DON'T Wear This Type of Mask
In today's video we are going to test the effectiveness of different types of masks by spraying spray paints on them to see how many particles pass through.
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

    Looks like Kennen will be in Chicago for the time being, how do you guys feel about this format of remote videos?

    • Dexter Campbell
      Dexter Campbell

      okay what did I miss? Why is he in Chicago??

    • nexik3

      Love your videos, off subject, saw this other guys video and wondering if y'all could do the same but attempt to swing at it to see how far it'll go

    • Random Happens
      Random Happens

      It’s ok but I do like it

    • James Kawasaki
      James Kawasaki

      Remote video format is horrible. Just saying

    • Short Quick
      Short Quick

      What credentials does kennen have? You prompted him to know about virius and bacteria but he has no useful information what so ever

  • Carson Green
    Carson Green

    The only TKOR video I have ever disliked

  • Charlotte Anderson
    Charlotte Anderson

    I'm curious, why didn't you show the canvas for the bandana?

  • Jared Arteaga
    Jared Arteaga

    I miss the old king

  • Dailyn Figueredo
    Dailyn Figueredo

    Lol the professor Dave explains when he spoke of grace and the mask

  • Matthew Moore2020
    Matthew Moore2020

    Y'all should put gas or oil on some clothes and wash it then dry it

  • Nolan Bell
    Nolan Bell

    What if you sprayed the masks with scotch guard or other waterproofing sprays?

  • Codeiak

    I'm literally not asking you all to care, but I really have enough political topics in my life that I don't need them in my entertainment. Please continue to be the people that you wish to be. I just can't support anymore, not saying I agree or disagree, just saying you (Nate and Kali) were amazing. I'm inscribing now. Not cancel culture, just not what I need in today's world anymore

  • Daniel Botts
    Daniel Botts

    Grace has become a main character

  • Ed Oliver
    Ed Oliver

    Bandana is usually folded over makes 2 layers not just one. You need to do that test over and do it right.

  • Gaming with Riley
    Gaming with Riley

    Make a giant jellybean!

  • Jason Lin
    Jason Lin

    Think I’d be the person they just completely go overkill and get a gas mask filter pretty much Filter the entire range of biological substances or viruses or whatever

  • Ernie Baterna
    Ernie Baterna

    "Hey Kennen, Hope you're doing well in chicago" LMAO WHY IS THAT FUNNY SJWJWJAKA

  • zi am
    zi am

    the doctors, who work for the corporations that make this virus seem so deadly, mentioned in march that masks don't work and they are the same who are now saying double masking protects a person from it... Let's not act like most people went home, made research on this virus, kept in mind the survival rate is 99.991% for under 60-year-olds, then came to the logical conclusion that putting a cotton mask on is the best way to protect themselves and others from it. No mate, most people are currently wearing a mask because a person with a suit on the TV said so and will only take the mask off once told so, worried of fines and what other people think of them. Got to start thinking outside of the corona box...

  • maike

    Its nice the make a testen to make awareness but there are many studies which testen that a virus partical is zo small that an mask iets not going to stoo


    How about NO MASK, 6 feet distancing and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

  • Bologna Wilson
    Bologna Wilson

    No wonder the grey aliens have small mouths big eyes and only speak telepathically hmm ig they are us from the future and this is just the beginning where we become them. Thx covid.

  • Dragonorder18

    I think more favor the double layer bandana style for it being possible to clean it in the wash. Besides that, I don't know anyone who would wear it one layer unfolded like that.

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    The CDC has already said long ago that no mask at all is better than any mask. I won't be wearing any mask at all, thank you. Ann Reardon did a video recently with a clip from the CDC. Just be ceareful what you touch and put into your mouth, and don't let people breathe on you, and you'll be much safer without any mask on at all.

  • Final Font
    Final Font

    I kinda like kennen , he’s funny and has a lot of emotions

  • Nabeesha Hussain
    Nabeesha Hussain

    People can't really speak with a similar pressure of a spray paint bottle so the amount particles that come through the masks would be much less in practical situations.

  • Brad Borrelli
    Brad Borrelli

    Don't wear any you 🐑

  • Ashton Merino
    Ashton Merino

    This experiment is really flawed. Lol

  • Gary Newman
    Gary Newman


  • Borealis Nightfall
    Borealis Nightfall

    thank you for explaining this and for me and others to know what masks to wear

  • Hannah Metcalf
    Hannah Metcalf

    This was a great experiment but I don't think we should be wasting here masks right

  • Aidan Stephenson
    Aidan Stephenson

    Everyone is dum warning a masks

  • Mads Hannigan
    Mads Hannigan

    Do a neck gator

  • Hector Estornell
    Hector Estornell


  • Take Courage
    Take Courage

    I'm sure this works great as the mask has not been worn and this test is the start of wearing a mask but how do the mask rate after hours of wear?

  • randomidont

    Medical masks have three layers

  • Micro Tech
    Micro Tech

    I know this wasn’t meant to be scientific but you killed me with changing how you changed what you said on the long spray. You changed it every time.

  • Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers


  • monkey slime
    monkey slime

    Cali can you burn alot of masks please

  • glenn s
    glenn s

    So much nonsense being peddled here

  • kenworth Kid
    kenworth Kid

    You need to use something with a more realistic particle size and air flow

  • Dopelgangerpl

    Why do they keep saying mask, instead of masks, even when talking about multiplies of one. Am I missing something?

  • Pan da
    Pan da

    Instructions unclear, I made lego city, into a helicopter from jojo's bizarre adventures

  • Trench Esguerra
    Trench Esguerra

    Can u do the copper mask

    • Broodlendoodlen

      Copper fit?

  • Kzoo Kid
    Kzoo Kid

    The Meijer store by me sells masks that look like they're knitted with a thin layer of foam between the two cloth layers. I would be interested in seeing how well this type works.

  • [GD] Bred
    [GD] Bred

    Who TF are these people

  • Chris Wulf
    Chris Wulf

    Hi get with time it 2021 not 2020, half of smart people know wear a mask now and we’re was this video in your 2020 video line up when the virus was on tv and the news. Matt pat made video about mask in 2020

  • Bryan Copley
    Bryan Copley

    Make a giant mask because why not. I like the videos where you make giant stuff

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta

    Meanwhile you got people walking around with a mask on covering their mouth, but their nose is uncovered.. like bro why even bother if you aren't going to wear it properly??

  • Dan

    before watching the video i am predicting the n95 will do the best i wear an n95 lol

  • I'mDavid

    How bout I do anyways 😂

  • Alexia Harper
    Alexia Harper

    I have a whet soot sort of mask

  • Hoksworth Wipple
    Hoksworth Wipple

    Bacterial pneumonia is the issue.

  • Lucy Engman
    Lucy Engman


  • Daniel Mackey
    Daniel Mackey

    Anything else with masks? Yes. Burn them. Burn them all, please.

  • rolmops

    KN95 isn't the same as N95. KN95 is a Chinese standard, which is deceptively used on Amazon listings and the like, but where N95 masks are required (and fitted properly), KN95 masks aren't used because they don't meet the requirements

  • Jack Dewald
    Jack Dewald

    This test is kinda producing false info. The glow in the dark particles are MUCH larger that small droplets. The glow spray paint t isn't a solution, but a mixture of glow in the dark powder.

  • Jack Dewald
    Jack Dewald

    You should have done the stretchy tube kind. You can literally see through them.

  • Maribeth Ganoe
    Maribeth Ganoe


  • Yihan Wang
    Yihan Wang

    Try different types of hand sanitizer and cleaners, soap, bleach etc.

  • sieg_heil

    you shouldnt wear any masks in public

  • FireStrike Productions
    FireStrike Productions

    Then I'm going to wear a bandana so I can breathe

    • ThatOneAnimator - Official
      ThatOneAnimator - Official

      You can breath normally with a normal one too 🤣

  • Dank creeper [2nd channel]
    Dank creeper [2nd channel]

    It starts at 4:52

  • Elizabeth Ward
    Elizabeth Ward

    Who tf r theze two

  • Alina Eashal
    Alina Eashal

    I wish coronavirus had ability to glow like that spray. ;D

  • Alex Watkins
    Alex Watkins

    We dont need mask anyway

    • ThatOneAnimator - Official
      ThatOneAnimator - Official

      Then go get covid. Its gonna be your fault

  • Nickaw

    Where is the control test lol.

  • シリーズ

    Karen: YOUR WASTING MASKS No one 😷😷😷

  • Panda Committee
    Panda Committee

    This kid at my uni wears a woolly sock 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Panda Committee
    Panda Committee

    Where is cally the new girl is depressing

  • Samuel Olin
    Samuel Olin

    Yeah but I like the video, but masks aren't made for viruses, they are made for getting sick from like the flu or the stomach bug, the virus can even go through your ears, or even your bum.

    • ThatOneAnimator - Official
      ThatOneAnimator - Official

      @Samuel Olin yeah ive heard of that 😬

    • Samuel Olin
      Samuel Olin

      @ThatOneAnimator - Official the virus can also be spread by farting...Did you know that!....Wierd!

    • ThatOneAnimator - Official
      ThatOneAnimator - Official

      Well at least its harderfor the virus to get in. Oh and also it prevents you sending the virus via cough.

    • Samuel Olin
      Samuel Olin

      @ThatOneAnimator - Official if you think about it....its not rlly helping by all the deaths though, it is eliminating one entrance

    • ThatOneAnimator - Official
      ThatOneAnimator - Official

      Well yeah but the mask are used too eliminate one option for the virus to get in

  • John Aldaco
    John Aldaco

    So who's bandanna one lay why do you fold it one time an then test it representing that some one is wearing it

  • jediah barsness
    jediah barsness

    All useless

  • Fodder Fella
    Fodder Fella

    hey kenen is here, hi kennen

  • Tanner Bean
    Tanner Bean

    This video is horrible

  • Andrew Moodie
    Andrew Moodie

    I only had a mask on my face 2 times in 2020. And none in 2021

  • Meep135 Meep135
    Meep135 Meep135

    Can you try the ones from Costco?

