Which Hairspray Makes the Best Flamethrower?
Today we test the flammability of various hairsprays and open them up to see what liquid is inside. What makes this liquid flammable? Will it still light on fire if frozen?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    How else should we experiment with hairspray?

    • a Hopper
      a Hopper

      put hair spray in a chocolate fountain

    • Duck Hut
      Duck Hut

      You should put a can of hairspray in a deep fryer

    • Mason Rhoades
      Mason Rhoades

      Spray it on a plate then lite it.

    • Becky Hodgson
      Becky Hodgson

      Try and use it as glue and stab the can underwater

    • Kelly Boys
      Kelly Boys

      Drink it

  • Fast Pack
    Fast Pack

    I like to do that with those pressurized air cans meant to clean computers

  • HorRizal

    When she was talking about hairspray he looked so disappointed with his life 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elise Thiel
    Elise Thiel

    Funny enough.. as an actual Aussie... I have NEVER heard of the Aussie brand and have never seen it for sale in Australia... WTF?

  • Naomi H
    Naomi H

    I would love to see how well the liquid hairspray holds hair in place if you dunk your hair straight into the liquid.

  • Cameron

    see if they make other things like cardboard and cotton more flammable

  • Jeremiah Ducate
    Jeremiah Ducate

    You could have punctured the cans remotely with a small crossbow or pellet gun

  • james pinuela
    james pinuela

    try using pure oxygen

  • Mozetty

    When he lit the L’Oréal it was cool seeing it ring around the plate then some of the fire falling off the sides

  • gameofjax

    I really worried about you guys blowing yourselves up and inhaling toxic fumes sometimes🤪⛽🌩🔥

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson

    Can you test the best one for potato cannons

  • Claude Barnum
    Claude Barnum

    Least flammable for your hair. Most flammable for survival equipment, camping(campfire). It should help dry out damp kindling.

  • ヘイローキャラ

    Buffering nate is a freakin mood. I could *feel* the dial-up noises and elevator music.

  • Unus Anus shall live Unus Anus shall live
    Unus Anus shall live Unus Anus shall live

    I actually zoned out in the beginning of the video and got scared when it started again.

  • Jelleybean18

    I’m surprised Callie was not testing the flamethrowers

  • Aberim Gamble
    Aberim Gamble

    You should’ve put it in a vacuum chamber a microwave and try to use it as glue

  • btd5 ninja
    btd5 ninja

    Nate: “can you light frozen hair spray on fire?” me: oh hey I've seen this one before

  • Ivory Cisneros
    Ivory Cisneros

    Calli really likes this video 🚶🌬

  • Oonagh72

    You should have lit the frozen hair spray on fire. Also do this with hair mousse

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    freeze dry it

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    Grace's face when she used the lighter/hairspray O_O

  • Dimitri The whovian
    Dimitri The whovian

    Is it me or we didn't see them flaming the Rave spray But its in 2nd places on the Rating at 2:14

  • James StJohn
    James StJohn

    would it be too soon to try Gorilla glue?

  • James Vandiver
    James Vandiver

    Can yall make a pellet gun with a co2 canister

  • Mark Health
    Mark Health

    I used to use aqua net for my drag pageants too.

  • bull clay
    bull clay

    Around 6:20 she said "I like how where using our boss's trash" who's there boss

  • Blue Water Balloon
    Blue Water Balloon

    Mix it with liquid napalm then dunk it in liquit nitrogen

  • ̣

    I wonder how the room smelt after 😹

  • Edwin_Tank

    what if you put the liquid in a vacume chamber?

  • forzagamer3114

    he was thinking. Hairspray.

  • Something Something
    Something Something

    I love how Nate was like ya me to I use to do Pageants

  • Connor Azparren
    Connor Azparren

    7 different types of hair spay

  • Tyler Divine
    Tyler Divine

    Everytime she talks he contemplates life

  • NessAndTheGoodGuys

    Nate: we wonder what's inside of a can of hair spray. Me: idk? Hair spray??

