Can You Swing From a Candy Rope?
In today's video, we are testing the strength of candy rope by braiding the ropes together and seeing if they can hold up a human. Will the candy rope break or hold up?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What do you want to see done with candy??

    • happy days
      happy days

      @StraightFlyer22 great idea

    • StraightFlyer22

      Can a licorice rope tow nates car??? Like you did with the sticky notes.

    • Kyle Clark
      Kyle Clark

      Honestly, if you hadn't used such thin hooks, you probably would have been able to hold the weight without breaking the strands so easily. I suggest trying again but wrapping the strands around a drum first before to minimize shearing forces. Something as thick as a water bottle but rigid.

    • happy days
      happy days

      try deep frying candy

    • Dylan Thieblemont
      Dylan Thieblemont

      Can you pull a car with candy rope

  • Jelleybean18

    What did Nate do with the candy at the beginning?

  • Mathew Stewart
    Mathew Stewart

    I noticed all the “rope” was braided/knotted together. What if you made rope the proper way by twisting 3 strands together, taking 3 of those and twisting them the opposite way, taking 3 of the even thicker strands and twisting them the opposite way (cont. to desired thickness)? Wouldn’t that be stronger?

  • Caroline Phelps
    Caroline Phelps

    I haven't seen the shoe video and have been laughing at the possibilities for the last 10min🤣🤣🤣

  • The Jam Squad
    The Jam Squad

    Cali ate half of the candy rooes nate you should not let here near suger

  • Gage Erwin
    Gage Erwin

    Where was the licorice bouggt

  • Emma

    Nobody: Me: *Eating licorice while we do it.

  • Han

    What Happend to cali she Looks different

  • Christy Soogrim
    Christy Soogrim

    put a iorn jelly beans and a snowglobe in a microwave

  • supenskylesko

    You might try padding the hooks with Silly Putty or similar so that the metal doesn't cut into the candy as you pull down on it with your weight. 🙂

  • Gaming with blue
    Gaming with blue

    Someone else did thos

  • Erick Gouw
    Erick Gouw

    Dry it first lols And make it become Plastic ROPE

  • Caitlin S
    Caitlin S

    Oh Nate that's hunted so much like a dad thing to say "your dad's a dentist Callie Don't do these things" lol

  • jane smart
    jane smart

    You should've coated them with cornstarch

  • ddawg music
    ddawg music

    at first I thought that was salmon

  • ddawg music
    ddawg music

    help me with ddawg music guys your all great

  • GLaDOS

    i love those candy :(

  • Hal O'Ween
    Hal O'Ween

    Does anyone else pronounce it "lickwish"?

  • Kabir Singh
    Kabir Singh

    Crew: “grace why aren’t you wearing any shoes” Grace: sorry I left them on the ceiling

  • TheEarlyGamer

    I will never understand why this form of candy is called liquorice... it's not liquorice. I know WHY it has become a thing, but I refuse to aknowledge it.

  • Jonathan Meynell
    Jonathan Meynell

    Instead off counting them weight 1 then do the maths ang weigh how many you need

  • Willow Churchman
    Willow Churchman

    I think you should try andake actuall

  • Richard Todd
    Richard Todd

    They've found another thing that licorice is useless for besides eating. NEXT WEEK on The King of Random: How far can we go in an electric car... that has to be plugged in?

  • Charley Frank
    Charley Frank

    How do you guys have the pationts to count to 100

  • Big Peinguin
    Big Peinguin

    A person already did this lol

  • PrincessSixThirteen

    We recognize that seal! Lassos!

  • AnAsianBoi

    Video suggestion: do something random

  • Son son the goddess of confusion
    Son son the goddess of confusion

    Spider-man spider-man, does whatever a spider can, can he swing from a thread, listen bud look ahead, look out here comes the spider-man.

  • Nirva Patel
    Nirva Patel

    Willy wonka’s dad was a dentist ,and we all know what happened there 😏😏😏

  • Court West
    Court West

    That was a nice throw by cally Sorry if I said your name wrong

  • swag levi
    swag levi

    well i mean if you were stranded on candied island and all you could make is rope made of candy There you go

  • Beastmodex287

    She looks like my mom, but instead of red hair she has brown

  • Maanhaar Jackal
    Maanhaar Jackal

    GIANT BLACK (molasses-based) LICORICE STICK!

  • Maanhaar Jackal
    Maanhaar Jackal


  • Velocer98

    Did you guys see this idea from Louis Weisz?

  • thiane say
    thiane say

    Yummy & fun 🤣

  • Phrost Byte
    Phrost Byte

    What about Grants rope making machine?

  • High volitege channel HVC
    High volitege channel HVC

    TKOC The King Of Candy

  • Jennifer Wallace
    Jennifer Wallace

    Didnt you guys make a mechanism for making rope a long time ago? I cant remember exactly what you turned into rope, soda bottles maybe.

  • Joaquin Cotto
    Joaquin Cotto

    Make a guitar

  • Faith joy
    Faith joy

    Science is my favorite subject

  • Faith joy
    Faith joy

    I learned so much stuff from him😌

  • Lisa Bartleson
    Lisa Bartleson

    Maybe try putting corn starch or something similar on the liquorice to absorb the oils.

  • The Hammers
    The Hammers

    Next time freeze the liquerish the way you want it

  • What If? Animation
    What If? Animation

    Cali: If each hold 2 lbs then we need 80 to hold me. She revealed he weight to everyone, granted they want to do the math

    • Zara Stanio
      Zara Stanio

      160 lb

  • Meaghan Crandell
    Meaghan Crandell


  • Fathomistic Fantasy
    Fathomistic Fantasy

    3:10 Hurry Piglet create knots! Piglet - I cannot knot. You can knot? Piglet - No I cannot knot. Poo - Whose there? Poo!!!!!! ?????????

