Is Crisco A Good Insulator?
In this video, we are exploring how arctic animals keep warm by recreating blubber with Crisco and Saran wrap.
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What else can we do with lard??

    • Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells
      Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells

      Lard is not the same thing as hydrogenated vegetable oil.

    • ben sharon
      ben sharon

      you can make a roux for gumbo or other butter recipes , candles or other wax stuff, and fuel with it

    • Paula Carroll
      Paula Carroll

      Crisco suit in a hot tub! ;)

    • Allie Janecek
      Allie Janecek

      Freeze dry it!

    • William Hollinger
      William Hollinger

      i would use it for fuel for fire.

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    I feel like a school teacher showed this to students

  • Tyler Beales
    Tyler Beales

    You could try the same experiment in a paint sute that way you would not have the plastic wrap fall off

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    It was probably saying low because the thermometer it's self was getting to cold

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    In 2nd grade my class did an experiment with this where we raced to see if it worked. On person hand their hand covered in crisco and another not and they both put their hands in icewater. That was fun. I completely forget about it till now

  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner

    That's just mean telling airplane when it's well known that dogs can't look up

  • Andrew Wensel
    Andrew Wensel

    "It's coming down heavily" Me: Laughs in Michigan

  • short shit
    short shit

    Don't know bout you but I don't grab a sweater till past -15°

  • Martin Juarez
    Martin Juarez

    Snapchat logo 😆

  • Tyler Evans
    Tyler Evans

    Do you know the muffin man?

  • Onca Stehlensie
    Onca Stehlensie

    could you in theory make a suit that is essentially bubble wrap, but instead of air bubbles it is crisco bubbles? would that work at mitigating the amount of crisco you used while still providing a layer? itd be more time consuming to fill, but curious if it would work

  • Randi Stewart
    Randi Stewart

    Use the bag to cover your hand before putting the bag covered Crisco bag. Him: scoops up Crisco with bare hands Me: You could use a spoon you know.

  • Mei Kiengsiri
    Mei Kiengsiri

    You should try making a crisco coat by sewing together two vinyl/plastic raincoats (one inside the other) and filling up the space between them with crisco. Should be cleaner and easier to put on and take off than seran wrap :)

  • Tre

    I’ve not been on here in a while who the heck are these ppl where’s Cali and Nate

  • OKLAoverland

    The magic school bus comes to life

  • Imperial Guard#20
    Imperial Guard#20

    Didn't The Magic School Bus do this years ago?

  • Daniel Markley
    Daniel Markley

    What app is that for Thermal Imaging (device looked like a smart phone to me)

  • Brian Pierce
    Brian Pierce

    1:50 "Because it gets really cold up in Antarctica at this time of year" 1. Polar Bears don't live in Antarctica. They live in the Arctic. 2. Antarctica is down, not up. 3. It's really cold in Antarctica all year round.

  • Double Dare Fan
    Double Dare Fan

    Keeps heat in, weighs 60 pounds, perfect for exercising in the winter. Note: Ditch the wrap; use a double suit.

  • ProdigyYGO

    King of random has really gone down hill.

  • Janelle Burke
    Janelle Burke

    Did she say “up in Antarctica” at 1:52. I thought it was south ahahha


    Go swimming in a suit of lard!

  • Mandy Estes
    Mandy Estes

    I’m so confused they she took the thermometer outside with her. It was likely reading Lo bc of device itself was freezing lol

  • Tommy Moon
    Tommy Moon

    5:00 That’s what she said :((

  • Ben Monroe
    Ben Monroe

    Test crisco Between layers of wet suits in the water, tests buoyancy and insulation.

  • Machineius

    Dump this kenan guy. He is annoying.

  • Jess Chan
    Jess Chan

    "didn't have to harm animals in the making." Does experiments with steak, milk etc.

  • Superskull85

    "it's coming down quite heavily" - - that's like oct/nov snow here ❄️

  • Desert Jack
    Desert Jack

    When grace showed the snow and said it was coming down heavy I was like try that in Grand lake Colorado and see if you can handle it

  • doug randall
    doug randall

    Should have pre chilled the lard in the hand experiment.

