Is the 5 Second Rule Real?
Today we are using Glo Germ and blacklight to show how germs are transfered from place to place. Is the 5 second rule real?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    Who still uses the 5 second rule??

    • Jelleybean18

      Hopefully no one during this pandemic...

    • Muhd Amin
      Muhd Amin

      @Morrigan KASA yea

    • Morrigan KASA
      Morrigan KASA

      I do for certain situations like raw veggies and depending on where dropped simply rinse then eat.

    • Amanda Nuesse
      Amanda Nuesse


    • OnGoing Bucket
      OnGoing Bucket


  • CT-4274

    Coat Grace in Glow Germ and put her in a room with only UV light.

  • Jelleybean18

    Callie touched her face after touching Thanos! I would have liked to see the black light on her face!!

  • Jelleybean18

    Grace! You gotta watch the Avengers! You’ll love it!!

  • Jelleybean18

    As a germaphobe this is making me nervous before watching it

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith

    Dr. Fauci would enjoy this.

  • Dillon Bilan
    Dillon Bilan

    You didn't check her hands after she washed them

  • Yt swetz
    Yt swetz

    Can we just say how she says thanos thanis

  • Chad Reynolds
    Chad Reynolds

    You should have shined it on her face to see if she touched her face at any time during the contamination.

  • Lyttle Woodstock
    Lyttle Woodstock

    Love the new integration of The Mythbusters “Flu Episode” test.

  • DekaAvalanche

    where is kevin?

  • taloninnovations2012

    You guys are the best!!🤯😇🤟✌️🧠

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    just saying you dont wash your hands in pure germs on a normal bases

  • Yoarashi

    Clean whole world 24/7

  • Adin Wischer
    Adin Wischer

    5:23 haha

  • Patty Wieder
    Patty Wieder

    From my 6yo: "I want to see them play with the lego set that they built!"

    • Spruce Mouthman
      Spruce Mouthman

      typical 6yo nonsense..

    • Yt swetz
      Yt swetz

      That’s cute

  • Jake Orvin
    Jake Orvin

    See what non stick pans are best by how much glow germ it holds.

  • Stacy P
    Stacy P

    Put Glo Germ on your hands for 24 hours around your house to see all the places it gets on within 24 hours.

  • nexik3

    You guys should do a nerd video like Thebackyardscientist on liquid/soft metal reactions but y'all's own spin off

  • Kzoo Kid
    Kzoo Kid

    Showing how to safely take off the gloves would have been helpful.

  • Ava Godden
    Ava Godden

    I really prefer the other two 😂

  • NPG

    All these germaphobe videos are getting ridiculous. We all lived perfectly fine before covid. Yes covid is bad but now everyone is a germaphobe freak. You won't ever ever EVER get away from germs.

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton

    You dont know who thanos is???? Hows that rock you been living under lol

  • nuclearzeus

    Try putting orbeez in the freeze dryer

  • Emile Dorsey
    Emile Dorsey

    If non toxic put it on one kids hands and let them loose by themselves or with a couple other kids in a play room for 30-45 minutes then check them, the stuff in the room and the room... Lol

  • Nick VanderSchee
    Nick VanderSchee

    That's why we have an immune system. You can actually hurt your immune system if you never expose it to anything. So in reality there's a balance here.

  • Mephusto West
    Mephusto West

    Did anyone see Cali touch her hair/face before she knew about the simulated germs?

  • The mobileverse
    The mobileverse

    I would love to see you cook 2 chicken dinners with the chicken soaked in glow germ. One cooked the right way and one never changing any equipment or cut board to show the spread of e.Coli

  • MrSir

    The torch will be covered, cup, bench. Interesting how it spreads so quickly. But I used to eat dirt n grass, and I'm still OK lol

  • Omarr Hernandez
    Omarr Hernandez

    Not the best host. Miss the old videos with nick and his other female co-worker it’s not the same anymore

  • Cameron Schultz
    Cameron Schultz

    It's bad because people who haven't seen avengers knows who Thanos is lol

  • Destiny Williams
    Destiny Williams

    Thanos knew Grace would disappoint him with thai video so he snapped away half of the views on this video

  • Destiny Williams
    Destiny Williams

    Who's down to go kidnap Grace and make her watch all the Avengers movies?

  • Chris Wulf
    Chris Wulf

    Hi Mythbusters do this already and the busted it and the double dipping too

  • BeccaB90

    My culinary teacher used this to teach us how to wash our hands for working in a kitchen.

