How Many Layers of Jeans Can Stop an Axe?
In this video we are testing if denim jeans can stop either an axe or a machete. How many layers can the blades get through??
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What else should we test against the axe??

    • Galaxy Gamer 101
      Galaxy Gamer 101

      Flex seal

    • cool dudes only
      cool dudes only

      Bubble gum

    • Kayzvlog s
      Kayzvlog s


    • Ken Truyman
      Ken Truyman

      Stuffed animals

    • Noelani Bess
      Noelani Bess

      Hi! Can you try doing paper/books?

  • tomas palha
    tomas palha

    Man you got some big feet.. U know what they say....

  • rdr2 pro
    rdr2 pro

    This test does not prove cause the log has multiple cuts

  • joseph bentley
    joseph bentley

    Did you use a leather strop after the whetstone? Its very helpful in getting rid of the bur formed when sharpening

  • Evan Frazee
    Evan Frazee

    sees ballistics gel has myth busters flashback

  • Predakingfan Gaming
    Predakingfan Gaming

    I like that they called a kukri a machete

  • Bailey Pettit
    Bailey Pettit


  • Robbie Hoagland
    Robbie Hoagland

    Its ok. Your leg won't be cut but your bones will just shatter

  • wordsinahandle

    Nate at 10:09 ... *Pause timelapse to say "I've an axe to grind"*

  • war2death

    Test pit Chain Saw Chaps/ leather Chaps

  • Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9
    Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9

    The optimal dentist phongsaly number because cake bailly save following a brash snowflake. bumpy, light bone

  • Sushi Cat does stuff
    Sushi Cat does stuff

    Literally no one else Notice how his gloves started turning red

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    so u either wear 30 pairs of jean OR be simple and buy shin guards


    The only problem is I bet I swing my axe 5x harder if not more because your not really doing much but some of us swing these things everyday all day

  • Giovanni Astorga
    Giovanni Astorga

    So this is the guy buying all the jeans at my local thrift store

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith

    A really bad swing if you hit your leg 👁👄👁

  • Ken Truyman
    Ken Truyman

    Why would you see how many pairs of jeans stops in axe. But

  • Brandon Monita
    Brandon Monita

    Great, now coat them in beeswax

  • Kasey Seidman
    Kasey Seidman

    I think you need to try on 30 pairs of jeans now and see what that would be like lol

  • Matthew Moore2020
    Matthew Moore2020

    Y'all should put gas or oil on some clothes and wash it then dry it

  • Johnny Roek
    Johnny Roek

    Anyone else wants to eat the ballistics gel?

  • Mrs. Reinke
    Mrs. Reinke

    Nate: that’s silly Me: no you’re silly

  • Dean Samchester
    Dean Samchester

    fun video cool guy

  • Cynthia Search
    Cynthia Search


  • Amelia S
    Amelia S

    So this is where ripped jeans come from.😂

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley


  • Tenshi

    Sad thing is I actually seen a decapitation on a leg, head, hand, arm

  • Makaila Hegwood
    Makaila Hegwood

    900 layers of pants 👖👖

  • Jacob Prasuhn
    Jacob Prasuhn

    That block of ballistic gel was not anywhere near as firm as most others that ive seen

  • Mangakid

    I would have used something more realistic like a skinnier piece of wood with some type of steak or meat around it to resemble a real leg but the video was great nonetheless!

  • シバネーション

    Legs are now feet

  • Yeffaros

    The fact that you talked about not just sharpness, but blade geometry and the give of the target makes the sword nerd part of me *really* happy. I've seen a lot of people only talk about sharpness and completely miss how critically important the other two actually are.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Today's TKOR tip: Don't give yourself an axe-hole.

  • Lakota Miles
    Lakota Miles

    This was never a question in my brain until this video. I'm glad I got my answer though.