  • doug randall
    doug randall

    How can they still sell shortening? Who buys death in a can? Lard is actually better for you, but still pretty bad (but makes great pie crusts).

  • Steve carsley
    Steve carsley

    Grace and Kennen are so funny.

  • Shearper2

    do a polar bear dive while wearing a lard suit vs. a dry suit

  • jknap

    Does Kennen remind anyone else of the Duke from a certain Netflix show..

  • Disturbed One
    Disturbed One

    im just glad kennen was able to do some of the experiment

  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

    I might mean the batteries are low?

  • Dah G Man
    Dah G Man

    😂😂 its snowing, its coming down heavily 😂😂 in scotland we would can that a sprinkle, it ain't heavy till you can't see across a road

  • アレックスAlexander

    Should have used a dive suit (one or two sizes too large) and filled it up

  • GamingBoots

    seriously, you think you'll get frostbite in that weather???

  • lost soccos
    lost soccos

    i wouldnt call that "coming down hard"

  • CrissCross A.M
    CrissCross A.M

    for whatever reason i started imagining soldiers in very cold places having lard suits. also please make the lard suit a thing, like 2 layers of clothes with a layer of lard in between,

  • cletus martin
    cletus martin

    vegetable shortening is not the same as Lard, hope you at least got some product placement for this video

  • Odio

    Kennen: **Returns** TKOR team: Let’s freeze his hand!

  • Abby Mit
    Abby Mit

    Try miracle berries and really spicy food

  • Fatima Almasri [Student]
    Fatima Almasri [Student]

    can you freeze dry some stretch arm strong please

  • Ernie Werezak
    Ernie Werezak

    Today, February 6th 2021 in the Canadian prairies the temperature is minus 30 Celsius or a high -36 Celsius for overnight low. That would equal-22 and -33 Fahrenheit. This is not including any wind which makes it feel colder. Frrostbite can happen within seconds to minutes.

  • Kathryn Svendsen
    Kathryn Svendsen

    You never said what the thermometer reading low meant. Could it have been because the thermometer was too cold to work properly because it was outside with you?

  • Th3_FUZ10n

    You should try to make a boat i drive it on water with flex seal

  • DaHolyCanadian

    I think you guys uploaded mono to stereo and didn't convert

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom

    you smell like a cargill plant, and that is gross

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker

    Reminds me of that one episode of SpongeBob where Squidward gets incapsulate in cement.

  • Emile Dorsey
    Emile Dorsey

    Make a suit with tubes that you pump body temperature water through to simulate blood running through the fatty tissue... (He said "what if the crisco freezes so it makes you colder?")... Lol

  • James Stafford
    James Stafford

    You look like that tire company person

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan

    Looks like a mummy 😜😂😭

  • Leticia Garcia
    Leticia Garcia

    Maybe should have used a scuba suit with n without lard

  • WickedLucky200

    I’m confused I’m a bit of an og viewer where’d Cali and Nate go?

  • schnukes

    we need a donkey with lard!

  • jimbo111589

    I hope this doesn’t awaken something in me.

  • Totally Legit
    Totally Legit

    wrap me in plastic and make me shine

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins

    ew but since you asked: break ice in a pool and bob around in an improved lard suit; ice over the pool is part of the experiment.

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez

    Omg her legs 😻

  • Genaveive the bimmer
    Genaveive the bimmer

    If you're trying to make your own blubber you should try eating it

  • Kristin Kittel
    Kristin Kittel

    Next time I cover myself in

  • Ashley Mitchell
    Ashley Mitchell

    He could’ve just used a large spoon or spatula to scoop it into the bag lol

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez


  • 7 ten
    7 ten


  • Evan Boyar
    Evan Boyar

    I really appreciate Kennen's notes on experimental design and the decision to not use animal products in this video.

  • corey hamby
    corey hamby

    This test would have worked with anything thick enough to keep the cold off of your skin

  • Weskimo Jo
    Weskimo Jo

    “It gets incredibly cold up in Antarctica during these times”

    • Watch Hill
      Watch Hill

      Thank you for showing me I wasn't the only person that caught that.


