It's CRAZY What You Can Cook In A Toaster!
Today we are going to use a toaster completely wrong. We are going to try cooking a grilled cheese, a pizza, chicken tenders, and even a steak.
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What else should we cook inside a toaster??

    • F1reDemon


    • Misty Rose
      Misty Rose

      Raw Chicken breast or random pieces of meat, popcorn, or try to make cookies on top?

    • Nodnarb's Alt 3
      Nodnarb's Alt 3

      @K-Vizonz! The bag would have to be able to survive at LEAST 1000 degrees

    • Roger Fincher
      Roger Fincher

      @K-Vizonz! yeah pop corn!

    • Summer Lembo
      Summer Lembo

      @karmakazi219 LMFAO

  • CB501 B
    CB501 B

    When cooking pizza in a brick oven, the temperature is usually around 1400+ F* or 700+ C*

  • Not again-animation
    Not again-animation

    I am 14 I’m about to be in my first year of high school..l can confirm.....I’ve done these many times due to the oven breaking 😂

  • Not again-animation
    Not again-animation

    Oh no....not the pioneer women 😧

  • Steve V
    Steve V

    Try using Toastabags to keep machine clean and toast it in the machine in the normal upright position. Toaster used on its side can catch fire, complete with flames.

  • Mich ael
    Mich ael

    with all those toasters, you could test if putting a toaster in the bath would actually electrocute someone or if it's a myth.

  • Space _girl
    Space _girl

    7:37 *cassually jumps with knife*

  • Mashed Potato
    Mashed Potato

    Why does your hair look like youve been looking after small children for a whole week

  • Dallin Stephens
    Dallin Stephens

    You made the Sandwich wrong. Look more closely at the Sandwich video you used as reference.

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    I honestly love grilled cheese sandwiches burnt and would eat that

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly


  • Kyle O
    Kyle O

    You guys should try stuff with a coffee maker. What happens if you put brewed coffee in the reservoir and brew more coffee with it? What about using soda? Can you cook rice in the basket? Can you cook steak on the carafe warming plate?

  • sami almaru
    sami almaru


  • Smoky & Viking
    Smoky & Viking

    Turn a toaster on underneath water see if it does anything

  • Twisted Chrissy
    Twisted Chrissy

    This is so wrong in so many levels, do not try this. Pork has to be thoroughly cooked. This could cause a fire from the grease , but not only that people could really get sick. Bacteria. Contaminated food. Tosters are not ment to be use like pans . You can't take a toster apart to clean. So if you need it for toast and proper use all the things you cooked with meat will make you sick. That is a Bacteria magnet 🧲 right there.

  • Sunshine_9

    7:36 Caly is imposter

  • Karen Cubitt
    Karen Cubitt


  • linc c
    linc c

    Surprisingly fun

  • Kylah C
    Kylah C

    Bacon in a sideways toaster ?

  • Chase McDonald
    Chase McDonald

    0:11-0:18 oh no

  • DaZe deadly
    DaZe deadly

    Kinda bummed she didn’t call them chicken fingies

  • Moosecop32

    First of all......what kind of psycho only uses one slice of cheese in a grilled cheese?! 😂🤣

  • Lillie Allen
    Lillie Allen

    Is callie prego?

  • The_ Fallen_Phenex
    The_ Fallen_Phenex

    Am I the only one that finds it absolutely adorable when Callie gets excited??

  • Rocket man
    Rocket man

    1:14 that’s what he said 1:30 😂

  • vrykolakas 9
    vrykolakas 9

    Cook something with a heat gun

  • Syafiqah Afandi
    Syafiqah Afandi

    How did you guys actually clean the toaster???

  • Jilliann_Catcher12 Softball
    Jilliann_Catcher12 Softball

    I love her hair ❤️❤️

  • William Reffett
    William Reffett

    Lol I want to see you clean and reuse that toaster that you cook the steak with

  • P. Tsonchev
    P. Tsonchev

    "Oh that's so cute, I'm gonna destroy it"

  • c0at hanGer
    c0at hanGer

    Can you try melting lead in a toaster

  • VoltisArt

    Cook a toaster in a vacuum chamber: Without air convection pulling heat away, will a toaster element burn itself out on a normal power cycle?

