Scaling Up Centrifugal Forces On A GIANT Sit n Spin
Today, we supersize the Sit n Spin to test out different physical forces like centripetal and centrifugal forces! What is inertia??
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What other fun toys should we supersize in the name of science???

    • yoyo 345345
      yoyo 345345

      make a motorized version

    • Kevin W
      Kevin W

      Giant Stretch Armstrong

    • jmt8706

      That plastic red car with a yellow roof that kids ride in.

    • Lotte loves
      Lotte loves

      A jojo, yoyo.

    • Dillon Keen
      Dillon Keen

      @Ailsa Gear colin furze did something extreme like that, search colin furze super swing or something


    this is the pinnacle of scientific achievement

  • Braden Williams
    Braden Williams

    You guys should make a big sit and spin with ferrofluid

  • Alina Ponce
    Alina Ponce


  • Felix Jameson Evans
    Felix Jameson Evans

    There’s no such thing as centrifugal force, it’s called centrapetal force

  • John Twelvegage
    John Twelvegage

    great amazing new Woman, much more sympathic than cali . Interesting Video as always !!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Grace Thomas 101
    Grace Thomas 101

    Grace is just like me and hasn’t done many cool stuff is excited to try new things and ironically my name is Grace

  • WillowTheLacera

    Once during online class, my teacher was at home and his small child was playing on a sit-and-spin. He mentioned it, and said something along the lines of "Not that any of you have used a sit-and-spin". Without missing a beat, I replied "Bold of you to assume that I don't use a sit-and-spin".

  • Nagato Sama
    Nagato Sama

    That name, they could not have picked a better name

  • Mosept Yagami
    Mosept Yagami

    Oml I had one of these as a kid and I loved it so much-

  • Carter Griswold
    Carter Griswold

    Did nobody realize grace's Gucci belt?

  • Kyosuke

    This reminds me of the time I was inside one of those amusement park rides where it holds you against a wall as it rotates. Probably not the smartest idea to be doing sit-ups because I had my whole sense of balance and direction thrown off for two weeks. Luckily I don't vomit when I'm nauseated, but it was probably the worst I've had. I don't recommend it. It was all for science.

  • Adam Pond
    Adam Pond

    you should do something with mark Rober

  • Silly Jared's TV
    Silly Jared's TV

    A sit spin was my favorite toy when I was a little boy. This video makes me want to build bigger one sometime. Nice Work!

  • Musiclover KeKe
    Musiclover KeKe

    One of my favorites toys as a kid !!! Hours on that thing !!! I'm pretty sure mine was purple and green !

  • Jordy Farmer
    Jordy Farmer

    Grace is low key hot

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    Grace is an adult kid

  • rap freak
    rap freak

    Grace is so annoying, I hope she is just a temporary host. Nate and Cali are amazing!

  • Tate Plays8
    Tate Plays8

    Pretend grace doesn’t have Gucci belt

  • Nicholas Rinaldi
    Nicholas Rinaldi

    aww, Grace did an episode! :D Nate's there to help

  • jay jay yo mama
    jay jay yo mama

    did you break up with that other girl and your with that girl

  • Kelsea Polk
    Kelsea Polk

    I love this video.

  • riuphane

    You guys didn't try accelerating by pulling your mass inward! That's honestly the best part and a great demonstration of conservation of momentum!

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName

    Uh, Nate? Might want to pay a little more attention to your terminology. At 5:20 you said, "I measured the _diameter_ of the ring; I divided that in 2 to get the _circumference..."_ but you can't find _circumference_ by dividing _diameter_ by 2! I think you meant _radius._

  • random guy28
    random guy28

    What happened to Callie? Nate pls respond I want to know

  • Steph Akurox
    Steph Akurox

    3:22 hey you can build a Stargate replica with this ! LOL

  • Johnny Malinowski
    Johnny Malinowski

    Notice how once they aren’t sponsored by Lenovo they use an ipad

  • Joseph Vaughn
    Joseph Vaughn

    Put a motor on it

  • Raid

    Wait where is Callie

  • Bird Cat
    Bird Cat

    Gimme gimme

  • Tiffany Vert
    Tiffany Vert

    What happened to cali

  • Teddy O'Brien
    Teddy O'Brien

    Love Grace's drawing/whiteboard section. Definitely worth doing more of.

