This Rancher is Extra Jolly!
Today we melt down hundreds of jolly ranchers to make one giant TKOR jolly rancher. How big is the final product??
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
#tkor #thekingofrandom

  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    What candy have we not made GIANT yet??

    • Gremlin Child
      Gremlin Child

      Can you guys make a giant ring pop please!!!

    • Tyler Rieman
      Tyler Rieman

      @Wyatt Green - WLM Student I don't think it would make sense for them to do that since there are companies that already do that. Unless you're talking about a gummy worm that's as long as Grace is tall.

    • Elizabeth Thorsen
      Elizabeth Thorsen

      @Will Snyder they have.

    • Elizabeth Thorsen
      Elizabeth Thorsen

      Ring pops. Dots. Lol not sure.

    • lyfee Zamn
      lyfee Zamn

      Giant Ring Pop

  • Megan C
    Megan C

    grape is like the worst flavor to try blue is where its at

  • Batool Jafri
    Batool Jafri

    Cali has Ben looking different since 2020


    Who don't like great jolly ranchers me preferably I like the blue ones but still you put it in your mouth and you make a nasty face what the f***

  • jaylon jordan
    jaylon jordan

    try nerds😂

  • Braden Williams
    Braden Williams

    I’ve heard if you stick a jolly rancher to a car window and let it sit there for a while and then pull it off the car window will break

  • Kayli McGinnis
    Kayli McGinnis

    A giant Reesies peanut butter cup would be interesting

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez

    Jolly rancher ingot

  • Tyler Rieman
    Tyler Rieman

    We need to see a giant life savers candy, werther's caramel, hi-chew and/or an m&m!

  • Mitchel Cooper
    Mitchel Cooper

    Giant Nerds!

  • Charles Sexton
    Charles Sexton

    My daughter wants to know if you can make a giant tootsie roll.

  • M3rr

    Grats Callie

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner


  • LEGO Ki-Adi Mundi
    LEGO Ki-Adi Mundi

    I know it sounds pretty hard but a giant hot pocket?

    • LEGO Ki-Adi Mundi
      LEGO Ki-Adi Mundi

      Even though it’s not a candy

  • Mia and Gianna
    Mia and Gianna

    I have a Suggestion you should do a video with no edits pls tysm 😍

  • Zach Palmer
    Zach Palmer

    Giant Snickers or 3 Musketeers, please!

  • Brimannn

    Cali is looking rough!

  • vicroc4

    hard candy ingot

  • Crazy Edgar
    Crazy Edgar

    Make a giant ring pop watermelon 🤤🍇

  • Trenton Farris
    Trenton Farris

    I’ve been gone awhile, what happened to calli?

  • Noah Huckaby
    Noah Huckaby

    root beer barrels

  • Nate 1932
    Nate 1932

    I thought i was the only kid that likes veggies better then candy and sweets!

  • Daniel Gorzelany
    Daniel Gorzelany

    Can you make a 1 000 000 pound Reese’s penutbuter cup

  • Vic B
    Vic B

    Hey! What would happen if you put gummy worms in the microwave? Will it puff up? Or just slowly melt?

  • Jim leech
    Jim leech

    I feel sorry for your landlord

  • Lainey Porter
    Lainey Porter

    ring pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar Itani
    Omar Itani

    can you please make a giant starburst it would look so awesome. and make it rainbow

  • Karmen Siddiq
    Karmen Siddiq

    Make a giant snickers candy bar please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myfrst Namme
    Myfrst Namme

    Grace always looks like she doesn't sleep

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones

    I like the FliteTest shirt.

  • Jean /fabi Asmr slimes
    Jean /fabi Asmr slimes

    MaKe. a. jAinT. m. &. m. PLEASEEEE

  • Y4M_Y

    giant loly pop

  • Hayli Morgan
    Hayli Morgan

    I love how cali acts like grace's mom

  • TheFishyLife

    ive been gone for a year WHO IS SHE WTH

  • blackriflex39

    i didnt realize callie was expecting ... congrats!

  • Sparkle Clean Maids
    Sparkle Clean Maids

    Make a giant charston chew bar

  • DT Carpe Diem
    DT Carpe Diem

    To be fair to Grace that’s the wrong flavor to try if you’ve never had one before lol.

  • Audrey Farsmith
    Audrey Farsmith

    omg I'm eating a jolly rancher while watching this what the- I'm confuzzled O-O

  • shauna

    i saw this on top of the microwave in the last video im pretty suree

  • Gishmak Yid
    Gishmak Yid

    Pez with a pez dispenser

  • Nelson Jeffries
    Nelson Jeffries

    I’d love to see a giant sugar wafer

  • Bailey Collins
    Bailey Collins

    Plesae Do GIant HErsery kiss

  • Spicy Bird
    Spicy Bird

    Calli ”I love your mom” Grace’s mom from Grace’s pocket “I love you more...”

  • Graywolf Dracon
    Graywolf Dracon

    That's cause you had her try the "grape" flavored one....the worst of all candy flavors.(edit: spelling)

  • Paul Steinmayer
    Paul Steinmayer

    How about a giant Tootsie Pop!