  • Gd IXK SA CA MD JackAttack
    Gd IXK SA CA MD JackAttack

    Here before a million ticket here and the n word pass here ⏬

  • Super Stuff
    Super Stuff

    Fun fact: Every new TKOR vid has at least 100 comments that say, "first."

  • Malcolm Geldmacher
    Malcolm Geldmacher

    Anyone else feel like they’re actively trying to lower their average viewer age? Recently, I’ve felt like they talk more like they’re talking to kids.

  • Amor Van Der Sandt
    Amor Van Der Sandt

    Test out diffrent sanitisers to see which one gets the germs off the best



  • Justin Winsbro
    Justin Winsbro

    I I was in elementary school they had like a health fair fair or something like that one day and they set up this tent light thing that was dark inside and had Black lights in it and they gave us some go germ to put it on our hands after we washed our hands Then we went in the room so how dirty our hands were and then we came out wash them again and then we went in to see how clean they were it was cool

  • Dissa1

    In preschool our teacher taught us about germs using glitter! Apparently we (my twin brother and i) had our mom replacing the hand towels in the bathroom + kitchen every day and she wasn't happy 😆

  • ;-;

    is the four second rule real?

  • Firehawk3672

    "cut my hands off" no wait, she may be onto something there, with no hands, we cant grab stuff, and if we cant grab stuff we cant spread germs, BOOM problem solved!

    • Cody, Aight
      Cody, Aight

      “This one handy trick will end COVID”

  • Brandi Ruble
    Brandi Ruble

    YES this great way to educate people who don't understand cross contaimanation . I had various work in food industry and taken clasese to share as trainer for others. The concept is not even taked about on yt and drives me up the wall epe long hair hanging down in shows. One day the stand mixer going to be wake up for them.

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman

    Hand shakes vs high five. But with a bunch of people. How many people till there is no glow?

  • Hotdog Christmas
    Hotdog Christmas

    Short answer:no Your welcome so you don’t have to watch kenn and grace

  • Marten Schrage
    Marten Schrage

    This reminds me of the gas station cashier that uses gloves but never changes them.

  • Janette Larson
    Janette Larson

    So how glowy is the the black light barrel?

  • David K
    David K

    And the point of the guy on the remote connection??

  • Alfredo

    who are these, we want Nate

  • A Rose From Concrete
    A Rose From Concrete

    It's so I didn't get notified about this

  • Crazy Adventurer
    Crazy Adventurer

    This doesn’t really prove the 5 second rule

  • Chris Burgdorf
    Chris Burgdorf

    looks like grace has a black eye

  • Zachary Saja
    Zachary Saja

    calli oh great

  • Zachary Saja
    Zachary Saja

    what happened to Kevin

  • Zachary Saja
    Zachary Saja

    not me

  • Lea Mong
    Lea Mong

    The spots on the cup looked sprinkled, shouldn't the show your finger prints or something?

  • Meren Imchen
    Meren Imchen

    “I'm Jeremy”

  • XeroTheTrap

    Its ok to eat off the floor

  • Egmont van Eeden
    Egmont van Eeden

    What would chloroform and dry ice together

  • Ryan Shepeck
    Ryan Shepeck

    You could test: "Is it safer to be a bench warmer than the star player on your basketball team?" as it applies to the spread of germs. Have a player be infected and see how many others end up getting their germs, or fully contaminate the ball and see how many other objects (backboard, the ground from dribbling) get germs spread onto them.

  • Kael Games
    Kael Games

    Wasn’t there some unused pieces on the worktop from the lego set??? Also thanos... grace needs to watch avengers now.

  • mac tire free
    mac tire free

    i remember usig this stuff in cub scouts.

  • Fathomistic Fantasy
    Fathomistic Fantasy

    Here is my question. Why do we need a pandemic to be a reason to wash our hands. Should we not have been doing this all along? After you go to the restroom, before you eat, and when your done doing something that is messy like cleaning a horse stall? LOL

  • Silent Wolf
    Silent Wolf

    It's sickening how often you plagiarise the TV series "Mythbusters".

  • Brooklyn Ginter
    Brooklyn Ginter

    You should wash your hands and then put the gloves on and see how much germs are on your hand. The gloves don't completely keep your hands clean

  • Brandon DPersonal
    Brandon DPersonal

    However you did start playing with the legos when your hands were still wet.

  • John Clark
    John Clark

    I learned all of this years ago from an episode of that was a sad one too

  • lostboytnt1

    should have put the blacklight on her face, to see how many times she touched her face. I know cali did.

