

      It's just the way we do our color correction.

  • Regan Kaluza
    Regan Kaluza

    I saw a super cool Slow Mo Guys video similar to this and it was INSANE how the particles spread just talking.

  • LestatTVPickle

    The problem isn't whether masks work or not anymore, the problem is how selfish others can be and taking that extra time to put on a mask, or wash their hands.

    • LestatTVPickle

      @The Happy Oyster that's the problem, "I" it needs to be, if WE all wear masks WE'LL be fine, until then, this will be a years issue not year.

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster


  • Dunk Young
    Dunk Young

    This is far easier to demonstrate outdoors in a cold climate. Or maybe just go into a walk-in freezer.

  • Nberente5

    Maybe take a carbon dioxide reading inside the mask also. Not to mention, being a prescription eye glass wearer, the “air” typically exits the top of the mask so showing it there instead of the front would be a more apt measurement. Just my .02 but you probably won’t read this or will disregard it, in an attempt to keep the facade rolling. So maybe I’ll keep the change. 😬

  • Rubin Pireva
    Rubin Pireva


  • Sun Moose Productions
    Sun Moose Productions

    Amazing video Great way to show how important it is to wear a mask

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster

      Me my mom and my brother have NEVER EVER Worn a mask, but my dad has to were one every day at work and guess what.. he is the only one who gotten COVED. That should tell you something. Masks don’t do what you think they do.

  • nursefuzzywuzzy

    Masks work when people wear them correctly, but I see so many people with their nose out or the mask not sealed around their face, or they pull the mask down to sniff something or read something if they are wearing glasses. It's an ineffective mode of protection.

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      @The Happy Oyster they do work. Its proven that they slow down the spread by 40%

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster

      I would just have to say they don’t work at all, and that they are a complete wast of time

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon Hunter


  • D.


  • Brooke Robbins
    Brooke Robbins

    eating dumplings i made right now

  • Tired of All this
    Tired of All this

    Just put a pair of glasses on. You’ll see the water droplets and see how they are deflected from an outward trajectory to a trajectory along the surface of your face along the masks edge. Air, and thus water droplets, will always escape the mask but the distance and amount of water will be greatly affected.

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    No one cared bout where Kennen was til I started askin where he was on every video😒

  • morrick

    The weather girl doesn't know about "dewpoint and relative humidity"? The mirror experiment was not representative of respiratory droplets.

  • Jaime Parr
    Jaime Parr

    Grace: in the mean time I found a mask and I found... A Nate Nate: hello Me: LMAO

  • June Raccoon
    June Raccoon

    All the dislikes are from the Karen army

  • I A
    I A

    Can you do testing different water proof phones

  • Charles H
    Charles H

    Hey TKOR may i plz share this particular video on Facebook & insagram ? Ty this video " hopefully " will teach the non believers a lesson.

  • colin

    Put a mask on a mannequin head with tubes to the nose or mouth then spray the dyed water WITH AND AIR STREAM. see how much goes around the mask.

  • colin

    Everyone that wears glasses knows your breath goes up and out not through. While there could be a little benefit at times because a lot condenses on your glasses. but most will still go up and into the air. Plus you cannot see and likely to walk into something.

  • Owen And Ellory do stuff
    Owen And Ellory do stuff

    To be honest I don’t care what science tells me I’m not wearing a mask for 2 reasons 1 my dad wore a mask and was working with sheet rock which is millions of times bigger and 2 on the box it says doesn’t work against viruses

  • evilvet

    oh no, she moved there. ugh. the b-team isn't leaving. 😢😢😢😢

  • brian hale
    brian hale

    Great now put one on and show an infrared camera on and watch what happens

  • I'm a simple man
    I'm a simple man

    This is just ridiculous

  • Maanhaar Jackal
    Maanhaar Jackal

    Paper masks do nothing to block incoming particles, that's why N95 masks are so effective, they DO block incoming.

  • Aaron Knudson
    Aaron Knudson

    That was probably one of the worst actual experiments I’ve ever seen them do.

  • a51mj12


  • Michael The Atheist
    Michael The Atheist

    Does Tonic water and corn starch make glowing Non-newtonian fluid?

  • Brandon DPersonal
    Brandon DPersonal

    I noticed you didn't do this experiment with cloth masks or gators. Of course youtube would flag that with misinformation no matter how true the results were. But it would be nice to see.

  • Riley N
    Riley N

    If you had glasses on you would see condensation still getting into the air sorta making masks useless

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster

      Thank you. Your right

  • Rob B.
    Rob B.