  • Lucarn Anderson
    Lucarn Anderson

    Forbidden cheese loaf

    • doire aintu
      doire aintu

      Well I was wrong by alot

  • Jo Rayner
    Jo Rayner

    As a professional axe thrower, I would be interested to see this same concept, but with the axes being thrown at the pants w/ a board and ballistics behind them. Would the results be different if you threw a 14" hatchet one-handed vs. a 16" axe two-handed?

  • MyarmsRgone

    So I guess the log represents the leg

  • agrgaming

    Why would I need to know this ?

  • Pascal Kargut
    Pascal Kargut

    Remember kids all-was were protection

  • david long shlong
    david long shlong

    He had a roku tv in the timelapse

  • Wong Vun Yu
    Wong Vun Yu

    Dem thick jeans

  • Josh Christian
    Josh Christian

    I have hit my shin from a glancing blow from a very sharp ax. I mean I can shave with it. One layer of lose jeans and ended up with only a bruised shin and a bump on my shin to this day

  • Alexander Evans
    Alexander Evans

    I've hit my leg with a hatchet after a botched strike. Only reason it didn't hurt me was my high ankle boots. Far better protection than jeans.

  • Jakeink7180

    Is anyone gonna mention that that is a kukri not a machete?

  • Nobody

    Full kudo to you Nate if i feel an axe strike deflecting or feeling wrong i dont usually follow through on the swing. I know it was done for testing wich is fair you need a standard swing for a fair test. On a side note as some one who has hit him self in the leg more than once and luckily one been bruised my trusty rain trousers are semingly axe proof with a realativly Sharp axe

  • Horatiu Cioloboc
    Horatiu Cioloboc

    Never skip leg day

  • Demon 02
    Demon 02

    I have actually had a axe deflect off a tree I was chopping and the edge hit my shin and I was wearing jeans and it didn’t even go through them and I keep my axes razor sharp

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Nate: This is a block of ballistics gel Me: Mythbusters?

  • Cringey Katie
    Cringey Katie

    Please make some cheese

  • Robin B
    Robin B

    Well I was wrong by alot

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      why don't you try mixing starch vinegar liquid nitrogen and peroxide

  • Sunny 2
    Sunny 2

    Come on that's nonsense do you think people wil wear many jeans just to protect their legs?

  • LittyMcgritty

    3:40 IT WILL KEEL!

  • sommerjenni

    I would like if you do more stuff like mythsbusters did!

  • Debbie Thomas
    Debbie Thomas

    okay, assuming you can even move from the waist down after putting two maybe three pairs of Jeans on... in other words, don't want amputate your leg, don't mess up your swing or aim!!!

  • Poshman 06
    Poshman 06

    Me casually puts on 31 pairs of jeans

  • nala puppys
    nala puppys

    I feel like generally if you hit your calf your more likely to break your leg than cut super super deep

  • Big Injun
    Big Injun

    Give me 25 pairs of jeans and let me swing at them I bet I get through all 100 layers.

  • Frogassassin 15
    Frogassassin 15

    Bullistics gel also has to be a certain temp I thought?

  • IceFireXD

    2 words. Chainmail Leggings.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    Now I'm going to try imagining someone chopping wood in a full suit of armour. ...And my imagination is showing me the tin woodsman from The Wizard of Oz.

  • tom roy
    tom roy

    ice hi

  • Peter

    If I am a lumberjack. How thick of a denim dress would I need not to lose my foot or dignity?

    • Peter

      @Shauka Hodan the reference of this is from the Lumberjack song.

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      pls try chop resistant pants

  • ferdhy

    when TKOR goes full mythbusters lol

  • RubyheartNesingwary

    What happens to ballistics gel in a freeze dryer?

  • Aymaan Kiberu
    Aymaan Kiberu

    why don't you try mixing starch vinegar liquid nitrogen and peroxide

  • Luuk Koolmoes
    Luuk Koolmoes

    To be exact when you get chopped to the leg the hit would be at an angle instead of a straight hit.