  • fasfan

    So Calli is so offended that Grace hasn't seen Avengers and yet it was Calli who told her it was pronounced "Thanis" at first. Lol

  • fasfan

    How many people in the comments are correcting them that its "LEGO" and not "LEGOS".

  • Chloe Burpee
    Chloe Burpee

    When grace knocked of the head all I could think of that scene from infinity war where Thor tries to thanos is just like ‘you should have gone for the head.’

  • Wired Murdoc
    Wired Murdoc

    8:54 The coffee cup had already germs in it.. It was not clean.

  • Lunarmane

    15 seconds of fame. And 5 seconds for that burrito that you dropped on the beach one time. Put those rules to shame in 10 seconds.

  • david pigan
    david pigan

    Try to make printed dessert by butting Chocolate,frosting,glaze,etc in the ink cartridge, maybe even try to make a whole meal

  • Adi O.
    Adi O.

    Grace needs to go.

  • Wheelz75

    Can you use the glo germ to show how well washing your hands and hand sanitizer gets rid of germs?

  • Dalton Ballard
    Dalton Ballard

    Ahhh yes the mad titan THANIS!

  • joker gal
    joker gal

    I wonder what's different about Cali? I just can't put a finger on it.

  • Red Button TV1
    Red Button TV1

    where was the 5 sec rule test? 0o

  • CarlOfDuty98

    I'm surprised of how much people actually don't already know things like this

  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia


  • avocado chips mccosco
    avocado chips mccosco

    5 second rule is to tell people your not yucky when you are

  • EvilGenius 97
    EvilGenius 97

    I remember when the Mythbusters covered this myth

  • Heather Shaw
    Heather Shaw

    Myth Busters did this one a while ago. There are germs from the second the air touches anything.

  • Camp Herndon
    Camp Herndon

    Don't feel bad Grace, I haven't watched Avengers either. But you do still need to drink soda.

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde

    I'm certain I've already seen Alton Brown debunk the 5-second rule myth. And the funny part was, his experiment showed more bacterial growth from swabs taken off the floor than off of the sidewalk or the lawn.

  • The Faceless Gamer
    The Faceless Gamer

    Paint with the glow germ

  • Science Nelli
    Science Nelli

    Helping Thomas Reilley ask TKOR to make a giant jelly bean! Day 1

  • Shawn Peeples
    Shawn Peeples

    I love that you guys are doing "Social Distancing Science"! Not only highlights how easy germs spread but also shows that even you guys are taking precautions with the global pandemic. Nobody is exempt from getting/spreading. :)

  • Oakley Knapp
    Oakley Knapp

    Asking TKOR to make a giant jelly bean until they do. Day.... I don’t feel like thinking that much

  • Reagan Mays
    Reagan Mays

    What happens when you freeze dry chocolate 🧐🧐🧐

  • Reagan Mays
    Reagan Mays

    What happens when you deep fry an phone 🧐🧐🧐

  • Patrick Lombard
    Patrick Lombard

    💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

  • JeRK II
    JeRK II

    Grace was touching plastic bags of legos then using her teeth to open bags. Kelly after touching Lego touched her ear to move her hair. Should've black lighted those areas as they were secondary or even more and commentary

  • Timothy Fish
    Timothy Fish

    The problem with the glow germ stuff is that it gives the impression that you are in danger from all kinds of ordinary activities. Part of the reason the five second rule works is because our bodies are capable of destroying small amounts of germs. Many of the germs in foods are destroyed by the acid in our stomach. It takes a while for most bacteria to reproduce enough to overcome our immune system. "5 second rule" is just an easy way to communicate that without saying that it is always okay to eat off of the floor.

  • Matthew Lofton
    Matthew Lofton

    Fast fact: Everyone is horribly infected with viruses. Our DNA molecules consist of about 8% virus DNA that has been inserted into the strand. In contrast, the various genes that define who we are only take up about 1-2% of the space. The remainder is essentially a "library" of building manuals that tell the body how to build more DNA. Another fast fact: there are multiple types of DNA Something you wish you never found out: the bathroom is the cleanest place in your house (not because it's the most germ-free, but because we spend the most amount of time keeping it clean)

  • King of the Classroom
    King of the Classroom

    I really enjoy all the experiments you do! I will have to try this one out

  • Fitzgerald Tv
    Fitzgerald Tv

    atp yall Mythbusters 2.0