Riding 100 ft of Hot Wheels Into a 2000° Furnace
In today's video we are building a super long toy car track that ultimately leads to FIRE. Will the tiny cars be launched into the fire and be melted?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    How else can we experiment with Hot Wheels??

    • Krzysztof Czarnecki
      Krzysztof Czarnecki

      Pick a few with different wheel sizes and shapes, make a test rig that is basically like a treadmill or dyno with rollers, and mount the car in it so that it stands on its wheels and isn't pressed down by anything except its weight. Then test how fast the car can be moving for the wheels to malfunction (fall off, melt become non-circular etc, so they don't roll anymore), maybe on different surfaces, and convert it to real car speed based on the approximate scale of the car.

    • Vokun Vulon
      Vokun Vulon

      How fast can the toy cars go before they fall apart? Can you put them in some sort of loop that has them going as fast as they can before they break?

    • L0 maxx
      L0 maxx

      @Mr Megalodon Darcy c o p y r i g h t .

    • Mr Megalodon Darcy
      Mr Megalodon Darcy

      Why are they calling it fire tires when its hot wheels

    • wordsinahandle

      Miss the build videos. Make a tiny car crushing machine like they have in movies to dispose of cars used in crimes...oooo....but use hot wheels to make the crushed-box-shape

  • Daisy Anne
    Daisy Anne

    Who are they

  • Hi Dad
    Hi Dad

    Who are these people. Where's Nate

  • maksim Lyman lang
    maksim Lyman lang

    Please don't destroy the Hot Wheels I love toy cars and cars in general it makes me sad that you're melting them😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ind7 Karu7
    Ind7 Karu7

    please put them on more awsome trak and and put ring of fire don't burn car cam [I'm from another cuntry]

  • Jelleybean18

    That was pretty cool to “ride” on the track

  • M Jag
    M Jag

    make a roket car

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    Better not be melting my treasure hunts

  • AlbertoC

    Don't try this at home, go outside and do this with your friends. (after getting vacciNATEd)

  • Wahkisha Cooper
    Wahkisha Cooper


  • VoltisArt

    I understand the clever word play, and wouldn't feel off about this at all if the whole car was metal or even wood...but aren't we burning enough plastic around the world? No, it wasn't a lot, but it was more than needed to be done. (An average die cast toy car is about a third or more plastic by volume, including the window insert and decorative details. Acetal, the plastic used in Hot Wheels, burns at around 450F, emitting formaldehyde fumes - which would probably have been incinerated if the forge was at 2000F - which it probably wasn't, without the lid.)

  • Lucius The Killer
    Lucius The Killer

    Calli: Wants To Burn Things Grace: Makes Things Explode XD LOL

  • Honour Youngren
    Honour Youngren

    Taking "Hot Wheels" too literally-

  • Heather Hayes
    Heather Hayes

    My Hot Wheels booster has only three gears and is mostly belt driven

  • Blackout Plays
    Blackout Plays

    I thought grace was gonna say holy shiiii but no it’s “HOLY SHOOT” 💀

  • Maximilian Bushy
    Maximilian Bushy

    Try to make obsidian using the fountandry or try to cast molten rock in a mold

  • Barbara Rodriguez
    Barbara Rodriguez

    Always buy best for track.

  • Chao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPong
    Chao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPong


  • Kevin ray
    Kevin ray

    I surprisingly want a longer video

  • James Bonno
    James Bonno

    Make a steel track and run it through the furnace and see if the cars will ride through

  • nearwuzhere

    You should launch them in and melt them into something cool!

  • Spencer Heft
    Spencer Heft

    Anybodyelse can’t stand these ppl lol

  • Isaac Mendoza
    Isaac Mendoza

    Make a hot wheel track off the house roof

  • Appleajaa

    1:59 did she just say "SEND IT"

  • Play Gangster55
    Play Gangster55

    I shook they called them fire tires 😂

  • Tendies

    I really hope none of those hot wheels were rare

  • No Name
    No Name

    A fire video without Cali: how dare they

  • Lawson Turnbull
    Lawson Turnbull


  • Exploring The Platypus
    Exploring The Platypus

    i have over 100 hot wheels

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C

    Cutaways for the complete track. Never saw a full run. Clearly they couldnt get it to work completely. LIES from the b-team

  • Tyro

    This whole course is like the Mayans sacrificing their best athletes after they won a game of albo balls or whatever it was called. "Hey you won! You are the best at what you do!...now you die!"

  • Scared Of Ghosts
    Scared Of Ghosts

    Just skip to 6:15

  • Mitch Ginger
    Mitch Ginger

    I only gone and got a hot wheels advert immediately after this video 😂

  • Konstantinos B
    Konstantinos B

    Mum: What are you watching? Me: An educational video... Mum: Oh, great, on what topic? Me: Hot wheels going around the room on a racing track and then into a 2000° oven! Mum: And how is that educational? Me: Well, it is on the TKOR chanel. Mum: Oh, ok...

  • James Garrison
    James Garrison

    Are they replacing the other 2?

  • James Garrison
    James Garrison

    Dose she use a tone of spray tan

  • It's Teegan
    It's Teegan

    this was fire

  • Joshua Cameron
    Joshua Cameron

    Anyone catch the number on that 1st car that went into the burning fire? "45"... Given what's going on with our country right now, I'm sure that wasn't an accident! 🤣💯👌🏻

    • Regina La-Rae
      Regina La-Rae

      I wondered if anyone thought that because I did. It definitely was not a coincidence😂😂

  • Thomas Drummond
    Thomas Drummond

    the fire tornado looked like a fire benders bending

    • Thomas Drummond
      Thomas Drummond


  • Levi White
    Levi White

    "Fire tires"? 🤢🤮

  • Ray Reinhart
    Ray Reinhart

    saw some dude shooting hot wheels into the drywall. can you guys make custome boosters capable of launching toy cars ridiculously hard?

