Can You Make a Hoverboard With Ferrofluid?
Special thanks to Lenovo for helping us make a hoverboard out of liquid magnets using ferrofluid. #ad Will we be able to successfully ride it??
Check out the #Yoga9i powered by #IntelEvo at
Today we are attempting to create a functional hoverboard by pairing magnets with Ferrofluid. Will this frictionless combination actually hover a human??
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
FTC Disclosure: This video is sponsored by Lenovo.
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  • Sajjadul Hoq Chowdhury
    Sajjadul Hoq Chowdhury

    Is kelly is sick? She looks pale

  • Brian Dean
    Brian Dean

    You are my favorite hosts of TKOR

  • Austin Gurganus
    Austin Gurganus

    I wonder who the sponsor was??? 🤣🤣

  • KendallChaos

    I’ve seen joke product placement videos less in your face then this one

  • Jelleybean18

    Grace and I are very similar xD An attack on Grace is now an attack on us cute weirdos. Just sayin’.

  • Lee Arendale
    Lee Arendale

    Lenovo must have made a big deposit into TKOR bank for this vid

  • Salomon Villagomez
    Salomon Villagomez


  • kino darkblaze
    kino darkblaze

    Yeah the sponsership got wild it's bad lol

  • SpelunkBox

    Can you play a form of Air Hockey with ferrofluid and a magnet?

  • Max Pelamonia
    Max Pelamonia

    You guys still do the usless experiments?

  • Callum Hart
    Callum Hart

    Haha this was like advertising in The Truman Show haha well done

  • rogueninja

    Do a fire tire but it's on fire while it goes through the track then have it set off a mini matchstick volcano

  • Louie Sanchez
    Louie Sanchez

    So I just started using SponsorBlock, and apparently the total, non-sponsored, runtime of this video is 6:09; a whole 2 minutes and 2 seconds long was just the sponsorship.

  • Dallin Stephens
    Dallin Stephens

    You should try to play giant air hockey with it

  • Kobe Angeles D’amelio
    Kobe Angeles D’amelio

    Despite the constant mention of the laptop, still I like the video idea

  • Sharn van Eck
    Sharn van Eck

    sit on it and hold a blower

  • camcam0530

    I have never wanted to buy a product LESS then now but the video was great

  • Harold Ralston
    Harold Ralston

    Please tell us more about the laptop.....

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson

    Literally not one positive comment about the video 🥴

  • *-•Leaf Gang•-*
    *-•Leaf Gang•-*

    I’m loving how the dog got a ride aswell-

  • CDSS

    Soccer Players sliding are the most frictionless things in the world

  • Caleb Gray
    Caleb Gray

    Literally no-one: Grace: Screams "GO BIG OR GO HOOOOOOME!"

  • Will Wailes
    Will Wailes

    Poor dog.

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are

    "It makes noises"! I WAS DRINKING SODA! Now I'm cleaning it :(

  • The Waco Kid
    The Waco Kid

    how much did you make though?

  • Isaac Hale
    Isaac Hale

    I love how everyone is building the test floor and in the background Nate is just on his phone and 4:34

  • James Witmer
    James Witmer

    I know that nearly every other comment says the same thing, but the sponsorship killed this possibly cool video. I would rather have learned how it was floating, and why, instead of hear " faster smarter lighter" over and over.

  • 3v3ryd4yw1nn1n6

    You all should consider taking on a sponsor so you can offset some of your costs

  • Castrese Chianese
    Castrese Chianese

    Nice laptop! Now where's the video?

  • I_am_ENSanity

    6:00 Skip the incessant sponsorship and get to the fun part.

  • james millar
    james millar

    how many times u gonna advertise that lenovo?

  • James StJohn
    James StJohn


  • Jorge de Arca
    Jorge de Arca

    I thought you where going to use the laptop as the skateboard base for the ferrofluid :/

  • Abby Mit
    Abby Mit

    Try miracle berries and really spicy food

  • High volitege channel HVC
    High volitege channel HVC

    That is not a hover board

  • The struggle is ReaL
    The struggle is ReaL

    Make a magnetic suit and BECOME VENOM!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    Bruuhhhhh. You turned on my Alexa.

    • Michael Griffin
      Michael Griffin

      Mine too to spy music!

  • Kellie Watts
    Kellie Watts

    3:57 whoever is wearing that covid mask is wearing it wrong!

  • Your Dad :D
    Your Dad :D

    i have a feeling this vid was sponsored by lenovo

  • Matthew Leasure
    Matthew Leasure

    Anyone else Alexa start playing spy music lmao

  • Krevchenko

    Ah yes the secret agent hoverboard that leaves a direct trail to the agent

  • Ky

    Okay but the board moving across the acrylics and just leaving a perfect trail was so satisfying

  • Timneh African grey . jaruwan
    Timneh African grey . jaruwan

    Is it just me or did some one get abit chubby

  • Hemant Verma
    Hemant Verma

    Calli is gettin fatter

  • Adib Noushad
    Adib Noushad

    Omg looks like laptop did all the work

  • Adib Noushad
    Adib Noushad

    Hey did she gain some weight Looks like it

  • Kenneth Hutchings
    Kenneth Hutchings

    i want to see an even bigger scale one of these

  • Lord Coop
    Lord Coop

    If I wanted to watch a 8 minute commercial I’d turn on the shopping network

  • Spunge Jonny
    Spunge Jonny

    Wouldn’t be so bad, but Lenovo are only bought by IT managers because they are cheap and nothing special

  • yingxia wei
    yingxia wei

    tHiS vIdEo Is ToTaLlY nOt SpOnSoReD Seriously though, this video is just annoying.