  • Zoey Anderson
    Zoey Anderson

    And luv u guys 🥰

  • Zoey Anderson
    Zoey Anderson

    Can yall make a giant ice cream on a stick 🥰

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    So grace likes old people food but is an adult child?!?!


    Please make giant sour patch kids 😁

  • TWK Inspiration
    TWK Inspiration

    im sorry to say this, but Calli definately has gotten a bit bigger over quarantine

  • Eddie's Adventures
    Eddie's Adventures

    jelly babies

  • DANKISH420

    I follow grace on instagram, and the way she eats it is pretty believable, she seems like one of those health food type people, I could never do that, I love junk food to much lmao, I’m the type of person to buy a family sized bag of chips and eat it myself, 😂😂😂

  • Mystro Narwhal
    Mystro Narwhal

    Plz Giant Hershey's bar, better yet giant Cookies and Cream Hershey's bar

  • Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones

    Giant Snickers or almond roca!

  • rednecktek

    Giant fuzzy peach!

  • mercedes drake 91
    mercedes drake 91

    giant twix giant pez with dispenser giant sweetart

  • vam4games

    You guys should make giant Nerd candies. I think would be an interesting process.

  • Zach Galipeau
    Zach Galipeau

    Giant Twix!

  • mtndewv

    idk where your gonna source a giant cherry from but how about a cordial cherry?

  • Dalton Thaxton
    Dalton Thaxton

    A Giant blow pop that would be awesome if Y’all made that.

  • Ludu5-

    Hi I’m form uk what are these

  • Sebastian Velasco-Martinez
    Sebastian Velasco-Martinez

    can you guys make a jumbo epoca cool plus

  • Kasey R.
    Kasey R.

    You guys are again contact with some of these candy companies and ask if you can sell them assuming you give some of the Prophet to the companies

  • Supreme Gamez
    Supreme Gamez

    0:17 women moment!!!!

    • Supreme Gamez
      Supreme Gamez

      @bilishu aliss ok.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      I want to see Grace eat more stuff!!!

  • Mr.barnaclebean17

    you guys should make a giant warhead.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Giant sugar daddy sucker, reese's peanut butter cup, junior mints or life savors


    Watch a vid from over 8 months ago and look at kali


    I haven't watched in months who's grace

    • Deadskull1

      Fr, I just saw a clip of this on insta and I had to find out who the new girl is + calli looks wayyyyyyy different

  • PhingerpaintInsanity


  • CurtisBTD


  • Jesse Perez
    Jesse Perez

    giant Lucas muecas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q

    Giant Astro pops

  • The Milly and Maddie Show
    The Milly and Maddie Show

    Did Cally gan weight

  • Ruben Ayala
    Ruben Ayala

    What about little Debbie nutty buddy bar

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar

    Cali really gained weight during quarantine

  • mrbunnylamakins

    How much did you pay for Grace from Barnum and Bailey Circus? :P

  • Surprisingly Not French
    Surprisingly Not French

    Grace:”You can ask my Mom” Grace:*actually calls her Mom* Me:”Well played”

  • peaceful Fury
    peaceful Fury

    Peace out is better than goodbye

  • Ar7ific1al

    Giant fun dip when?

  • Kelly Phillips
    Kelly Phillips

    Giant sugar daddy sucker, reese's peanut butter cup, junior mints or life savors

  • Jelessa Renee'
    Jelessa Renee'

    I want to see Grace eat more stuff!!!

  • Jelessa Renee'
    Jelessa Renee'

    Grace is so stinkin' cute!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Melissa Muskivitch
    Melissa Muskivitch

    Nerd rope

  • Melissa Muskivitch
    Melissa Muskivitch

    Ring pop

  • rap freak
    rap freak

    Grace is so annoying, I hope she is just a temporary host. Nate and Cali are amazing!

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    "Your mom says 'peace out' I love her" Callie said what we all were thinking🤣

  • Coal Myn
    Coal Myn


  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy

    Make a huge Reece’s

  • AzaXgod

    Its not the same anymore

  • artdevil27

    Make giant candied steak

  • Ccarrl12

    what if you made a gigantic gummy mountain (idk the actual name but they are red little mounds of gummies)

  • Rob Elliott
    Rob Elliott

    Giant Snickers Bar.

  • teixeirap73

    Do a giant twisler

  • Abra Ruiz
    Abra Ruiz

    Make a giant starburst 2 pack.

  • vishan madas
    vishan madas

    0:56 look at Grace's face

  • mikaylee whitlatch
    mikaylee whitlatch

    I like grace’s mom I don’t like soda too

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams

    “What do I do with it?’ Glad we have someone who doesn’t know what to do with a hard candy doing ‘experiments’. I never had a crack rock but I’d know what to do with it.

  • Mr. Burning Skull
    Mr. Burning Skull

    grace is just a chubby cute creature

  • Char.x. Kouvr_
    Char.x. Kouvr_

    A peanut butter cup or a reces pieces

  • More of That Channel
    More of That Channel

    Why not go for Guinness world records?

  • T.J. Armendariz
    T.J. Armendariz

    Giant m&ms

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