  • Bryson Cobb
    Bryson Cobb

    Where can I find the 180 degree turn that they set on the chair at the end of the first stretch? I have been looking for it and I can't seem to find it. Timestamp: 2:31

  • Road Collector
    Road Collector

    Slow motion hot wheels please

  • JP B
    JP B

    Isn't there a camera car? I wanna see that FPV!! Maybe don’t melt it... or do, whatev - anyway, awesome video, you guys rock

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley

    Reminds me of my youth Matchbox and Cirgo toy cars.

  • bobafruti

    I don’t like these people.

  • Mark Kuck
    Mark Kuck

    On the subject of making things go boom, how about using a pressure washer to over pressurize air tanks and make them go boom?

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson


  • HisFancy HerCowboy
    HisFancy HerCowboy

    Make a hot wheels track around the Playhouse

  • Brent Campbell
    Brent Campbell

    Build your own accelerator and see how far you can launch a car through the air.

  • Brenda Braden
    Brenda Braden

    why does he look like mr. Clean in this video

  • Blake Byron
    Blake Byron

    Did anybody else notice grace called Kevin kennin

  • a J
    a J

    They prob just burned cars that might have been worth $$$$$

  • emily flamingo
    emily flamingo

    you guys should do this but launch them through a ring of fire!!

  • MotomadnessDan

    Lol Grace is adorable, reminds me of my sister who's always happy and giggly.

  • Weicong Zhang
    Weicong Zhang

    They need Mr. Beast

  • William Lee
    William Lee


  • Michael wedin
    Michael wedin

    you should try hot wheel and match box and cheap dollor store car on the track .

  • Dylan TBB
    Dylan TBB

    I start this vid and the first thing i hear is “hype” lol

  • brady_2057 dinsmore
    brady_2057 dinsmore

    I feel like this is something sid would do from toy story

  • Cooper Swart
    Cooper Swart

    Grace is just.... A tall kid. I swear

  • john gangi
    john gangi

    Not a fan of these new people Kevin is ok ish

  • Ian Weismann
    Ian Weismann

    I want a grace kiss 😂😂😂😂

  • Harshavardhan Kishore
    Harshavardhan Kishore

    Imagine about all those hotwheels collectors.


    Can you try see how fast if the boost was over 20

  • David Shipp
    David Shipp

    This is literally Hot Wheels 🔥🔥🔥

  • leo decor
    leo decor

    I’m done following your page for the clones you took on this page is not a myth busters and the king of random took clones too do their job x

  • Nicholas Hohnstein
    Nicholas Hohnstein

    This only hurts a little

  • MaestroLives

    Who are these people? What did you do with Nate? What have you done to Nate?

  • Jasmine Gold
    Jasmine Gold

    You should do a can try at home video

  • Thomas Reilley
    Thomas Reilley

    Asking TKOR to make a giant jelly bean until they do. Day 17

  • Teddy Lukas
    Teddy Lukas

    attach packets of potassium metal to the fire tires and launch them into water

  • Will Safran
    Will Safran

    I want some toy FireTires. 😃

  • Patrick Lombard
    Patrick Lombard

    💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

  • Yuri

    They’re maturity just dropped

  • Esteban Arguedas
    Esteban Arguedas

    How very sciencey of you

  • T Man The Cool Gaming
    T Man The Cool Gaming

    OK I want try it at home I will try it at my neighbours instead

  • Destiny Williams
    Destiny Williams

    Attach fireworks to the cars and actually make them go "BOOM!!!!"

  • Stevie

    whack that they didnt get it to do a full run without having to push

  • Bradley Boy
    Bradley Boy

    Hot wheels go boom

  • Samuel Claunch
    Samuel Claunch

    Pushing your midle track

  • NinjaDude

    A video with fire and Callie is not in it?

  • Louis Hoey
    Louis Hoey

    we all had fun with these . Keeping them on a track was always the hard part.👍🏼 they skipped the blue loop on testing them bam its there 🤔.

  • Corey Parks
    Corey Parks

    Forgot the crucible

  • Owen Butler
    Owen Butler

    Graces favorite word hype

  • Baker Blue
    Baker Blue

    This is my childhood dream

  • The Razielim
    The Razielim

    "Holy shhhh....ooot!" Be honest, how many takes did that... take?

  • DIY Steve
    DIY Steve

    Didn't your parents teach you anything. There are kids somewhere in the world without any toys and you destroy yours. Go to the corner and no Internet for you till next week!

  • MEL_0

    This is every boy's childhood dream and nightmare at the same time

  • MEL_0

    Ah yes, my favorite toy cars, the fire tires.

  • Paul Bujak
    Paul Bujak

    4:20 That's what she said!

  • Frank G
    Frank G

    Are these the Covid Quarantine Replacements?

  • G's Girl 1
    G's Girl 1

    Line up a lot of accelerators to see just how fast you can get a hot wheels to go

  • G's Girl 1
    G's Girl 1

    This was epic

  • Jordan Youngblood
    Jordan Youngblood

    Make your own hot wheels and test them on the track

  • Random Awesomeness
    Random Awesomeness

    put gunpowder in them and launch them.

  • Nate

    Too bad you couldn’t take a little more time and effort into the video to just make the car go through the whole track without assistance.

  • Elesha Y
    Elesha Y

    You can see what happens if you fill them with different gases and race them

  • smellycat catsmelly
    smellycat catsmelly

    It is kind of a shame to burn a toy car

  • philip.d

    Why you bully the nsx