Which Fast Food Burger is the JUICIEST? (Using Science)
In today's video, we freeze dry burgers from three different fast food restaurants to compare how juicy the burgers actually are. Who will win?
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    Is there anything else you guys want to see us do with fast food??

    • Prajhwith RMS
      Prajhwith RMS

      Freeze dry cloth soked in different types of liquid...😅 Will the cloth gets crunchy?

    • usman the DeWalt King ッ
      usman the DeWalt King ッ

      100 replies wow

    • usman the DeWalt King ッ
      usman the DeWalt King ッ


    • usman the DeWalt King ッ
      usman the DeWalt King ッ


    • usman the DeWalt King ッ
      usman the DeWalt King ッ

      @Brent Haymon Pizza Yum 🍕

  • Backwoods L!fe
    Backwoods L!fe

    All that weight lost ..isnt liquid is filler junk ..having worked at mcdonalds i havent touched mcdonalds in 5 years to my mouth

  • Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
    Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

    Hey, how are you? Great video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day!

  • Caleb Culpepper
    Caleb Culpepper

    Still wouldn't give my dog a burger king burger

  • Dragon Freak Gaming
    Dragon Freak Gaming

    you can buy just the hamburger patties... i get them for my doggo

  • Soza 487
    Soza 487

    Meat crackers... yummy

  • Courtney A
    Courtney A

    You should try Whataburger burger! That’s way better burger than Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

  • Darena Bryant
    Darena Bryant

    Meat can have water added to it to boost the weight. The fact that the McDs burger lost the most is more suspicious than a sign of it being the 'juiciest'. Combined with the fact that the patty was already suspiciously underweight from the start...

  • Slowed Beats
    Slowed Beats

    Carl’s Jr. Superstar best out there

  • Director Orson Krennic
    Director Orson Krennic

    I think Whataburger would have won the competition, hands-down, had it been able to compete. Fite me in the comments

  • Travis Stindt
    Travis Stindt

    Kinda want to see TKOR and Evan&Kaitlynn do a collab.

  • Lou DeLuca
    Lou DeLuca

    It's not called The Dave. The burger you got from Wendy's is called Dave's Triple (that's why there were 3 patties). I personally usually get the Dave's Single which is only one patty.

  • Deadmanscastle

    It’s not very fair cause McDonald’s freezes there meat and Wendy’s doesn’t. I literally have a family member who used to work there for a starter part time job and he knew how the burgers came

  • Glaciergirl V2
    Glaciergirl V2

    You could have just kept them all the same size without trimming them by recording their weight before dehydrating them.

  • Hirokichi

    i miss the old king of random

  • bobafruti

    I’m so hungry now...

  • Mostore

    Would be interesting if you were able to try from a fast-food chain called Max from Sweden. In my opinion they have better burgers than Mc Donald's.

  • Nick Urquhart
    Nick Urquhart

    Watching this on a night shift and now I'm hungry for burgers. Thanks for that..

  • usman the DeWalt King ッ
    usman the DeWalt King ッ

  • Ridom 127
    Ridom 127

    I want the old 2 crew not 5 lol

  • rosebrambles

    Need a burger now

  • MusicalWriter2

    I though this was food theory

  • geekygirl gaymesalot
    geekygirl gaymesalot

    So mcshiters has the juiciest interesting, still need rally's/checkers and Carl's jr/(forgot the other name they go by)

  • Diane T
    Diane T

    @ Callie, your hair looks awesome!!

  • Lylah Sorensen
    Lylah Sorensen

    Make a Big Mac Cotton candy

  • iCe Media Productions
    iCe Media Productions

    This video reminds me of why I have quit going to any fast food restaurant... It's so gross and sloppy. Seriously.. who wants a ketchup sandwich when they ask for a hamburger. Haven't been to burger king in over 5 years and haven't been to McDonalds.. not even for coffee for almost 2 years... Wendy's.. once in the last year for a chicken wrap.

  • Vincent Hildebrand
    Vincent Hildebrand

    Mm ground beef jerkey.....how about a burger shake turned into jerky? Will it last on the shelf?

  • david bass
    david bass

    The employees at mcdonalds really does put their blood, sweat and tears into their burgers.

  • DarkChylde

    I work at one of the 3. You could have easily just asked for Just a pattie and also made fresh. In a FF kitchen, the meat has a possibility of sitting for a time period, in which they do loose moisture. Not to mention they are all cooked differently. BK is flame broiled, McD is frozen and cooked on a flat top, and Wendys is fresh patties cooked on a flat top with a flat lid top.

  • NnH Kairyu-sama
    NnH Kairyu-sama

    Confirmed Summer 2021: TKOR's Meat Crackers™.