  • Dull Skulz_GhastCult
    Dull Skulz_GhastCult

    This was already done.

  • Sarah Bradstreet
    Sarah Bradstreet

    What if, after counting out all the necessary strands, they just coated them with a bit of confectioners sugar to make them less slimey? The strength of the licorice seems really sound but they are just so slippery. They could probably make some rope if it was dusted.


    At 1:17 cali is very funny 😄

  • fasfan

    Can you cover them in corn starch to get rid of the oily coating?

  • David Englund
    David Englund

    how strong a rope can you make with fairy floss?

  • Destin Martinez
    Destin Martinez


  • rh67camaro

    I really think her and Nate are a thing and going to have a kid within 3 years... they don't show it much but I would really love to see them together!

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    With how stretchy it is could you make a bow and arrow?

  • Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen

    How much rope candy will it take to tow a car?

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    She preggo?

  • Geoshf Schneider
    Geoshf Schneider

    Can you make a Hammockout of candy rope please!

  • Double Dare Fan
    Double Dare Fan

    8:10 Lesson learned: Do not wear church pants when playing jumprope.

  • Double Dare Fan
    Double Dare Fan

    Save all the candy that you test (store in a large container filled with Argon), when you have enough, dissolve it and fill the hot tub.

  • Glen

    Cali’s the best ‘ always does exactly what I would do ‘ big kid syndrome ‘ I’m 45 and love this show ‘

  • Impausible

    When your broke...

  • K. M.
    K. M.

    Looks like Cali has put on a few pounds lately. :'

  • 8Flux8

    Nate looks almost as annoyed by Cali as I am.

  • Ruby Deng
    Ruby Deng

    It’s jacobs ladder not a bridge

  • Joel Ratcliff
    Joel Ratcliff

    Put citric acid in a cotton candy machine plz

  • Melanie Miller
    Melanie Miller

    Trie making a rop awt of a rop

  • Professor WayneJ
    Professor WayneJ

    cali looks like she put a few pounds on but its ok. (not to be rude)

  • Wolf 2.0
    Wolf 2.0

    Try making a guitar with them!

  • Bobby Retrac
    Bobby Retrac

    Yom. Quote nate 2021

  • Bryar Chaney
    Bryar Chaney

    See if you can stick upside down by using melted joy Ranchers

  • Maximum Effort
    Maximum Effort

    Louis Weisz did this and it worked

  • aarron grigg
    aarron grigg

    Could’ve covered them in corn flour

  • Harper the Pixel Master
    Harper the Pixel Master

    POV you liked this comment but you don’t know why

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora

    Grace discovered the power of the licorice whip.

  • Jessica Wood
    Jessica Wood

    I love this video! Whenever a Nate n Calli video like this goes up, where it looks like just a lot of fun, I hope that they're as Best Friends in real life as they seem on TKoR

  • Faris Alsaleh
    Faris Alsaleh

    It’s not just me and no offense but Cali gained some weight right?

  • Ashley Curzon
    Ashley Curzon

    8:21 this is why you don't wear ripped jeans

  • Luther S
    Luther S

    "Nate eats everything" true if he's holding on for dear life he'll eat the rope

  • Nintendisease

    I really want to know what will happen if you keep a hair dryer on for a long time.

  • Quinton Veddler
    Quinton Veddler

    You guys should make rope with your drill that you made and see how much you can hold

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin

    make a giant licorice strand that's roughly the size of the large candy cane

  • Drew

    Can anyone tell me what happened to Calli? She looks SO DIFFERENT.

    • Chris Midyette
      Chris Midyette

      She's most likely preggers

  • Raw Riding
    Raw Riding

    How many candy canes does it tak to hold a person

  • Scott Galloway
    Scott Galloway

    Use powdered sugar (or talcum powder) to make the candy rope less slippery, THEN braid into a rope and pull a car with it.

  • HotRod 35
    HotRod 35

    Haha the intro

  • cheezy St3v3
    cheezy St3v3


  • G Musgrove
    G Musgrove

    Hi Kelli are you having a baby? If so please be careful.

  • cheezy St3v3
    cheezy St3v3

    Can you make a monkeys fist with those and a jaw breaker/gob stoper and maybe gloves

  • Racketier

    Can you make popcorn from sweet corn kernels?

  • Ashton McDonald
    Ashton McDonald

    Can you try to see what happens when you put molten metal on dry ice and liquid nitrogen

  • Mad and Ky
    Mad and Ky

    y’all should do a q and a

  • Leon J v Rensburg
    Leon J v Rensburg

    They have crazy and awesome ideas but do it in a professional way🔥

  • Chris Goodrich
    Chris Goodrich

    I have noticed cali hasn't wanted to burn anything in a wile and is being more careful ?

  • James Humble
    James Humble

    Tip : don’t have hooks on your roof

  • 1tzyakingnub

    Me: buys as much as they did Also me: ten minutes later i feel sick from eating five whole containers of it lol

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan

    By placing that much licorice on a hook, how close are you to making taffy?

  • Dominik Wurszt
    Dominik Wurszt

    You guys should try what happen if you burn a candle more than the recommended time

  • Drogoclaw Gaming
    Drogoclaw Gaming

    Just look at that poor ceiling it’s has gotten so much abuse. after they move the retailer: yeah LV-homers used to live here and had a lot of holes drilled into the ceiling.😂

  • Tim Chayka
    Tim Chayka

    does the mass of dough change when yest is added?