  • Mircea M
    Mircea M

    Calli is getting fatter every day ...her face is so puffy, is almost round. At this rate, until the end of the year, she will no longer fit in the frame :))

  • 17andtravelling

    Using a Lenovo currently, and I can tell you now the battery life is a joke. 3 hours off power if I'm lucky. also I think I heard you mention ferrofluid at one point in this advert, that sounds interesting. I wish there was more video to actually watch.

  • Absolute

    The advertisements made this so hard to enjoy.

  • Jai'la Vlogs
    Jai'la Vlogs

    When you said "Alexa play some spy music" it made my alexa play spy music😂😂

  • Mason Lewis
    Mason Lewis

    pardon me but that 360 was more like a 237

  • PrattAttack

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  • Robert D Hand
    Robert D Hand

    You never showed the laptop screen. I'm assuming its a prototype and just a shell???

  • Happy Harley
    Happy Harley

    Why did I just watch a whole commercial about a laptop I came for an experiment not this wtf im disappointed why

  • Terilynn Gunsher
    Terilynn Gunsher

    THAT was FANTASTIC 👋👋👋👋

  • Austin Le
    Austin Le

    6:50 my Alexa started to play spy music.... I was unprepared thinking I was under attack with my headset in

  • Nathan Hogan
    Nathan Hogan

    The King Of Lenovo

  • slysnake96

    OMG Talk about aggressive marketing, bad video because all i heard was lenovo this and lenovo that.... Lenovo laptops are just terrible for anything other than basic web browsing and as a glorified smart tablet.

  • charles

    lovely as usual

  • NONE /Dragon
    NONE /Dragon

    This video reminds of the Lenovo Yoga 9i.

  • b.gilly

    Video idea: put the Lenovo Yoga 9i in the washing machine... or toaster... or freeze dryer.

  • Matthew Michalsky
    Matthew Michalsky

    Oh wow, not even afraid to admit I thumbed down

  • ThunderBolt

    Are they dating lol

  • TJ Nosnibor
    TJ Nosnibor

    The Hacksmith : Does tons of math and calculations, spends thousands of dollars to make a hover board The King of Random : black paint and some magnets

  • Tiffany Leung
    Tiffany Leung


  • Jake Vidmar
    Jake Vidmar

    “I recently divorced my wife. She doesn’t love me anymore, and I was a bad husband. But NOW I HAVE A LENOVO 9i LAPTOP!!!”

  • Nevin Leon
    Nevin Leon

    I would love to see it with stronger magnets to see if the fluid can hold more of the fluid underneath them

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q

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  • Ila Moore
    Ila Moore

    Can you try making a large air hockey using thero fluid?

  • Sikaida

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  • Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer

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  • Bob Imbur
    Bob Imbur


  • Noah Gyles
    Noah Gyles

    Cool infomercial

  • tracey tucker
    tracey tucker

    I wonder who sponsored the video

  • Gary

    Not sure if it was a real “hover board” or just a slick board...

  • Mitch Wheeler
    Mitch Wheeler

    The forced sponsor stuff makes this completely unwatchable

  • Appleajaa


  • KaiKurono

    hey, did you guys know that Lenovo sponsored this video? I had no clue

  • stephen chiappetta
    stephen chiappetta

    I actually watched this video on my thinner lighter faster smarter Lenovo yoga 9i powered by Intel Evo. 😂

  • stephen chiappetta
    stephen chiappetta

    How many times they plugged their sponsor 0:00 0:15 1:30 2:15 4:36 5:33 7:27 7:31 7:53 There are also several times in which they are seen holding or using the device. I think this is what you would call the brainwash technique. 🤣

  • ProfessorData 1701D
    ProfessorData 1701D

    7:26 that dogs like “save me from these crazy people” 🤣

  • Björn Reints
    Björn Reints

    Its just annoying how much that laptop is being advertised...


    They never showed the screen of the laptop

  • Filipe Carmona
    Filipe Carmona

    That laptop is likely to be a design sample so it probably doesn't even boot, that's why they never show its screen on camera and to me that was the best part! "Oh, okay, just gonna do some calculations on my new lenovo here *zip zap zoop* all done, it's 42"

  • Maksim Simeonov
    Maksim Simeonov

    How much did lenovo pay tou OMG tou were all over it. Please dont do that type of sponsored videos. When im gonna go to bed ill hear thoose sponsored words.

  • leeprigmore

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  • Chi_ Nation
    Chi_ Nation

    Shorty definitely put on a few pounds 😭😭

  • Nedyarg1100

    When a company pays someone to force there product on people this much you know something's fishy...

  • Deadfire 84
    Deadfire 84

    Next time put magnets on the sides as well and make 3 or 4 so u can play bumper cars

  • Joe Goins
    Joe Goins

    Put it in a stainless 🍩 and wrap it 369 need red murk and some DuPont flip flop ingredients

  • Main

    Please fire whoever had the idea to be annoying and integrate the sponsor

  • CZ Anthony
    CZ Anthony


  • Zimpho Gaming
    Zimpho Gaming

    Them look our laptop holds a pen me with my DS from 7 years ago

  • Callan McMahon
    Callan McMahon

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  • umar _patell
    umar _patell

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  • Áine Mellin
    Áine Mellin

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