  • Amelia Cox
    Amelia Cox

    I want to see what brand of cooking spray works as a flamethrower.

  • huskie central
    huskie central

    You might wanna hide this from calie

  • Anthony Leone
    Anthony Leone

    Oh i see someone wanting to complain about this but like always great videos

  • Josh Allgeier
    Josh Allgeier

    Now try all those in a potato gun

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson

    Graces face when he was spraying the flamethrower was like 😦

  • Patrick Nyhan
    Patrick Nyhan

    What happened to Callie?!?!

  • dragon sniperVII
    dragon sniperVII

    Thanks this helps

  • Darkethereal Gaming
    Darkethereal Gaming

    99% of the time, the Liquid is never flammable..its always the Vapor

  • Most average player ever
    Most average player ever

    If you are born in the 80s you'd probably say aquanet lol

  • Obvious pseudonym
    Obvious pseudonym

    None, because a flamethrower does not use gas or liquid state fuel. A flamethrower uses jelly fuel to stick to targets, and achieve greater range and concentration. Modern flamethrowers were used not only to burn hostiles, but to suffocate entrenched positions like bunkers and pillboxes. It was pretty hard to neutralize an opponent with only their clothes on fire, so the flames had to stick to the body, regardless of hair, fabric, or skin. Liquid and gas state fuels were not dense enough, and dissipated far too quickly to be effective. The classic "hairspray flamethrower" is actually more akin to a blowtorch, being a pressurized liquid or gas fuel container with an ignition source. The first use of a modern flamethrower (not counting the ancient greeks) was the Imperial German Army in the First World War. They were two or three man operated, heavy, and generally ineffective. No other countries decided to adopt their own flamethrowers until the Second World War. Germany and the United States building the most iconic flamethrowers, the Flammenwerfer 41, Flammenwerfer 42, and the M2 Flamethrower. The M2 proved especially useful in the Pacific Theatre against the well hidden Japanese positions, where the suffocation and extreme heat proved very effective.

  • Ayaan Jonejo
    Ayaan Jonejo

    Please put a can of hair spray in the metal foundry

  • fluffy_unicorn301

    i wanna know what would happen if u threw the can in a fire

  • Rahul Doshi-Levien
    Rahul Doshi-Levien

    Where’s Cali

  • Arcticina Fox
    Arcticina Fox

    Will hairspray dry up in a freeze dryer?

  • new chanel
    new chanel

    There's a freakin marsmallow

  • Adored Mar
    Adored Mar

    I was waiting for that Got2be freeze spray but then I didn’t see it😔

  • tornado Chavez
    tornado Chavez

    I think you burn the liquid then the gas comes out

  • Eric Moorer
    Eric Moorer

    Fire and no kali, strange

  • Mason Rhoades
    Mason Rhoades

    He’s like this girl needs to go !

  • Mitch Coleman
    Mitch Coleman

    How do cans of hairspray react in a wash machine??

  • Sean Foltz
    Sean Foltz

    If memory serves they use butane as the propellant

  • Elite Lazar 1.0
    Elite Lazar 1.0

    1:11 lol

  • Cj and Jordan Gaming
    Cj and Jordan Gaming

    You should boil hairspray

  • theAnalogKid_458

    I think the liquid doesn't burn as well as the spray is due to it not having enough air around it to ignite quickly, not because of whatever gas it's giving off. The gas is likely co2 or nitrogen from inside the can used to pressurize it and some of it became carbonated into the liquid.

  • Hailey Toth
    Hailey Toth

    YES I was a competitive cheerleader and Aqua net was the ONLY hairspray my mom used 😂😂

  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner

    Grace being a former gymnast makes SO MUCH SENSE!!

  • Theodore Nicoloulias
    Theodore Nicoloulias

    Well, don't get me wrong but she's definitely not pageant material

  • Koi Moses
    Koi Moses

    When she is talking about hairspray him why am i here just to suffer

  • Slowed Beats
    Slowed Beats


  • Fashion, beauty with Raina
    Fashion, beauty with Raina

    Nate was my guy best friend in the intro😭

  • Olly

    Just spray it into a container instead of poking a hole

  • Jack of all Trades
    Jack of all Trades

    You missed out including the footage of spraying the RAVE hairspray as a flamethrower.