    Can you make more desktop weapons

  • Jayden Walz
    Jayden Walz

    “It’s actually snowing outside right now.” “It’s coming down pretty heavily” Antarctica: Am I a joke to you?

  • Jason Vigil
    Jason Vigil

    Soooo cringy!!!!

  • Sean Benton
    Sean Benton

    I'm from Alaska you all have like 0 snow...

  • Zach Peters
    Zach Peters

    "Blubber contains blubber..."

  • Kamden Miguel
    Kamden Miguel

    I’m 104% impressed!

  • kyle vanderwal
    kyle vanderwal

    Slimey yet satisfying.

  • Hithin P
    Hithin P

    polar bears are not from Antarctica "scientists".

  • Dabb

    Lol he was having too much fun with that crisco 😂😂🕵🏾

  • We The People
    We The People

    Don't get me wrong, I love TKoR and the things I learn here, BUT.... 1:50 Did she say UP in ANTARCTICA?

  • Gage the Demon Slayer
    Gage the Demon Slayer

    Grace just looks like she would wear this regularly. Lol

  • fishy boy
    fishy boy


    • It’s Loki Girlie
      It’s Loki Girlie

      @fishy boy I'm not a boomer lol

    • fishy boy
      fishy boy

      @It’s Loki Girlie np witch mean no prob

    • It’s Loki Girlie
      It’s Loki Girlie

      @fishy boy thank you!

    • fishy boy
      fishy boy

      I subscribed to your cannel!

    • It’s Loki Girlie
      It’s Loki Girlie

      @fishy boy I’m 12!

  • Game on 360
    Game on 360

    Can you please do some life hacks please like the old time’s

  • rachel gilmore
    rachel gilmore

    thin you wrapped this up perfectly Grace lol....

  • vein barazi
    vein barazi

    i thoght u guys died-

  • Maanhaar Jackal
    Maanhaar Jackal


  • Ikonicgemchoice

    freeze dry and boil it!!

  • Garrett Wedding
    Garrett Wedding

    make a lard igloo

  • Sapphire Gabbitas
    Sapphire Gabbitas

    Kennin its quarters NOT foths

  • reverendsquirrel

    Vegetable shortening is NOT LARD, and continuing to call it lard is obnoxious and makes you look ignorant and hateful. Also, I want more Kennen; he's probably the smartest in the group and we see him the least.

  • Tinkering With Tech
    Tinkering With Tech

    wow, still pretty hot + 60 lbs lol

  • isaac arnett
    isaac arnett

    I want to see the private sector use this as an insulation for cold weather clothing. Not specifically “lard” but maybe a synthetic fatty substance

    • The Keeper
      The Keeper

      Would be very difficult to keep stable (not runny) at temperatures approaching body temp. And it would let zero moisture out, so you be covered in sweat in no time... Might work for gloves though, as hands generally stay a bit cooler than your core.

  • Roger Fincher
    Roger Fincher

    How do you still have snow!

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King

    Please help

  • That Galaxy Nut
    That Galaxy Nut

    There’s a trick where you puts bar of ivory soap in the microwave and it looks like a cloud I wanted to see if any other types of soap bars work?

  • Genixii 999
    Genixii 999

    Grace be my queen ❤️

  • Crystal L
    Crystal L

    I feel like its important to point out that Crisco is not lard. Despite it being referred to repeatedly as such.

    • The Keeper
      The Keeper

      To be fair, it has almost the same properties as lard.

  • Joseph Osorio
    Joseph Osorio

    I liked this experiment. I wonder if there is a way to make a 'lard' like clothing to be used in arctic environments. Let's go beyond the thermal underwear our grand parents used to wear :)

  • csikós Márk
    csikós Márk

    Casheer: why do you need this much Lard Me: you dont want to know Also me:

    • hubertnnn

      Next day: 1 lard per customer.

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon Hunter

    I not thought of this

  • stephen smith
    stephen smith

    floating in a swimming pool with a new and improved lard suit plss

2,4 milj.