DIY Exothermic Reaction Suit!
Today we are attaching hundreds of hand warmers to clothing to see if they acn act as a winter coat. Will they actually keep you warm??
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What other hand warmer experiments do you want to see??

    • Tae'lor Williams
      Tae'lor Williams

      How many does it take to cook a steak

    • Tae'lor Williams
      Tae'lor Williams

      Cooking a steak with one

    • Audrey Doneghue
      Audrey Doneghue

      try to make a giant hand warmer

    • Jackson Rodabaugh
      Jackson Rodabaugh

      make a boot.

    • FlySky35

      @Majeed's Gaming Same here!

  • Kenzie G
    Kenzie G

    "I'm gonna keep the pants" probably smart on LV-home Nate lol

  • samantha belt
    samantha belt

    omg you have to shake them so they activate before you apply them you should have been super warm with that many... like 3-5 keep me full body warm when its cold out.

  • Zach Palmer
    Zach Palmer

    can you make thermite with handwarmers?

  • Heya Kiddo It's me! Your best bud!
    Heya Kiddo It's me! Your best bud!

    8:21 ~ 8:25 Grace ( while running through snow looking like a swan ) : " I've never seen snow like this! " Me: " I'VE NEVER SEEN SNOW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! ='D "

  • Matthew Moore2020
    Matthew Moore2020

    Y'all should put gas or oil on some clothes and wash it then dry it

  • Audrey Doneghue
    Audrey Doneghue

    try to make a giant hand warmer

  • P0tat07

    So it’s an exo skeleton

  • 1tzyakingnub

    4:50, you thought I didn't catch that eh? XD

  • SPA5E

    The hugh with Grace was so cute

  • 권준현

    7:38 So.. can you cook some meat with hand warmers?

  • KaityMay_ClayDesigns

    Wow only 25°!?... I was imagining it much colder. A couple weeks ago it was -17 with wind chill making it feel like -20

  • Joatle

    I want a dome :p

  • robloxplayer123 4
    robloxplayer123 4


  • IckATick

    YAY! Mark!!!

  • Jamesicy

    Pocket pet food nice

  • 杨丽英


  • Lisa

    Grace is the cutest little pixie of a human and I love her.

  • Jay †hə Pocket
    Jay †hə Pocket

    I'm just assuming that's Nate's (wife?) "Grace" making sure Kali isn't wrapping Nate in warm duct tape? 😂😉♌📛

  • eMuu u
    eMuu u

    can you cook with hand warmers?

  • KLight Entertainment
    KLight Entertainment

    Try to cook meat like shrimp or fish with the hand warmers maybe even chicken or steak

  • Gavin Blair
    Gavin Blair

    Does keep heat under water for long periods of time?

  • niki123489

    Don't try to get on a plane wearing those things. It will be a little suspicious.

  • Becky Murphy
    Becky Murphy

    So...what would happen if you combined Nate's hand-warmer suit and Grace's Crisco suit?

  • Sofia Minor
    Sofia Minor

    "Were not trying to hurt Nate." Grace: "Your not." 🤣

  • DragonCatGaming worrior
    DragonCatGaming worrior

    Hey is that song when you put the hand warmers on the chip flake intro? Sure sounds like it in some parts

  • LewTV

    Can you launch a high speed projectile at a block of that casting silicone stuff and then cast the projectile cavity ? That would be cool to see

  • salty nasir
    salty nasir

    It looks like a robber A bank robbery

  • tatari besas
    tatari besas

    Can you do a mythbusters type content?anybody wanna see that from tkor?

  • Jacob Lloyd
    Jacob Lloyd

    Maybe put together a hand warmer vacuum chamber and test it out with pure oxygen well

  • FlySky35

    I love watching Grace put the handwarmers on Nate like she's decorating a Christmas tree lmao

  • Dakota Collins
    Dakota Collins

    This reminds me of patrick and spongebob using sandys fur to stay warm

  • Capri Gamer
    Capri Gamer

    **catches on fire**

  • David Hickman
    David Hickman

    He looks like the where's waldo guy

  • ProFactions Minecraft
    ProFactions Minecraft

    Where is this dome!?

  • Dalton Pokemon and gaming
    Dalton Pokemon and gaming

    did any one else hear Grace

  • Jimmy Newtron
    Jimmy Newtron

    Y'all need to do walk on water experiment

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    Me just over here like, it's so nice outttt! And it's literally 28°F lol. I'm a winter person. I don't even wear a coat unless for the wind chill. If I think it's cold, you know it must be COLD.

  • Freedomfro Chaos7
    Freedomfro Chaos7

    Nate and Grace can come to Minnesota got plenty of snow here

  • Mandy Hofstetter
    Mandy Hofstetter

    Nate: I have to take off clothing None of the girls have dollar bills to throw at him....

  • Ava Belle Cole
    Ava Belle Cole

    this was published on my bday!!

  • jayden ayala
    jayden ayala

    what would happen if you turn it on fire??

  • Einars Vanuska
    Einars Vanuska

    Should have get down in to the snow

  • LoraLou DJ Flowerdove
    LoraLou DJ Flowerdove

    Wow...that LOOK, from Callie @1:46!!

  • Steven Hinrichs
    Steven Hinrichs

    You need another layer of clothes over the hand warmers. They're losing a lot of heat to the outside air.

  • LunaPlays

    Looks like you are wearing a CGI suit haha

  • Ben G
    Ben G

    Something I would never expect to see lol

  • King

    You should try to make a giant hand warmer

  • Leah Lambert
    Leah Lambert

    Did anyone notice the 4x4 truck with there logo on

  • B

    I wonder what 'cold' means to them lol

  • SecureTheCosmetics TV
    SecureTheCosmetics TV

    Y’all I am new is Nate and Cali together???