  • Fallen Galctic
    Fallen Galctic

    Who else put it into 1080p to hear it better

    • Dakota Thompson
      Dakota Thompson

      LV-home automatically has it set as 1080p

  • Styxx

    Hmm what metals can you melt with an instapot?

  • djpaul146

    I tried cheese and toast in mine and it went pop and started sparkling lol

  • Sccobs Mama
    Sccobs Mama

    *Has two toasters in kitchen* Friend: bruh why do you have a second toaster? Me: steak toaster Friend: what??? Me: STEAK... TOASTER Friend: *whispers* 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘬 𝘵𝘰𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳??

  • Jon Bonda
    Jon Bonda

    Can the toaster be cooking upside? Might need an improvised utensil to keep the steak upright so that it would drip down. Maybe try cooking Kebabs.

  • Snakelandlevel11

    Why On Earth Did I Try Making The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Even After Seeing How Cali's Turned Out...

  • Cordelia

    Wow! That is the weirdest but yet smartest thing I've ever seen someone do! Cook a freaking steak in a toaster! Mind blown! 🤯

  • Dominic Gragnano
    Dominic Gragnano

    Calli is putting on some weight woah

  • Joshua Uriarte
    Joshua Uriarte

    How to tell Calli is evil. The cutre the item the more she wants to destroy it. RIP to cuteness.

  • Scared Of Ghosts
    Scared Of Ghosts

    Aw is she preggo?..congragulations

  • Ossie White
    Ossie White

    Callie is lei

  • riuphane

    "I can't be the first... I'm not crazy" I feel like those things are far less mutually exclusive than she thinks...

  • rapBk13mc El Intérprete
    rapBk13mc El Intérprete


  • Rick Therrien
    Rick Therrien

    Actually I tried that and my toaster caught on fire!! 🔥 lol

  • Joesph Haycock
    Joesph Haycock

    Can you use body wash and shampoo in a washing machine???

  • John Kean
    John Kean

    There are: "TOAST POCKETS" little envelopes to cook / grill cheese in a toaster

  • John Kean
    John Kean

    They should spesh DESIGN food so it fits in a toaster TOASTER STEAK TOASTER CHICKED etc

  • rdr2 pro
    rdr2 pro

    She ate raw steak

  • prime wing
    prime wing

    What happens when you try to use an oven as a furnace, what can you use it for.

  • Wolf Thorn
    Wolf Thorn

    Cali, alone with a blow torch, various food items, and a shirt that doesn't go all the way up to her chin. 1 million views guaranteed.

  • VikingSurvived

    Try boneless skinless chicken breast?

  • KamoGaming [ かも]
    KamoGaming [ かも]

    Everytime I've tried the 90 degree toaster hack smoke starts coming from behind... I'll take that as a no I can't do this

  • Marvel Forever
    Marvel Forever

    Nate should leave her alone in the studio more often 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kayden Warner
    Kayden Warner

    can you cook meat on a fly zapper like in grown ups???

  • Rowan Markovich
    Rowan Markovich

    7:37 jumps and and down with a knife

  • Gambit Arkana
    Gambit Arkana

    I used to cook breaded chicken patties in the toaster. Also, maybe you have the settings too high, thats why youre burning everything.

  • Yurem MM
    Yurem MM

    Microwave a toaster that's toasting a weather bottle

  • Claudiu

    maybe it would work better if you can decrease the power, but increase the time some tosters have that option

  • shayray800

    Every mom in the world: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?

  • King of Phantoms
    King of Phantoms

    Can you cook/boil rice? Also you forgot to oil the pan for the steak

  • Richard Iceman
    Richard Iceman

    Calli needs a baby put in her.

  • Eloise Brandi
    Eloise Brandi

    Love Calli in the videos

  • Ruma Ray
    Ruma Ray

    Who came here after seeing the community post??

  • greymatter1999

    I’ve made hotdogs in a toaster.