  • Reketz

    I'm surprised Callie is not in this vid lol

  • Mr pumpkin 🎃
    Mr pumpkin 🎃

    Just stick a pole in the ground and go from there

  • James II Ravelo
    James II Ravelo

    The doodle made wanna see a version done in RTAA style lol

  • Fury_Overscore

    Does anyone realize that Nate is one head taller than Grace

  • Joey Sinykin
    Joey Sinykin

    Why don’t we see Callie that much

    • Tyler Dulski
      Tyler Dulski

      She has a side business as a baker so she is probably busier now

  • tiffanie puczylowski
    tiffanie puczylowski

    I once had one I found it in Staorge today

  • Kawaii

    I appreciate the fact that you went more into the science of why this works like it does

    • Frank Sonatra
      Frank Sonatra


  • Lord Megatron Doesn't do Dark Energon
    Lord Megatron Doesn't do Dark Energon

    Oh the nostalgia of spinning myself until I got a headache and nearly puked. I loved it as a kid but now I get motion sickness, lol

  • E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    5:23 - you measured the diameter and divided that by 2 to get the radius, not the circumference.

  • oofyoofoof

    The sit n spin that's what they called me in highschool lol It's a joke don't take it seriously

  • Nicholas Vanderbloom
    Nicholas Vanderbloom


  • A.sasbry Asas
    A.sasbry Asas

    Omg yous should put like a handle on, off a bike pedal

  • TheNerd

    As soon as I saw Nate wearing the earbuds, I was like sponsor time.

    • Tyler Dulski
      Tyler Dulski

      I think he was just wearing them like ear plugs while he was using the saw

  • Samuel Foley
    Samuel Foley

    Haven't they done this before

  • Mama's Eve
    Mama's Eve

    Grace is a hole other level of funny ... The demonstration she did feeling like ur flipping over ur self 😭😂... Priceless!!!..

  • Austin Savage
    Austin Savage

    Where’s Kevin

  • Murilo Pirri Alves
    Murilo Pirri Alves

    When you divide the diameter by two you get the ratio not the circumference... I know yes c=2(pi)r. Just the phrasing is skipping some steps.

  • Macey Martin
    Macey Martin

    But.... it's not much bigger than the original lol

  • Heather George
    Heather George

    I love the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference at 3:57

  • Brett

    Not her again...

  • Threw The Looking Glass
    Threw The Looking Glass

    they made aluminum ones that are for adults. when i was 10 . 25 years ago

  • Stealthee 3k
    Stealthee 3k

    I love that Grace painted her own hands.

  • Stealthee 3k
    Stealthee 3k

    I remember my cousin had a sit n spin when we were kids. We would spin ourselves until we thought we were going to puke, then do it again.

  • James Dicks
    James Dicks

    It seems like a certain someone in this video isn't having a great day

  • coolfish4

    are the other people on tkor her servants because she is the only one with a Gucci belt

  • Evie Fairchild
    Evie Fairchild

    Asking TKOR to deep fry glue until they do. Day 1

  • Mtn. Drew
    Mtn. Drew

    You opened up a memory that I doubt would have been opened with out this video

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    What episode and season of friends is that ?

  • buderp

    Where is Caley

  • Ashutosh Agarwal
    Ashutosh Agarwal

    isnt she so cute

  • bigjohn3435

    nobody explained the primer for the pvc glue, does that glue not require primer?