    During this entire experiment... NO ONE is wearing a mask?! Brilliant!

  • Chris Stratton
    Chris Stratton

    I mean does anyone not recognize the tape on the mirror

  • Chris Stratton
    Chris Stratton

    Masks are still useless

    • Chris Stratton
      Chris Stratton

      Science is false and a lie a lot of times , you can’t believe everything you hear especially when it comes to science

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      They are clearly not. They do slow down the spread of Covid by 40%. That is scientifically proven

  • Elaina VanValkinburg
    Elaina VanValkinburg

    Masks don’t totally erase the chance of infection spreading. Masks are great, but they are just one part of many things we have to do.

  • crash override
    crash override

    the temperature of the glass can change the results of the experiment

  • MarkieMAN64

    Great demonstration. Well done, team!

    • The Happy Oyster
      The Happy Oyster


  • kimberleygrace

    Phew I was wondering where he was.

  • Mike Syck
    Mike Syck

    She should have said the same thing with the mask as she did without it

  • Shananay Siar
    Shananay Siar

    do all type of masks

  • Leonie Tame
    Leonie Tame

    You had to do this experiment

  • TheRain3121978

    Try all types of masks with the highlighter and tonic water mixture. Just to see how each one compares to the other ones.

  • vivi the angry pink pony
    vivi the angry pink pony

    You should do one about the importance of changing/cleaning your .ask e ery so often too

  • Ejob

    This was more difficult to know than rocket science! Vids are trash😂

  • Ejob

    Annoying background music

  • Matthew Ripley
    Matthew Ripley

    Ca you also do a co2 test to see what the levels are. Several other videos say it gets to dangerous levels, enough to cause brain damage, especially during strenuous activities. Is this also true?

    • Metal Puppet
      Metal Puppet

      Absolutely not. There are scientific studies that show that neither CO2 intake is too high nor O2 intake is too low.

  • Kata Butlin
    Kata Butlin

    try putting random liquids in a deep fryer

  • Mason DOYLE
    Mason DOYLE

    Can you make a tie dye shirt with highlighter markers?

  • Don Hunt
    Don Hunt

    If someone farts in a room and you're wearing a mask can you smell it?

  • Rachel Falder
    Rachel Falder

    would have liked to see a third test with a fabric mask tbh

  • Yellow Bananas
    Yellow Bananas

    you should make a giant juice box

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom

    The poor explanation of condensation, and improper use of term "droplets" makes the information almost null...would expect more from someone about to get a degree in meteorology. No mention of absolute, relative or specific humidity. No mention of water vapor being a gaseous state of water. No mention of particle size vs. filtering capability. No mention of how your lungs exchange water vapor into the exhaled air. Just people screwing around with spray bottles. Kind of like forcing a square peg in a round hole.

  • okhmgm88

    isn't a tiny house for grace just a normal house

  • T stands for Toodle
    T stands for Toodle

    She looks like my math teacher if my math teacher actually enjoyed life.

  • USMC

    I love science

  • Daniel Sol
    Daniel Sol

    Please limit the germs. Maintain a defensive layer by not plucking nose hairs.

  • Ogkush 253
    Ogkush 253

    Thank you tkor for making this now all the idiots in our country will see that masks do work and to wear them because they make all type of excuse like for example why governor *blank* said they need to its optional . I wear my masks everywhere I go for 1. Because I don't want people getting me sick corona or not dont want any sickness .

  • Superdog 111
    Superdog 111

    I miss when it was only the two guys

  • Gerardo21 Ortiz
    Gerardo21 Ortiz

    0:74 I get 185 daily as a result of *f u n d a i l y p a y*

  • Manuel Orellana
    Manuel Orellana

    It looks like TKOR also suffers with the stickers thing, they always leave something sticky behind and it looks ugly :(

  • Brian B.
    Brian B.


  • kimberly markey
    kimberly markey

    Putting on a mask and putting four on your face

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan

    8:34 Cough/sneeze into your elbow! Wash your hands!!!

  • Amber G
    Amber G

    YES! Thank you for this video!

  • Radical Disciple
    Radical Disciple

    Are cloth masks just redirecting air flow? Can a cloth mask become a transmission source? How long does a virus stay in the air if the mask doesn’t capture it?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    0:83 I get 163 every day with the aid of *f u n d a i l y p a y*

  • Radical Disciple
    Radical Disciple

    Next experiment should be about how long a virus can stay surfaces and clothing. Also an experiment on how long a virus can remain airborne.

Thank you, Grant.
10 milj.