  • The Lost Orchid
    The Lost Orchid

    Every time these people cook steak I’m like *keep cooking it. It is not done!*

  • Idiot Test
    Idiot Test

    Pizza work in a bagel toaster sideways it is a little larger and it works with grilled cheese also

  • Jaime Parr
    Jaime Parr

    Omg the beginning I can't. LMAO 😂😂😂

  • mindsurfer101101

    Cooks sandwich for way too long...........well, that doesn't work.....

  • Ben Starbuck
    Ben Starbuck

    I notice that the nice looking one wasn't featured very much. Possibly, it was an excuse to buy a nice looking toaster? We are ONTO YOU CALLIE! You can't fool us! Also, as a piece of advice for the grilled cheese. I would suggest flattening the bread and then inserting it into the toaster. Also, pinch all the sides so that the cheese can't escape when it becomes gooey. Trust me on this, you'll thank me later. Also... I think we need to see other kinds of chicken nuggets because those were some mighty big pieces of chicken you put in there. What about the dino nuggies?

  • Egactly

    She's putting on some major weight or is it just me

    • yung saucy
      yung saucy

      i see it aswell

  • Andrew Hawes
    Andrew Hawes

    Aren't you supposed to put alumi foil around the grilled cheese?

  • Parker Kaufman
    Parker Kaufman

    You could try cooking hotdogs in a toaster.

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G

    Modify them and see how high you can launch toast. Breakfast almost in bed, with 2nd story window delivery?

  • BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa
    BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa

    Make a mini oven by putting the three toasters in a glass box and a tray above it

  • BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa
    BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa

    Try cooking soup in a toaster, if that is even possible

  • BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa
    BlackBear Electronics With Cocoa

    You should make a four course dinner using the toasters

  • Tim Lempicki
    Tim Lempicki

    You can't measure the temperature of the coils and say thats how hot the toaster is getting. That's like saying your grill is 1000 degrees or whatever because you took the temperature of the flame. Also why would you think heating just the bottom of a frozen pizza would cook it lol.

  • Staniel Ramirez
    Staniel Ramirez

    “why is it that the cuter it is the more I want to destroy it” -Calli2021

  • tamooz br
    tamooz br

    You did the grilled cheese sandwich completely wrong. You put a single slice of bread with cheesee on it in the bottom slot and the second slice is in the top slot

  • Esteban Cruz
    Esteban Cruz

    pretty sure that the toaster that cooked the stake is worth over $100 so might as well buy an electrical pan..... just saying i doubt a cheap toaster can reach 900f

  • We_need_2talk -
    We_need_2talk -

    Nate rn watching calli eat steak 👁👄👁

  • Este guey dijo....
    Este guey dijo....

    How does the toaster knows that the steak is ready, those are details that Nate would have brought up in the video.

  • Jordanm Jensen
    Jordanm Jensen

    Omg callie was so happy

  • Nathan Barker
    Nathan Barker

    I love to cook chicken patties in the toaster! I get so much grief for it too but idc!

  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn

    What can you cook in a clothes dryer ? Or a dishwasher ?

  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn

    You can use an upside down iron if you wedged it between two cinder blocks. You obviously need that staple of college students , the cinder block shelving unit.

  • RedStrone 228
    RedStrone 228

    shw calledthe chicken tenders chicken nuggets and chicken wings but it says chicken tenders on the package lolololo

  • L V
    L V

    This is why conventional ovens exist

  • zmogod

    try a hot pocket

  • Juan Villa
    Juan Villa

    Well you let yourself go didn’t you

  • NoOneLooksAtThisAnyways

    *Nate's not here. He can't tell me NO*

  • Jaida Smatt
    Jaida Smatt

    Why was calli left alone with a bunch of toasters

  • Davell Martinez
    Davell Martinez


  • Sheen

    i love Calli !

  • virginia travis
    virginia travis

    Use butter on grilled cheese

  • TJesterTV

    Now imagine all the kids trying this at home. This video may have been a bad idea.

  • Leonardo Donati
    Leonardo Donati

    7:38 Cali: jumping with a knife All the moms out there: Ok kids we DONT JUMP WITH KNIFES Kids: Ok WE WILL ROLLLLLLLL

  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers

    Did she get thicker

    • GamingBrossef

      Yeah she looks like she got slightly overweight