  • Turtlemaster 326
    Turtlemaster 326

    I’m not sure this is as much science anymore, as building fun toys and disguising it as science to write it off as a work expense, lol

  • Florence Dahl
    Florence Dahl


  • Thai Tran
    Thai Tran

    Why she wearing a gucci belt for

  • Rj Ryan
    Rj Ryan

    When is cali

  • Emily 102102
    Emily 102102

    I used to love my sit and spin! It even had flashing light and music that played on the top 😎

  • Shubham Saraf 1094
    Shubham Saraf 1094

    This was one of the dopest experiments!

  • Dude On A Cow
    Dude On A Cow

    Nate is so chill while Grace is so hyped.

  • Zoey Gillard
    Zoey Gillard

    i love this video i love this video i love this video. the way y’all literally explained everything tysmmm

  • ThePrufessa

    She is flexing that Gucci belt buckle

  • Tashara Anderson
    Tashara Anderson

    Do something with pepper spray! We need to know what happens when you freeze it and when you light it on fire!!!

  • Shaostoul

    Motorized sit n spin with weight balancing?

  • Kaitlin Parkhill
    Kaitlin Parkhill

    My son has the exact same sit n spin. He’s almost 4 and was super excited to watch this video!

  • Khady Moffett
    Khady Moffett

    This is how many times they said “sit and spin “ 👇🏾

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    😆. That's real cool!

  • Michael Merriam
    Michael Merriam

    "That makes you FEEL like you're going to go flying off."??? Pretty sure I would fly off the Merry-Go-Round at the park whenever I got that thing up to speed and didn't hold on!

  • Razor Hardbroom
    Razor Hardbroom

    wait wheres Calli

  • Félix Roy-Morel
    Félix Roy-Morel

    It looks to me like you were not feeling great today, Nate.. :(

  • watermelon craft
    watermelon craft

    Is it just me or do nate and Callie not just in this video but in most videos lately seem less child like and more sad

  • j5155

    You should make a giant Lego man

  • Jack Teng
    Jack Teng

    The TKOR team. Making fun toys; lowing things up; misusing everything but making it more fun. 😎💥🔥

  • Leader Games06
    Leader Games06

    I really love the fact that Nate actually uses Raycon earbuds, despite them sounding terrible.

  • vehemently chaotic
    vehemently chaotic

    u like Grace, she's funny

  • Bryce Cockrell
    Bryce Cockrell

    Like this girl so much more than The red headed girl. Much less annoying

  • Game on 360
    Game on 360

    Can you please do some life hacks please like the old time’s

  • EnAimBoy

    When I was little I used to call this the "spit and sin"😂

    • Mr pumpkin 🎃
      Mr pumpkin 🎃

      Foreshadowing your shady future 🤣

  • Tobi Smasher
    Tobi Smasher

    Y’all need something better to do with your time

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D

    THEY STILL MAKE THESE!? 😲 I'm 44 and had one when I was like 6!

  • Tanner Brown
    Tanner Brown

    You should experiment with a sit n spin functioning with magnets and Ferro fluid

  • Death Before Dishonor
    Death Before Dishonor

    I love Grace. She's just a big happy kid at heart. We need more Grace on the show!

  • TheBroGamingChannel

    Centripical? Lol we know what you meant 😂

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey

    Were Grace, Kevin and Kennan brought in to appeal to the younger audience? Grace and Kevin have a very "kids tv show" approach to their presenting and Kennan has the same approach to explaining science. It's not a bad thing, just an observation

  • Mr pumpkin 🎃
    Mr pumpkin 🎃

    These are common in England and called roundabouts, they are in every park and they are way bigger than that, and big enough for adults, Americans must live a sheltered life


    They have nothing else to do so it gives them an exuse to play with toys.

  • juno apta
    juno apta

    this remember me of Gyro Zeppely

  • mr.toemann

    Trees dry ice

  • Absolute

    Thought it was gonna be bigger still seems kinda small.

  • Dev Gohil
    Dev Gohil

    9:13 Thats what she said 😂😂😂

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