  • Avocado UwU
    Avocado UwU

    Does anyone else think grace is adorable

  • steven hitchcock
    steven hitchcock

    At a minute 44 seconds when Callie says. "We're not trying to burn Nate." Abs the other girl says " you're not"... The look on Callie's face is priceless after that lmao

  • staterus

    nate seems cool.

  • Terry Rucks
    Terry Rucks

    What would happen if you put air in an air compressor while reducing the pressure on the out sid of the holding tank, I assume the tank will fail at some point. What do you think team.

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion

    7:10 Ok who in TKOR actually played MK2 to know that reference?

  • it's më líly
    it's më líly

    Callie's face after grace said "ur not" 🖐️👁️👄👁️

  • A Shevy T.P.C
    A Shevy T.P.C

    Try to heat a pan with hand warmers to fry eggs

  • Napoleon Dynamite
    Napoleon Dynamite

    It was funny how Grace hugged Nate when he had all of those warmers on

  • Poppie Searchfield
    Poppie Searchfield

    This is me at a festival!! I put a handwarmer in every available pocket and one in each boot and glove. At night I fill the bottom of my sleeping bag with about 6 and tape one to each wrist!

  • Drew Roussey
    Drew Roussey

    Make a snowball launcher

  • Travis Greatorex
    Travis Greatorex

    Love the Ed Tobias (I think?) cameo!

  • Bronwyn Gnagy
    Bronwyn Gnagy

    Replace a MRE heat pack with hand warmers. Using the water the same way. What happens if you do the tabasco trick? Adding water to straight powder?

  • Thadeus Coffin
    Thadeus Coffin


  • Melissa Fruge
    Melissa Fruge

    Why did you change the name and picture on the video?

  • Intalan Campbell
    Intalan Campbell

    Why eat in the snow? That would be way to cold for me js

  • Giraffe space trails gamer
    Giraffe space trails gamer

    You’ve done what I’ve always dreamed of doing lol making hand warmers into clothing or cover whole body with them

  • Damian Sitkiewicz
    Damian Sitkiewicz

    Why nobody told it was sponsored?

  • Jason Mclister
    Jason Mclister


  • OFF-Grid HillBilly Style
    OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

    Wow a custom truck. Nice guys

  • NORFIE123456

    I refuse to believe Grace has had such a shielded childhood...

  • J. Kosker
    J. Kosker

    Your car says TKOR on it!😲

  • christian castillo
    christian castillo

    Or you could just live in Cali SD where its 70° almost all year round

  • Laird Waller
    Laird Waller

    1:42 grace seemed to have other plans

  • Arne Winters
    Arne Winters

    omg love grace her comment its so funny

  • Orange Chungus
    Orange Chungus

    Nate looks like a prisoner

  • JRR31984

    Thumbs up.

  • JRR31984

    Lol, it works but that's a two plus person job. They should make a shirt just for them. B-)

  • JRR31984

    7:15. Lol. SPEAK.

  • JRR31984

    5:05. Adding a layer of clothing after you wrapped them on you, would probably show more of what the pads can do for you....

  • angel whispers
    angel whispers

    Getto motion capture. Roflmao

  • RedLadyBug 91
    RedLadyBug 91

    I’m always cold so this idea would be ideal

  • Sniper Master
    Sniper Master

    You should sow a bunch to gather by the flaps and make a vest

  • Boti Gamer
    Boti Gamer

    Next: try hand warmers taped to skin

  • Sandra Forever
    Sandra Forever

    I love seeing how excited Grace is about the snow

  • Kason Wallace
    Kason Wallace

    Can you cook with hand warmers?

  • Bryan Me
    Bryan Me

    What happens if you microwave hand sanitizer?

  • Fox Gamer
    Fox Gamer

    Imagine how the neighbors react to all of their experiments

  • Papugamaya

    Do you think Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic killing everyone? I dont..

  • 2422mj Crazy duck
    2422mj Crazy duck

    I got so many warmers now I'll use them this video is now my favorite

  • A SF
    A SF

    ''It's really cold'' There is 3 or 4 feet of snow here

  • i2010mac

    Dang we need then in tx last week is was in the teens 🥶🥶

  • the late night gamer
    the late night gamer

    Snowpiercer alternative ending 😂😂

  • Utopss AKA PJ
    Utopss AKA PJ

    7:08 Mortal Kombat easter egg 😀👍

  • Dude On A Cow
    Dude On A Cow

    Nate: I am gonna keep my hat, my shirt and my pants. Me: * Remembering Nate taking a shower before getting in the salt tub. * Thank goodness.

  • Robert Cuillo
    Robert Cuillo

    It works much better if the hand warmers are under your clothes. It would keep the heat inside. Keeping them outside wastes so much heat.

  • Jackson Rodabaugh
    Jackson Rodabaugh

    where do you live?

  • Sarah Ardila
    Sarah Ardila

    Imagine wearing this out in public

  • Fixwertears

    Yόȕ ẳŗȇ 丅ȟȇ ҟ׀冂ɠ όӻ ŗẳ冂ȡόɱ! yόȕ ẳŗȇ 丅ȟȇ ҟ׀冂ɠ όӻ 丅ȟȇ 丅ȇȿ丅ȇŗȿ. Yόȕ ẳŗȇ 丅ȟȇ ҟ׀冂ɠ όӻ ɱẳҟȇŗȿ. Yόȕ ɱ׀ɠȟ丅 ɓȇ 丅ȟȇ ҟ׀冂ɠ όӻ ȿȕɓȿㄈŗ׀ɓȇŗ'ȿ. (Does anyone agree with me?)

  • Murtti Gobena
    Murtti Gobena

    I thought you said you're not going to put it on your hat

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