  • Orange

    Well when I had my bike accident, my legs were badly scratched but the jeans was perfectly fine. Dont know how the impact reached my leg without even scratching my jeans

  • babibu tatitu
    babibu tatitu

    I wanna have a boyfriend like Nate

  • Seafoxmccloud

    freeze dry balistic jelly ^^

  • Connor Mclaughlin
    Connor Mclaughlin

    The trauma of the bone structure would never be stoppable because their is still a transfer of energy between the axe and your leg

    • MissImpossible

      Well yeah, but it might save you from stitches, a tetanus shot, infection... However wearing 30+ layers of denim just doesn't seem practical.

  • Author of Thyme
    Author of Thyme

    who wears pants on their feet...?

  • Whiskey

    you'd actually have to be smooth brained to hit your self with an axe chopping wood

  • Landen Gunderson
    Landen Gunderson

    Nate you made a video on how to make bilisticks jell

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man

    Could you try freeze drying that gel?

  • seth potter
    seth potter

    How many store know he’s buying the products for science

  • birdsquirrel

    a jean gambeson... ...a jambeson

  • drjoe71

    pls try chop resistant pants

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien

    You should try chainsaw chaps and see it they would work





    • No

      The answer is triangle

  • Omega Wolf
    Omega Wolf

    I think it depends on how sharp both the axe and machette are. The sharper it is, the easier it'll cut through fabric, hence why most fabric scissors and blades used with fabric are really, really sharp. The base will matter as well because of give, but sharpness can make up for that give. Yes, this comment was made before finishing the whole video.

  • xatrag

    Guessed 40, I was optimistic xD

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Today's TKOR tip: Don't give yourself an axe-hole.

  • Psychroclasm

    New to the TKOR shop: Gel Jeans!

  • Something Richard
    Something Richard

    Y'all should freeze dry an ostrich egg =)

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      honey, marshmallows. Just wondering as I don't have that kind of equipment Thanks

  • Bert Garcia
    Bert Garcia

    Can you see what happens when you rhino line car tires?

  • Tyler Myers
    Tyler Myers

    Ayee i was right with 30

  • simone he
    simone he

    you should try with a tv in a sand pit to se if the tv breaks

  • simone he
    simone he


  • Logan Porter
    Logan Porter

    Guys in math books:

  • sanji senpai
    sanji senpai

    Thank you now anybody attacks me with an axe i can save my self!!

  • Eric Renrut
    Eric Renrut

    Seems like the surveys weren't in vain, I subbed again.

  • Rosen Wolf
    Rosen Wolf

    that leaves a big big bruise when you hit yourself when protected well against an axe. speaking from experience whit an axe bounce. and the best thing to wear when cutting is leather and ballistic nylon lol

  • Sálem Røckèrs
    Sálem Røckèrs

    What happen when we put thermacol in petrol ?? What happen next with it

  • Natalie Crabtree
    Natalie Crabtree

    What would happen to the ballistic gel in different heats eg the freeze dryer the furnace and if you put it in the microwave will it melt, burn or become tacky.

  • LewTV

    Can you launch a high speed projectile at a block of that casting silicone stuff and then cast the projectile cavity ? That would be cool to see.

  • Backwoods L!fe
    Backwoods L!fe

    Realistically aint nobody gun wear all them jeans ..they make kevlar protection ..smh

  • prajesh bhushan
    prajesh bhushan

    If you are prone to miss your swing, hitting your leg, you probably should leave an Axe alone .

  • u2bAriel

    Try it on a few beef shanks. And i got 30!

  • Marissa Killey
    Marissa Killey

    Just wondering Have you freeze dried jelly, not sure what you call it in America, I'm in Australia What happens when you dehydrate and/or freeze dry and/or use the flame torch on: jelly, liquid laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener, peanut butter, margarine, the liquid you put in the chocolate tennis balls, eggs raw and hard boiled, snow, jolly ranchers, honey, marshmallows. Just wondering as I don't have that kind of equipment Thanks

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