  • Louis-Philippe Gingras
    Louis-Philippe Gingras

    The quarter pound doesn't weight a quarter pound. More like a 16% pound. So who's sueing MCDONALD'S ?

    • Impreziv 02
      Impreziv 02

      It's based on precooked weight. They even said it in the video.

  • I am Dom
    I am Dom

    You guys should have done this with MatPat on Food Theory. It would be a great collab.

  • Stephen Decker
    Stephen Decker

    Instead of triming why didn't you do percentages

  • RobDewLags

    Idk why yall didn't just do percentages instead of matching the weight

  • RobDewLags

    (Before watching) My guess is mcdonalds because mine are always dripping with grease

  • DolphinLunaSol

    Why do they videos never include DQ is there not any DQs in USA???

  • Jay Flow
    Jay Flow

    Cali looks so different from videos she did in like late 2019 to early 2020 i haven't noticed it was here in last few videos

  • Malarkey Laboratories
    Malarkey Laboratories

    does anybody else still call them hamboogers

  • Jesse Elderd
    Jesse Elderd

    Do it to five guys !


    FYI From a McDonald’s worker you could just order the meat

  • Leonie Tame
    Leonie Tame

    Can you do the best way to cook and eat churos with (My spelling is a bit bad)

  • Molly McFadden
    Molly McFadden

    You could have just ordered the patties by themselves

  • Adam Metzger
    Adam Metzger

    They were probably all processed in the same facility.


    Use your science to save lives... CURE FOR COVID + CANCER= gcMaf ... your welcome... Do your own research. WHO controlls the agenda. gcMaf is cheaper to make than any vaccine and the government need to get behind gcMaf NOW!!!!

  • HuntedbyHunters

    I would like a whole pack of meat crackers.

  • Trace Chambers
    Trace Chambers

    you’re telling me you got a mcdonalds burger with no cheese and they actually put no cheese BECAUSE EVERYTIME I GO I ORDER NO CHEESE AND THEY PUT ON CHEESE WHAT THE HECK

    • Jdbye

      Next time order with cheese on only half the burger. That means half a slice of cheese off to one side.

  • Thomas Gires
    Thomas Gires

    I should not be watching this while hungry :D

  • jimbo111589

    That BK whopper patty was burnt. Knew it would lose.

  • Super Mouse Digital
    Super Mouse Digital

    No In n Out?, no Five Guys?, no Jack in the Box? ( I know there are more but thats all I have ever had plus the others they showed)

  • YEP CrazyA
    YEP CrazyA

    I think harveys has the juiciest burger in my city

    • River Otter
      River Otter

      Spot the Canadian

  • Sofia L Yao
    Sofia L Yao

    Ah yes the two sizes, Standard and Larger.

  • Kaidance

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s confused as to why they cut down the patty when they could’ve just calculated the percentages and gotten much more precise results.

  • Alexander Newman
    Alexander Newman

    the only problem with getting a lot of fast food the juice's evaporate after only 10 minutes and depending on if you ordered fresh food the products have been sitting in a holding cabnet so that they dont have to cook every single burger fresh

  • adib zikri bin yusli
    adib zikri bin yusli

    Hahahahahahaha, juicinest go brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Jeffrey Hewitt
    Jeffrey Hewitt

    I would like to see how Five Guys compares.

  • Ben Chris
    Ben Chris

    I wonder what grabt thinks of this as he looks down from heaven... he will forever be missed :(

  • Sam McFadden
    Sam McFadden

    Thanks, now i want all of them 😕

  • Zurkster

    We don't get as many choices in the UK, but between Mc Donald burgers and Burger King's, Burger King wins hands down, but should do considering the price difference between them.

  • Kevin Weil
    Kevin Weil

    I kind of want to go to a fast food place and ask for just the burger now :).

  • bobbycone2

    Carl's Jr!!!... Wish I had one near me but they all left. 😭

    • bobbycone2

      @VoltisArt oh yeah. Used to go to them a long time ago in Road trips out east. I'm in Dallas and there's not too many Carl's Jr's here.

    • VoltisArt

      For those travelling East and looking for familiar fast food, Carl's Jr. is called Hardee's. They still use the star and same style of branding.

  • stickybuns

    Does MatPat and FoodTheory know you're doing this? 😏😉🤣

  • Johanna Verplank
    Johanna Verplank

    I really don’t think there are any conclusions you can take away from this.

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    So, it all boils down to leaves the most grease on the meat. Easy...Wendy's.

  • Timmy Timmy
    Timmy Timmy

    If you could have only put a Goodburger and a Mondo Burger in there.

  • Jake Pearce
    Jake Pearce

    You should put bath bombs in liquid nitrogen and fire

  • Allen Barksdale
    Allen Barksdale

    Ima say BK before I watch

  • Mysterygamer MGClues
    Mysterygamer MGClues

    no lie i would just munch on the burger meat.