  • Ben Carr
    Ben Carr

    This is why masks are forever now.

  • EW

    Dont wear any mask ya re------------------tards. surgical masks are used so they dont spit inside your body while its open lol

    • Tanner Bean
      Tanner Bean


  • Isabelle Romine
    Isabelle Romine

    You need 2 layers of bandana because you fold it into a triangle to tie it

  • Feltboi

    Oh yeah i forgot i sneeze and cough like a can of spray paint

    • Dargonhuman

      @Donna Lynn Supposed to simulate the amount of fluid expulsion during a cough and while talking.

    • Donna Lynn
      Donna Lynn

      Yeah, what was with that "cough cough" each time?

    • Dargonhuman

      Well, at least the spray paint is Mega Green...

  • Christine Robert
    Christine Robert

    The scientific methods are so trustworthy 🙄 Why glow in the dark spray paint? What is the psi force of the spray as opposed to someone talking, coughing or sneezing? "Hi Kennen how are you - she'd have to be SCREAMING to get that sort of force. Why is the board about 18" from the mask? Why not do the reverse to see how well they BLOCK particles coming towards you? This sort of educational video is anything but.

  • Nedyarg1100

    It's kinda funny seeing people react to snow. Where I live there's snow on the ground 6-8 months of the year lol

  • SUBZEROinfinity

    How about the cloth masks with the 2.5m filter In them?

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    I’ve seen this lady wearing a see through mesh mask before. Like what’s the point it’s literally doing nothing at that point.

    • Dargonhuman

      Had a lady come into my work yesterday with a hand knit mask.

    • Ben Carr
      Ben Carr

      It's called protest!

  • Babeena_Gt _
    Babeena_Gt _

    I have NEVER seen anyone use 1 layer bandana 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Babeena_Gt _
    Babeena_Gt _

    Thing is the air pressure from a spray paint can is double,if not triple what the air pressure from a cough

  • UniqueNea

    Thomas Reilley's idea make a giant jelly bean

  • Sam Simington
    Sam Simington

    I have two homemade clothe masks, a few store bought clothe masks in a Ziplock bag with a bunch of level two surgical masks, and a Creeper themed mask that looks similar to the surgical masks, but requires a filter for the Creeper mask; which it came with two filters. Just like a personal humidifier I recently bought, which came with a filter to start with and a replacement for when the first one goes bad

  • Sam Simington
    Sam Simington

    Speaking of snow, we, here in Illinois got snow overnight last night, some more than others. I'm surprised my school didn't need to postpone the PSAT test for us juniors.

  • Patrick Lombard
    Patrick Lombard

    💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

  • Random Happens
    Random Happens

    Please make a video about the best ways to clean AirPods

    • Random Happens
      Random Happens

      Because mine are so so dirty

  • darkangeloflove15

    Y'all should test Gaiters as well. They go down your neck and are much more secure than the bandana

  • James Kawasaki
    James Kawasaki

    Here a sheep. There a sheep. Everywhere a sheep sheep.

  • James Kawasaki
    James Kawasaki

    Masks are terribly unhealthy. Traps moisture, bacteria, and fungus. Also limits oxygen!

  • James Kawasaki
    James Kawasaki

    Very disappointed that you are feeding the propaganda of the ritualistic shame muzzle.

    • Tanner Bean
      Tanner Bean

      Your awesome

  • Victoria Presser
    Victoria Presser

    Thanks from Down Under, I use the surgical masks, but I dont go out much and I know that these are always easy to purchase.

  • eightynine40

    I don't call it facemask or face covering or face shield. I call it respirator or respirator filter because that is the true definition of it, to protect your respiratory systems.

  • Garrett Zell
    Garrett Zell

    Why wear a mask when people who wear masks still get the virus?? Asking for a friend

    • Garrett Zell
      Garrett Zell

      @Adsolution how do you know they wouldn't have gotten even if they didn't wear a mask?? 🤷‍♂️ And if fewer people get it then why are the numbers still skyrocketing??

    • Adsolution

      Because fewer people who wear masks get the virus, of course

  • Scared Of Ghosts
    Scared Of Ghosts

    They really drew this one out for the 10min mark..just goto 5:08..funny how they did a single layer on the bandana too, its usually 2 layers, idk how ud wear it single layer lol

  • Philip Lobb
    Philip Lobb

    Bandana folded, tissue in the middle, that’s my preferred method. wash the bandana, bin the tissue everyday

  • toxic

    Lol everyone was used one of these masks for a long time since COVID. Thanks COVID! 😡🤬

  • CyanRyan

    That's not how you wear a bandana.

  • GeologistMike

    This is the jankiest experiment ever. They tested the unworn masks floating around in space in front of a spray nozzle with no face to madk type block to seal against. Then they used hardware store paint with probably glowing strontium aluminate to simulate virus particles which are actually thousands of times smaller.

  • Aaron Gray
    Aaron Gray

    I've not seen someone wear a bandana like that. They are always folded. Kinda need to do that right.