  • aabsc

    "We wanna see what's inside a can of hairspray" My guess would be... hairspray.

  • DIY Paper airplanes Cbt
    DIY Paper airplanes Cbt

    Mom: what did you do in science class today? Son: we made budget flamethrowers today Mom : 😎

  • Superskull85

    I feel like Cali is quite upset with not being included in a fire episode. 🔥

  • Waggerinator

    Next test: Potatocannon

  • Happy Little Unicorn
    Happy Little Unicorn

    Nate at the beginning is me whenever my hubby talks about warhammer

  • Ayaan Kashif
    Ayaan Kashif

    Ummm thank u for showing us how to make a DIY flamethrower

    • Netts

      @Ayaan Kashif There were 1000 comments and yours was the most recent.

    • Ayaan Kashif
      Ayaan Kashif

      @Netts 😨 umm how did u know tho...I was thinking about that but chose to say nothing about itt

    • Netts

      Congratulations! You were the 1000th comment :D

  • Phillip Benner
    Phillip Benner

    Who is this new girl? What happened to Calli? What have I missed?!

  • Mamie Larry
    Mamie Larry

    Why didn't yall spray the sauve one? didn't?

  • Abby Mit
    Abby Mit

    Try miracle berries and really spicy food

  • Boss Be4r
    Boss Be4r

    Get wigs and put hairspray and soark it light it and barley touch it with fire

  • My Thoughts
    My Thoughts

    The video nobody asked for but everyone enjoyed

  • Generated Illusions
    Generated Illusions

    I love Callie, but Grace makes even more wholesome.

  • Pawel Jaczewski
    Pawel Jaczewski

    8:36 Bless you camera man :D

  • Jake Orvin
    Jake Orvin

    7:40 Hairspray Dippin Dots!!

  • ChargingHotrod7 _
    ChargingHotrod7 _

    Never saw you guys test the rave hairspray for the flame test

  • Timothy Steinbrunner
    Timothy Steinbrunner

    Freeze dry the liquid, and if maybe put a can in a vacuum chamber.

  • William Colt
    William Colt

    what happens if you dehydrate the liquid hair spray

  • Jordan Ranstead
    Jordan Ranstead

    1:14 Nate: because what else would you do with hairspray -what?

  • Jordan Ranstead
    Jordan Ranstead

    0:19 girls when guys start talking about their gaming computers

  • Lisa Shepherd
    Lisa Shepherd

    freeze dry and then see if it burns still

  • fort gun V
    fort gun V

    Does it get old or go bad

  • Fortnite Music Blocks
    Fortnite Music Blocks

    Why is calli not in this video?


    Dislikes are from Elon Musk :))

  • C Lam
    C Lam

    Do it whit parfum in spray bottle

  • Hacked


  • Chaithra Chaithra
    Chaithra Chaithra

    Can you through a hairspray into a hot furness

  • Ashley Nemtuda
    Ashley Nemtuda


  • C.A. Franklin
    C.A. Franklin

    Can you make glue from hairspray? How strong is it? What does it stick to?

  • Winnie Djong
    Winnie Djong

    Campfire: plate/wood + hairspray + torch or something that creates fire

  • Winnie Djong
    Winnie Djong

    Lesson learned: Don’t be near fire when wearing hair spray, especially L’oréal and/or Kenra. Great picture effects too, lol

  • Mira Bauer
    Mira Bauer

    Grace's face in the background😱😆

  • Matt Munson
    Matt Munson

    be kinda fun to fill a balloon with hair spray and light it on fire

  • Jakub Narębski
    Jakub Narębski

    Well, it is only fitting that Aqua Net brand makes the worst flamethrower.

  • Vanessa Navarro
    Vanessa Navarro

    I wanna know if hair with a bunch of hairspray on will catch fire if near an open flame

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