  • Thomas Olson
    Thomas Olson

    Whopper is the winner here. Use your brain and figure out why.

  • Danny_Light3

    Basically the overall consensus I'm getting is that, Burger King is the best. In terms of size, price, flavor and juiciness combined. I kinda already knew that though.

  • meanwhile someone
    meanwhile someone

    Day 3 of asking tkor to fill a printer's ink tanks with the wrong color kind of ink and maybe something else

  • tjsynkral

    I feel like the more important question is whether it's beef juice or water that provide the moisture. @TheWolfePit talks about the scam of frozen "waterburgers" a lot.

    • Jdbye

      To be fair, beef juices are mostly water.

  • Joe Kim
    Joe Kim

    Why not keep the burgers are their original weight and just get the % of weight difference?

  • TacticallyD Gaming
    TacticallyD Gaming

    Can you cast molten obsidian or do something interesting with it?

  • The BFG
    The BFG

    It would be interesting to see the actual chemical break down of these meats to see if "100 % all beef patty" is actually all beef. Also to see what other chemicals are in these meats.

    • hotrodpaully1

      You probably would not want to know what all in them

  • Kassie Butt
    Kassie Butt

    I have an idea, put dry ice in caramel

  • Douglas H
    Douglas H

    Wouldn't it have been easier just to order all the burgers plane? That way you wouldn't of had to scrape all the condiments off

  • Shriraj Pednekar
    Shriraj Pednekar

    2:37 that's what she said

  • Sai Thej
    Sai Thej

    can you do devils toothpaste expiriments

  • J B
    J B

    Those things look like turds

  • Denise Jenkins
    Denise Jenkins

    random idea what happens when u leave a hot dog in water to long and then freeze dry it PLS PIC MEEEEEEE PLZZZZZZZZ

  • Audrey Doneghue
    Audrey Doneghue


  • DIY Studios
    DIY Studios

    You should have tried mrBeast burgers

  • the green fox commander
    the green fox commander

    This is like something i would expect Food theory to do xD

  • Alex Filipiak
    Alex Filipiak

    I see you picked 3 fast foods but what about the others??? There is dairy queen, Hardee's or carals Jr, Jack in the box, and sonic just to name a few.

  • I simp for MHA&The amigops
    I simp for MHA&The amigops

    Is anyone else in love with Callie's hair

    • I simp for MHA&The amigops
      I simp for MHA&The amigops

      @VERITAS2816 eh I love her hair but I kinda get what your saying like she's the person that like no matter what hair style she can pull it off because like something that she has its understandable

    • VERITAS2816

      @I simp for MHA&The amigops I'm not going to lie. Callie scares me just with her sheer amount of enthusiasm. She can pull of anything because of it. So do I like it? I think so but that could be just because she can pull it off. Kinda like the episode where she put all of her hair under a hat for a minute to make us think she shaved her head.

    • I simp for MHA&The amigops
      I simp for MHA&The amigops

      @VERITAS2816 she changes her hair everytime every vid but do you like it

    • VERITAS2816

      I haven't decided yet. I'm not a habitual watcher, how long has it been like that and why did it change?

  • Kevin Sabins
    Kevin Sabins

    Wow... not scientific... if this were the basis of a high school science fair experiment, you would immediately be flagged...

  • Patrick Beaton
    Patrick Beaton

    we know Cali likes wendy's, what's Nates go to burger ? l loves mcdonald's, but whoppers with cheese...🤤...🍔🍔🍟

  • Steve Neil
    Steve Neil

    You should test how juicy a home cooked Burger is ?

  • Glen Hunn G&P Custom Fabrication LLC.
    Glen Hunn G&P Custom Fabrication LLC.

    Juicy is just what a marketing genius came up with to replace greasy.

  • videogame1291

    now I need to try freeze dried burger patties

  • the dot giver
    the dot giver


  • Anthony Piper
    Anthony Piper

    Please can you fres driy stak

  • John Kirsopp
    John Kirsopp

    Test frozen vs fresh at home. Wendy's claims that their burgers are "better" because the patties are fresh. Put that to the test in a "home kitchen"

  • Mama ideas
    Mama ideas

    Allah pak apko or apky waldein ko achi sahet wali zindgi atta frmay aamin aamin......please meri recpi which krin or like krin please and thanks ''

  • Pref Anon
    Pref Anon

    The dinosaur burger from wendys

  • Aaliya Ahsan
    Aaliya Ahsan

    Yeah im sick

  • Will McCarson
    Will McCarson

    Make a giant burger 🍔



  • Home DAD
    Home DAD

    Turned off after a minute of annoying background music.

  • Sam Kibby
    Sam Kibby

    Wouldnt it have been easier if you had just used the original weight vs weight lost and came up with a percentage?